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“Dragon descendant”

Alfred seemed to have noticed something as soon as Kroc showed his true form.

I approached Alfred and asked quietly.

“Elaine, what do you mean by Dragon descendant”

“I don’t know exactly.

I’ve heard that the Dragon descendant race is different from the Demon race and it is said that, pure blood of the dragon flows in them.”

“Are they similar to Beast-people”

“What are you two whispering about We’re going to work together, so just feel free to ask.”

Kaneff went on to answer my question.

“Dragon descendants are not similar to Beast-people.

They’re completely different beings, to be exact.

According to ancient records, Dragon descendants existed even before the appearance of Spirits in this world.

Beast-people, on the other hand, have been around since the advent of the Demons.”

“Existed even before Demons...


“Just think of them as a very rare species.

Ah…something similar to Fairies.”

I looked at Kroc in front of me, recalling the cute fairy Gyuri, in my head.


Well, you can’t judge everything by their appearance.

I understand in my head, but honestly, Kroc was very different from the first impression I had when I met a fairy.

If the fairies exuded a sense of mystery and cuteness, the Dragon descendent seems to bring out a sense of intimidation and charisma.

It’s like seeing a wild beast in human form.

Kroc glanced at our reaction and began to wear the undressed coat with a slightly sullen look.

“Oh no, Mr.

Kroc! They were just surprised to see a Dragon descendent for the first time.

Don’t feel bad.

It’s not like they’re scared or dislike you.”

Lia quickly ran to the sullen Kroc and comforted him.

Lia soon turned toward Alfred and me asking to follow up with urgent eyes.

I soon realized her intentions and took action.

“Huh yes, that’s right! I was just a little flustered because I’ve never seen a Dragon descendant before.”

With a bright expression, I made an excuse for the reaction I had a while ago.

At the same time, I poked Alfred, who was still dazed in the ribs.

He spoke belatedly.


I’m not scared either.

I think it’s rather amazing.

I’ve never heard of a Dragon descendant being a part of the Black Hawk unit.”


Luckily, our excuse worked, and Kroc put down the coat he picked up.

His expression, which had become pale, returned to normal.

Dragon descendent…… maybe he has a cute little side that doesn’t fit his size

By the time the chaotic atmosphere got cleared up, Locus, who was sitting crooked with his upper body stretched, opened his mouth.

“Since we finished the introduction, how about we move on to the original matter before it gets more boring”

Looking around in a jaded tone, he looked at Kaneff at the end and continued.

“You wouldn’t have called us because you missed the old members……you want us to do something, isn’t it Just get to the point.”

Kaneff replied very succinctly.

“There’s nothing much.

I need you to work for someone.”

“So, you didn’t call us to work under you”

“Don’t you remember what I said when I disbanded the crew I have no intention of getting into trouble anymore.”

Locus frowned slightly.

He seemed to have expected to work with Kaneff, but hearing he couldn’t, he seemed a little annoyed.

Naturally, his voice became blunt.

“For whom do we have to work”

“Didn’t you hear the rumor on your way here The rumor that a new lord has been sworn in.”

“When I stopped by a bar, I think I heard something like that.

Is it Cardis or something”


You have to help with that lord’s work.”

Locus nodded slowly at Kaneff’s explanation.

“I understand the situation roughly.

But it’s kind of fascinating.

Was there a noble close enough for the Leader to do a favor”

“It’s not a favor.

I just made a fair deal.”

“So where’s the lord I think I’ll have to meet him in person to talk about work.”

“He’s right next to you”


“That guy who came with you.

That’s Lord CARDIS.”

“What the…..!”

Locus and Kroc turned their heads toward me in surprise.

They looked at me in utter disbelief.

“Huh, he’s the new lord I thought it was rather unusual because he didn’t have the horns of a Demon, but for him to be a Lord ….”


Seeing the two who couldn’t easily accept reality, Lia stepped up and added an explanation.

“Sihyeon is really Lord Cardis.

Of course, he might not look like a nobleman and might seem like a pushover, but he’s really the lord of Cardis Estate.”



I know she’s trying to help me, but why does it feel like something is pricking my heart

Locus, who was surprised by my identity, recovered his expression and spoke to me in a slightly more gentle tone.


The Lord was so friendly that I didn’t expect you to be a noble.

I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s alright.

I didn’t mean to hide my identity, and it’s also my fault for not introducing myself properly when we first met.

And you can be as comfortable as you were before.”

“Uh, then…”

“Is it okay if I call you Locus and Kroc”

“Haha! It’s nice to have a guy like this as a nobleman.

I like it!”

Locus tapped me on the shoulder with a loud laugh.

Kaneff, who was watching the scene, warned in a low voice.

“Hey! Locus… As Sihyeon said, it’s good to be comfortable, but be sensible.

Keep your manners when he’s around people.

