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Chapter 86 Lack Commercial Value


Besides having concern for the safety of his loved ones and family, Peter virtually had no selfishness.


Moreover, Peter was unaware of the fatal flaw of the Intracranial Transmission Technology, so, in his perspective, the Neural Arms were a golden goose.


As a result, Peter was perplexed as to why Mr.

Erwin, who was always generous, was unwilling to invest in the Neural Arms.


Thus, he asked in puzzlement, “Why”


“Because this project lacks commercial value.

Really, Peter, I’m not lying to you.

I’m not a philanthropist but a businessman.

I have a company to take care of and everyone in the company needs to eat and expenses for various needs.

So, I can’t lose this money.

And, Peter, I don’t recommend you to spend your precious time and energy on this project because it’s hellish to succeed.”


Such subjective reasoning naturally failed to convince Peter.


Peter had spent an exorbitant amount of effort on this project.

To convince him to let go of this project, he needed Leo to provide concrete evidence.


Leo clearly recognized this as well, so he patiently explained, “I’m saying this project lacks commercial value, it’s not an empty statement.

It’s true that this project’s motive is benevolent and its envisioned goal was astounding but the goal was too astounding to the point it caused two fatal flaws.

They are the ones who drag the commercial value of this project.”


Peter’s attention was attracted by Leo’s words, even Otto subconsciously pricked his ears evidently interested in Leo’s opinions.


“The first flaw, so far there isn’t any suitable power source that’s designed for the Neural Arms.

According to Dr.

Octavius’s initial goal, the Neural Arms must be capable of completing complex and precise actions.

This goal requires a sufficiently powerful power source to sustain the Neural Arms to complete these actions.

But for now, I can’t think of any low-cost portable power source for it.

If we equip a Nuclear Microreactor to every Neural Arm, then the cost of a single Neural Arm will be sky high.

It’s impossible to mass-produce it and not many people are able to afford it.

Products that are unable to be mass-produced absolutely lack commercial value!”


Peter and Otto involuntarily nodded, suggesting Leo was reasoned.


“The second flaw and the most fatal one.” Walking to the workbench, Leo picked up the helmet, “The helmet has a problem, an enormous problem.

If ordinary people wore it for a prolonged time, their personality drastically will be altered, and may suffer short or long-term dementia!”


This time, Peter and Otto didn’t acknowledge Leo’s opinion.


In particular Otto, he felt Leo was questioning his research result and said in slight exasperation, “Mr.

Erwin, the credibility of your words is open for debatable and even ridiculous.

I have used the helmet countless times for experimentations, why didn’t I feel any anomaly”


“Is there really no anomaly” Placing the helmet back on the workbench, Leo slyly said.

“Why don’t you try recalling whether or not the current you are more prone to emotional outbursts compared to before Any slight matters caused anger, hatred, and even murderous intent In reality, your personality was gradually affected by the transmission helmet… To be precise, it’s the Intracranial Transmission Technology you invented.”


“That’s because I’m facing all kinds of obstacles lately due to that Norman Osborn b*stard.” Otto evidently realized recently he was susceptible to emotional outbursts but he didn’t acknowledge it was caused by the helmet.


“As long as it’s related to that b*stard, I recalled all the injustice and aggravation.

That’s why I’m easy to be angry.

This is unrelated to the helmet.”


Clearly, Peter was siding with Otto’s explanation as he added, “Mr.

Erwin, your reasoning is too far-fetched.

Not just Dr.

Octavius, even I’m not convinced by your subjective reasoning.

How did you discover the flaw of the transmission helmet What evidence do you have”


Facing their questioning, Leo wasn’t fazed at all.

“Peter, you have never tried the Intracranial Transmission Helmet before, right” Handing the helmet to Peter, Leo suddenly asked him.

“Then, it may be worthwhile for you to have a go with it.

Once you experience it, you should understand the reasoning I have for the helmet.”


For various reasons, Peter never personally tested the helmet himself.

Every test was done by Otto himself.


From the Note of the Intracranial Transmission helmet, Leo learned the stronger one’s mental strength was, the easier one could notice the helmet’s flaw.


Peter’s mental strength was undeniably adequate, at least he should have a basic or above spirit resisting talent with him.

So, Leo believed if Peter tried the helmet on by himself, he should be able to discern the helmet’s flaw since seeing was believing.


As long as Peter could notice the flaw, he would agree with Leo’s explanation.


Doubtfully putting the helmet on, Peter experienced the ‘harmonious’ marvelous feeling.

It was Peter first experiencing this kind of feeling.

Immersing in the marvelous feeling, Peter couldn’t even voice out anything.


Simultaneously, under his command, the Neural Arms were swiftly all sorts of precise and unimaginable actions.


Soon, five minutes had passed and the actions had yet to show any deformation, evidently, the nerve signals transmission was still relatively stable.

Another minute went by and Peter, all of a sudden, slapped at the button on his neck.

The helmet automatically fell off and hung on Peter’s neck.


Huff… Huff…


Uncertain what Peter had experienced, he was bending his waist gasping for air, and even coughed a couple of times.


Otto hastily held Peter, gently patting his back and trying to make him feel comfortable.

He asked with concern, “Peter, are you alright What happened”


“Huff… Huff… The helmet really has flaws in it.” Peter removed the helmet on his neck and cast it on the workbench.

With an astonished expression, Peter said “When I was wearing it, I felt everything was normal, even better than usual.

But soon, all kinds of wild thoughts that I never had before emerged in my mind.

It was as if it was trying to take over my mind.


Erwin was right, the ‘Intracranial Transmission Technology’ really does have fatal flaws in it.”


Otto might doubt Leo but he wouldn’t doubt Peter, who had been his assistant for a long time.

He knew Peter’s personality better than anyone else and Peter wasn’t someone who lied.

However, Otto certainly didn’t feel any abnormalities in the emotional aspect when wearing the helmet.


So, he asked in uncertainty, “It’s that true But I didn’t feel anything when wearing the helmet! Why is such a bizarre phenomenon happening”


No one was clearer than Leo about the reason.


Under the system’s assistance, Leo had familiarized himself with the principles of the “Intracranial Transmission Technology” to the point even more knowledgeable than its inventor.


However, Leo was unable to explain the principles of this technology to Otto and Peter.

According to common sense, Leo shouldn’t know too many details about the technology.

If he uttered too much, it would expose Leo’s deepest secret instead.


Therefore, Leo could only briefly answer, “That’s because your mental strength was too weak, failing to recognize the subtle cognitive disorder in our mind before and after wearing the helmet.

Peter and my mental strength are stronger, so we can detect the slight disturbance in our mind.”



Erwin, what do you mean by mental strength! Are you for real We’re not writing a fantasy novel, where does the mental strength come from! It’s understandable if you say you’re young and energetic.

But can mental strength differ into different stages”


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