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Chapter 87 Spider-man, Peter Parker’s Pleading


Listening to Leo talking about mental strength that only existed in fantasy novels, Otto was stunned.

Otto was living in the mortal world, failing to understand Leo’s statement and he even felt Leo was deceiving him.



Octavius, Mr.

Erwin has no intention of lying to you.

Some people do have a stronger mental strength than ordinary people.” 


Although Otto didn’t understand, Peter did! Deeply staring at Leo, Peter believed his identity was eighty percent exposed.

Otherwise, it was impossible for Leo to know his mental strength was great.


At the same time, he was curious about Leo’s identity as Leo actually possessed a mental strength that was far stronger than his.

After all, Peter only slightly sensed something was wrong with the helmet but not the exact flaw.


While Leo had just experienced it once and summarized the hidden problems of the helmet.

In Peter’s view, this was because Leo’s mental strength was far more powerful than his.


Leo was unaware his image in Peter’s heart was tagged with enigmatic and formidable.


Otto, after the persuasion done by the two, currently was silently doubting his more than forty years of life.

Peter, on the other hand, was contemplating Leo’s identity without speaking anything.

As for Bucky the outsider, he was bored to the point of almost falling asleep.


Sensing the laboratory’s sudden silence, Leo proactively broke the silence, dragging back the initial conversation, “Now you’ve believed me, right The Intracranial Transmission Helmet is problematic.

The ordinary people’s mental strength is unable to control the Neural Arms.”


Presently, Leo felt Peter and Otto had accepted his initial reasoning and continued, “So, the second flaw is undoubtedly fatal for the entire research project.

Under the joint effect of these two flaws, the ‘Neural Arms’ lacks commercial value.”


Both Peter and Otto snapped out of their thoughts and focused on Leo, “Peter, Dr.

Octavius, I’m very sorry.

This project has no potential of profiting, so I can’t help you.

Besides, as a friend, I advise you to let go of this project! Think of other ways to help those pitiful disabled people!”


Lowering his head, Otto was considering something, seemingly disregarding Leo’s advice.

On the other hand, Peter was agitated and looked at Leo full of expectation as he said, “Mr.

Erwin, you must think of a way to further develop the Intracranial Transmission Technology, removing the side effects, sir.

Or maybe how about thinking of a way to manufacture similarly excellent prostheses, sir Sir, you’re one of the most generous wealthy people.

El Gen-1 was invented by you, this shows how brilliant you are, sir.

Meanwhile, you’re quite knowledgable, there must be a way, right, sir”


The sweat and blood Peter devoted to this project wasn’t any lesser than Otto.

His goal was simple, that was to help the poor disabled people regain their life again.

His kindness and selflessness were comparable to Mother Theresa’s.

Whenever he donned the spidey suit, swinging around on New York street, the citizens weren’t afraid of him as they even stepped forward to greet him.


Right now, Peter had dedicated a lot of his energy and his hope had vanished out of the blue.

It was impossible for him to give up that easily.


Leo had roughly guessed Peter’s current emotion but without sufficient interest to drive him, he really didn’t have the motivation to care about this matter.

Usually, he needed to extract the Mechanical Force, develop new machinery, and manage the company… He, in actuality, was as busy as a bee and he had no spare time and energy to do charity.


“Peter, I know you want to help those poor people, and your kindness and selflessness have touched me.

But, I’m sorry, I’m powerless regarding this matter.” Leo declined Peter and faced the pondering Otto, “Dr.

Octavius, I think tomorrow is a good day for business.

Tomorrow you can bring the Nuclear Microreactor blueprints to El Tech Company, by then, I’ll pay you the two and a half million dollars.

As for today, I apologize for being unable to help with your research project.

However, our friendship still remains, if there’s any assistance you need in other places, feel free to contact me.

If I can help, I’ll do it for sure.”


Experiencing numerous twists and turns, Leo finally was ending his fruitful tour of Otto’s laboratory.

After gaining the two new technologies, Leo was eager to test his various thoughts.


Therefore, bidding farewell to Peter and Otto, Leo was preparing to return to El Tech Company with the idling outsider Bucky.


Finally hearing Leo mentioning going back, Bucky was overjoyed and thrilled as he recalled his pack of minions and Daredevil were waiting for him to train.


Just as both of them were leaving, the depressed Peter suddenly blocked in front of them.


With a heart-breaking expression, Peter cried, “Mr.

Erwin, I beg of you.

Can you please think of another way”


Leo was stunned as he didn’t expect Peter was still unwilling to let go of the “Neural Arms”.

However, Leo wouldn’t change his initial decision, so he was preparing to give Peter a consoling hug.


【System Notice: You have triggered a mission——


Spider-man’s Pleading


Mission summary: The kind Peter Parker devoted his energy to the mechanical prosthesis, striving to help poor disabled people.

Currently, he encountered a severe drawback but he wasn’t willing to lose heart nonetheless.

Thus, he seeks your assistance.


Mission task: Assist Peter Parker in developing a high-performance mechanical prosthesis that fulfills Peter’s expectations.


Mission reward: Randomly select one of Spider-man a.k.a Peter Parker’s talents or skills.


Accept / Reject】


All of a sudden, a system notification appeared.

Leo surprisingly triggered Peter’s mission.


Ever since he left the H.Y.D.R.A., besides Bucky, the most major character in Marvel’s storyline Leo interacted with was the Daredevil, Matt Murdock.


Therefore, Leo had been tirelessly annoying Matt, trying to trigger a mission but no matter what, no mission was triggered.


Unexpectedly, today Leo actually received a mission from Peter.

It was as if he was doing something earnestly but no corresponding result was achieved.

In contrast, something he casually did had a surprising result.


Up until now, Leo had yet to understand how the Mechanic System was releasing the mission!


Leo’s mind instantly flashed, the mission he accepted before had nothing in common and they appeared patternless.

As though an invisible giant hand was controlling it, if the hand wanted a mission to arrive, it would arrive…


Although Leo was musing a lot of things, an instant had just gone by.

Right before the mission was triggered, Leo was in the motion of hugging Peter and he couldn’t remain frozen.


Hence, with a smile, Leo hugged Peter before letting go, “Peter, your kindness really surprised me.

Really, you’ve touched my heart.

So, I’ve reconsidered your proposal and decided to assist you in developing a brand new mechanical prosthesis.”


Peter failed to expect Leo would agree to help him.

His final pleading was out of desperation, trying to seek comfort only.


Hearing Leo unexpectedly agreed to help him develop a brand new mechanical prosthesis, Peter was overjoyed and spoke in disbelief, “Mr.

Erwin, do you really mean it Thank you so much, thank you for your magnanimity and kindness, sir.”


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