If you cross the line… …you know what happens”


The frightening warning made Locus swallow his dry saliva loudly.

“If something happened, you’ll have a one-to-one talk with me.

I hope that your skills have improved a lot so that we can have a lon~g talk.”

“I’ll behave properly, Leader.”

Locus trembled violently.

The trembling was so strong that I could feel the vibration even when I was a little far away.

A one-on-one fight with the boss… it’s definitely very scary.

If it was Andras, he might have turned into a statue after hearing Kaneff’s brutal warning.

I started a more detailed consultation with the two people I would work with.

The most important thing was the salary.

Since I had little experience in this field, I was at a loss as to how much to pay.

While I was thinking, Kroc stepped forward and moved his hands quickly.

“What What are you talking about!”

Locus, who understood the sign language, slapped Croc’s side with an angry face.

Kroc, who got hit, maintained a very calm appearance.

“Lia, What did Kroc say”


He wants to repay the kindness he received from Mr.

Kaneff, so he says he doesn’t need any salary, he just needs a place to sleep and a meal.”


I understood why Locus got angry like that.

It is good to save money because there are many places where money is needed in the estate, but I don’t want to save it like this.

Locus and Kroc came to help me, so I wanted to pay them properly.

With the help of Kaneff, I set a proper salary for both of them and decided to provide meals and a place to stay.

In the middle, Locus argued to give him the share of Kroc’s salary since Kroc wasn’t interested in it, but he was quickly subdued by Kaneff’s cold gaze.

Considering their skills and experience, the amount set for their salary might be very small, so I felt a little awkward.

After writing a simple contract, Locus smiled and said.

“Thank you.”


Kroc once again moved his hand as if using sign language.

Like Locus, he also seemed to be thanking me.

“It’s alright.

I should be the one thanking you for coming here all the way to help with my work.

By the way, have you decided on where to stay In the farm building, there are few vacant rooms, if you want you can stay here.”

“Ugh… I appreciate the offer, but I can’t.

If I’m not working with Leader, I don’t want to stay in the same place where Leader stays.”

“Good choice.

I already have a guy named Andras to irritate me every day.

I don’t want to add another nuisance to it.”

Neglecting the bickering between Locus and Kaneff, I asked Kroc,

“What about you Kroc”

Kroc pondered over my question for a moment, then he busily moved his hand again to convey his intention.

I naturally looked toward Lia.

“He says, it doesn’t matter where he stays, but he thinks it would be good to be with Mr.


“Sheesh!” You’re at your favorite leader’s place, how about staying here why are you following me”

Locus snapped at Kroc’s answer, but unlike what he said, he looked happy.

“I’ll find a place where you can stay comfortably as fast as I can.

Do you need anything else”

Kroc hesitated at my question and stepped forward.

He seemed to have something to say but hesitated for a long time.

“Kroc… Do you have anything you want to say”


Kroc moved his hand slowly and conveyed his intention.

Seeing what Kroc said, Kaneff burst into laughter, Lia covered her mouth and laughed a little, while Locus looked weird.

Only I and Alfred looked puzzled because we didn’t understand the meaning.


“Ahm, Mr.

Kroc wants to ask Sihyeon a favor that has nothing to do with work.”

“A favor that has nothing to do with work”

– Pow wo woo!

– Po woo wooo!

– Biip! Biip!

The happy cries of baby Yakums and baby Griffins continued to echo through the farm.

Recently, the children have not played to their heart’s content because they have grown in size, but today, everyone has played hard for the first time in a long time.

The one they were playing with, was not me.

It was a large-sized Dragon descendant, Kroc.

“I’ve never seen Mr.

Kroc so happy.”

Lia admired, looking at the happy Kroc surrounded by baby Yakums and baby Griffins.

“What’s so good about that He looks like a fool…”

Locus looked at Kroc and said he looked pathetic, but a calm smile hung around his mouth.

The favor that has nothing to do with work that Kroc asked, was to look at the cute baby beasts closely.

It was a very welcome request for me, who wanted to spread the cuteness of the babies.

I immediately led Kroc out of the farm building and headed for the barn.

At first, the babies were wary of Kroc, who had such a large size.

Well, even I myself flinched when I first saw him, so, of course, the pressure on the babies would be greater…

But who am I

I’m the Beast expert who was recognized by the Demon Lord!

I immediately asked Kroc to keep his posture as low as possible and at the same time control the energy flowing out of his body.

And I personally sat next to him and helped the children lower their guard.

After some time, the wary children began to show interest in Kroc little by little.

They were so tempted that they approached him little by little, and soon they completely let their guard down.

Kroc, who has a cute side that doesn’t match his appearance, and Locus, who cares about his colleagues even though he seems a bit selfish became the two new members of the farm family.

They were a little different from the Black Hawk unit members that I imagined, but for some reason, I thought I could solve the problems in the territory quickly with these two people.


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