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“Chapter 262: Distinction Between Right or Wrong 3”


We were all late to react to Shiori’s attack.


Selfia tried to put up her sword, but Shiori’s blade cut cleanly through it.


The sword didn’t take Selfia’s life.

Instead, it took Epitro’s arm, who pushed Selfia away.


– Admittedly, I didn’t think it would cut through your bones with such ease.



Arueetel caught Epitro’s flying arm.

We all stepped back to safety immediately.


– What would you know A skill as s̲h̲i̲t̲t̲y̲ as “Playing Dead” saved me.

I don’t even remember who I took it from.



– …You should’ve stayed dead.


– Oh, I’m nowhere close to giving up.

I came here looking for something.


Her sight was glued to me.


She could’ve used that opportunity to run away, but even on the verge of death she’s obsessed with me.


– Do you love me that much


– What kind of question is that I’m crazy for you, Nagami-kun.


Her response is still the same.


But so is mine.


– Let me make it clear: I hate you.

I want you out of my life.


– I love those rebellious eyes of yours!


With those words, Shiori thrust her hand into her chest.


– Gwohg…




Anyone would think she was trying to end her own life.


But instead, her body underwent a transformation.


Her prosthetic hand shattered, and it turned into a tentacle, colored silver just like her sword.


– I was thinking, what should I do to win And the answer was simple.


A strange liquid was dripping down Shiori’s fingertips, which were just inside her chest.


– If I can’t win with borrowed powers, I’ll just create them myself.


We were all looking at the afterimage of a human being.


Her entire arm was a sharp silver tentacle, she had wings growing on her back, and her bloodshot eyes had turned black.


Shiori crossed a line no one should ever cross.


– I changed more than I thought I would, but who cares I hated my previous look.

Besides, nothing will matter once I have Takaya by my side.


With no time to react, her tentacle arm extended to wrap around me and slam me against the walls.


– Gotcha.




– “Let me go, please”, right Hehehe.


Her arm’s grip was so strong that my bones were screaming.


I can’t tell if my friends are trying to help me.

I’m barely able to stay conscious as is.


– Aww, does it hurt Maybe if you cry and beg like back then, I might consider letting go.


– …No.


I could cry my way out of this, as I’ve always had.


But I’m done with that life.

I’ve changed.


– I won’t.


The only sounds reaching my ears are Shiori’s voice and every one of my bones breaking one after another.


– Stubborn, huh Whatever.

We’ll have plenty of time after this.


I believe.


As long as I don’t give up-


– GO!


A familiar voice entered the fight.


At the same time, a black shadow cut through Shiori’s tentacle.


– Phew, we made it in time.


– …What are you doing here (Takaya)


– Orders from the demon king.

The Mistress and the others will be here soon too.


Letty, the maid from the demon world came to my rescue.


These are my friends.


People I will always be able to rely on.


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