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Data.206 – Old Bowman, Strange Maidens


“The first is Vera Velvet.

She’s the one with black hair and straight bangs.”


I looked for Vera on the monitor that showed the players right before the fight.

…Ah, there she was.

Her short stature and the length of the hair…gave off a mischievous impression.

She was wearing safari style shorts that were black and gold.

And she had pilot goggles on her face and a red scarf around her neck.

The appearance was overall boyish, but her movements were that of a woman.


“While she wields a whip, that is only a sub weapon.

She is a…Unison Master.”


Yes, Vera was a Unison Master just like Satomi.

In other words, the other team would have two Unisons with them as well…!


“Her Unison is a Forest Turtle called Mannen II.

As you can see, it is a great, fortress-like turtle Unison.

You might think it would be slow, but it has tank treads instead of feet, so it’s actually quite fast.

However, it’s still a turtle, so its reactions should be slow.

And so it wouldn’t be able to hit enemies if you ordered it around normally, but Vera is very sharp and thinks ahead while controlling it.”


“So she can predict what will happen… The other players sound pretty strong after all.”


“Vera is indeed fast at giving out orders.

But a lot of it is on a whim or impulse.

I don’t think it’s so much of a prediction, but the idea that it would be a waste to not attack while you can.”


“In other words, it’s more of a shot in the dark…”



Vera might be a pro gamer, but she cares more about having fun than being good.

I don’t mean to be rude, but she’s more of a joke player.

Even when she is trying to be serious, which is why it’s entertaining, I think…”


When you think of pro gamers, you definitely think of people who were very skilled, but in this great age of VR, you were a pro as long as you made money.

And so it was fine to have people like her.

A new kind of gamer for this age…!


“Due to the way we warp, we won’t know who we will have to fight against, but I think Satomi should fight Vera if he can.”


“I agree.

If my opponent is also a Unison Master, then I will have an idea of what she is capable of.

And more than that, their Unison is a fortress that is specialized in defense.

So it would be best if someone who can use magic attacks deal with it.

However, I would have liked more detailed information about this Unison.

There wasn’t a lot of info on Forest Turtles when I searched.

Not even monsters that are similar.”


“Unison monsters are already rare, and Forest Turtles are among the rarest.

That’s what Vera said.

I don’t know how she was able to tame such a Unison, but she told me quite a bit about its skills and status.

I mean, she was boasting about it to me at rapid speed…”


“Well, as long as she was the one that wanted to tell you, I don’t see how there is a problem.”



So, where should I start… There was so much information, that it was actually confusing…!”


And so Necoco told us about Vera and Mannen’s more memorable skills and charge attacks first.

I tried to remember everything, but I couldn’t actually think of a way of dealing with a defense type like that.

It was too big for me to wrap my arms around and had decent speed.

That meant Stardust Arrow wouldn’t work.

I suppose Southern Cross Ballista might do something.

However, instead of taking chances like that, it would be better to run around like I did during the Buckler fight.

I could support the others and then let Satomi deal with it.


“The second person is Yuri Jahana.

She is a priestess with long blue hair.

And she uses talismans as weapons.”


This Yuri had a calm personality and even moved slowly.

And she threw talismans, meaning she had ranged attacks.

After unleashing numerous talismans into the air, she could control them so that they slashed through the enemy, or paste them onto skin in order to stop your movement.

She could also make them freeze in the air so that they would shield her.

It seemed like they could do anything…

However, she was still not able to make the most use out of this ability yet.

If anything, she seemed quite inexperienced compared to most players we faced during this tournament…


“Yuri is a priestess in real life as well, so she does not play the game very much.

It’s just a little hobby and so her movements are not as smooth as the others.

But not playing long also means that I haven’t adventured with her much, and I have almost no information to give.”


It’s pretty amazing that a hobby gamer was able to make it this far in such a big event…!

Apparently, Macoco didn’t care about having a strong party, but took in old friends.


“Since we don’t know much about her, I think it’s best to just use brute force.

And so Anne should fight against Yuri.”


“A nun vs a priestess! Both jobs are very occultic with a hint of eroticism, and so I had trouble choosing, but ended up going with nuns, because of their power! I will not lose to this priestess!”


I was thankful for Anne’s decision.

Had she not been an advance guard with great firepower and durability, the balance of our party would have been terrible.


“And the third person is Achile Alstar.

The one with the braids.

She kind of looks like an average village girl.

But she fights with two crossbows that are also gauntlets.

Her aim is amazing.”


It was hard for my eyes to even follow the girl with two braids as she dashed through the battlefield.

However, in spite of her movement, she was still hitting her enemies.

Her accuracy was ridiculous…!

She was clearly the second strongest in the party after Macoco!


“Now that I think about it, Achile is the only one in their party that I haven’t met in real life.

I have played with her a few times in the game, but there was never anything we could talk about that we were both interested in.

Well, we could talk about my aunt, but whether it was the latest games or food, we were always at odds.

I think she must have been raised in a very unique environment.

But she was still cheerful and fun to be around…”


I was getting more confused as to how they had formed a party…

But then again, that was the thing about online games.

You could meet people that you usually wouldn’t.

At least, it was evident that their party was really enjoying playing the game.


Once the explanations on the other party members were finished, we decided to concentrate on watching the battle.

Necoco would occasionally explain about the various skills and charge attacks as our eyes tried to keep up with what was happening on screen.

The battle…ended in just 17 minutes.


Macoco and Achile survived from AUOratoria, and the opposing party was annihilated.

A 2 to 0 result was not bad at all, but the other team had not been able to do anything against Macoco, and there was a big gap between the parties that was not just about numbers.


After seeing this battle, I understood even more why Necoco wanted to fight Macoco alone.

AUOratoria…was practically a one-person party.

The others were just average.

Only, they were unique enough to be unpredictable a lot of the time.

If we had two go against Macoco from the beginning, and left two others to face the remaining three, then there was a chance that this unpredictability and their superior numbers could help them win.


But we were still the better fighting force.

If it was 1 vs 1…we probably wouldn’t lose.

So in order to raise our chances of winning, Neococo had decided to face Macoco alone.


I was glad that we were able to respect Necoco’s will.

But there was also some anxiety that I could not ignore…

Was it even possible for her to hold her aunt back

Well…we would know the answer soon enough.


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