The Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee That You Probably Didn’t Know

Coffee lovers everywhere rejoice! Your world won’t be the same anymore once you find out how much coffee helps the human body. Along with its fantastic taste and energy boost, coffee also protects from cardiovascular diseases to better maintain your Liver.
Here are just a few of the protection you get from drinking a healthy dose of coffee (less than 8 ounces a day).


There have been links between drinking coffee and reducing the risk of Liver Cancer, with some estimates going as high as a 40% reduced risk. Of course, there are some variations of this number, but most medical publications generally agree that coffee intake does naturally reduce the risk of Liver cancer.



Researchers that studied this link extensively have found that people who drink at least eight ounces of coffee a day have an 11% decrease in getting Type 2 Diabetes than those who do not. However, it is generally agreed upon that although coffee does reduce the risk slightly, people have to take care of their bodies and ensure that they are in good physical shape.

Parkinson’s Disease


This is widely accepted throughout the medical community, as extensive studies have shown that men who drink four cups of coffee a day may have a massively reduced risk of getting Parkinson’s. Coffee can also help in slightly maintaining un-controllable movements in Parkinson’s patients to a degree. As agreed by experts in the field, it will also affect reducing Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

The Heart

Many studies have tried to explore the connection that coffee has with the reduced risk of heart failure and other corresponding cardiovascular diseases. Over the past decade, many researchers have agreed that coffee drinkers do have an 11% reduced risk of getting heart disease, with other corresponding illnesses like cardiovascular disorders and high/low blood pressure also applied.


The Liver

Liver Cirrhosis, Gallstone disease, and other primary liver conditions have a reduced risk of occurring in people with a sufficient amount of coffee intake. Studies suggest that coffee could reduce liver diseases by 66% compared to those who do not consume coffee.

Nutritional Benefits Of Coffee


If you are a puritan and only consume black coffee (without the milk and the sugar), you are lucky! Black coffee contains low amounts of calories, i.e., two calories.
As coffee produces a type of antioxidant called Polyphenol, it helps dispose of naturally occurring waste in our body with relative ease.

It also helps in reducing the risk of inflammation and metabolic diseases and is overall a safe and beneficial drink to consume to give you that extra edge in fighting bodily disorders.

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