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Chapter 366: Tell me, how big is the gap

“Sword Intent… Square Sword!!!”

There were giant mountains in the sky!

There’s a storm roaring!

There was a flame dragon and thunder!

There were even sword marks that cut through the sky!

Four sword intents, all Major Accomplishment!

Covering the sky and covering the sun, even all the demon beasts stopped attacking and looked at He Yiming in horror!

The largest Rank Five demon beast was three thousand meters long, ten thousand times bigger than He Yiming!

But facing He Yiming, this Rank Five monster felt like a little ant on the ground, full of fear!

Without giving these demon beasts a chance to turn around and run away, He Yiming stomped heavily.

Eighteen black bowstrings emerged, allowing He Yiming to travel across a kilometer in an instant and reach the place where the group of beasts was most dense!

“Falling Star Galaxy!!!” With He Yiming’s whispering voice, with the blessing of the Four Major Achievements Sword Intent, the huge spirit sword that filled the sky crashed down!

Every spirit sword has a sword of nearly 100 meters!

The number exceeded hundreds, and they all fell down!

Wherever they passed, all the demon beasts were directly poked and exploded like rotten watermelons!

Boom boom boom!

The spirit sword that filled the sky slammed down, and with one blow, it killed all the demon beasts within a kilometer in diameter, and there was not a single living hole left!

The entire battlefield was suddenly emptied in half!

This blow instantly killed tens of thousands of beast, and almost all Rank Five demon beasts!

“Disciples, it’s up to you next.

I give you one word, kill!” He Yiming said lightly, and then returned to Ye Wuyou with a few steps.

The power of the second gear slowly faded away, and He Yiming calmly activated the pseudo-divine power, and began to heal himself!

The strength of the cultivation base was also consumed by the last big move – Falling Star Galaxy.

But He Yiming didn’t care.

He looked at Ye Wuyou.

“So, tell me, how big is the gap between me and Morisa” He Yiming asked Ye Wuyou seriously.

“…” Ye Wuyou took a deep breath before calming down, and then answered seriously.

“If Lord Morisa gets serious and uses his full strength, you can hold on to three breaths at most! This is still Lord Morisa’s initial form!” Ye Wuyou replied without any exaggeration.

“!!!” He Yiming was shocked!

Although He Yiming also knew that there was a huge gap between himself and Morisa!

He simply didn’t expect it to be so big!

At his current self, let alone kill Morisa, he didn’t even have the chance to force Morisa to do his best!

But He Yiming didn’t panic!

Bridging the gap between the strength wasn’t the hard fight.

On the contrary, with Ye Wuyou’s words, He Yiming could get a glimpse of Morisa’s true strength!

Morisa, however, did not know his existence from beginning to end!

This was his biggest advantage!

“Even so, are you going to fight against Morisa” Ye Wuyou looked at He Yiming, wondering where He Yiming’s confidence came from.

He was still so calm.

“Don’t worry…

“I still have you and these outstanding disciples!

“The odds are still there! Hope is not yet gone!”

He Yiming said lightly.

“How about you, aren’t you afraid If you want to escape, you can leave at any time!” He Yiming looked at Ye Wuyou.

He was also a little curious.

“If Morisa wins, no matter how big this minor plane is, Morisa can find me! Even if I escape back to the Myriad Demons Realm, it will be the same!

“There is no force who will fight Morisa for me!” Ye Wuyou said slowly.

Ye Wuyou is very clear.

From the moment he chose to betray Morisa, there was no end but death between him and Morisa!

Either Morisa died and he was free!

Or He Yiming was defeated, and Morisa could punish himself for this betrayal!

There was no point in running away!

Whether it was the Myriad Demons Realm or this low-level plane, there was no place for hiding!

Fighting against the Demon Lord, there was a silver lining!


“Hold the grass, Brother Ming is too stubborn, right”

“As expected of my Brother Ming, he has a three-point style like me!”

“Don’t make fun, okay Actually, I taught Brother Ming secretly.

The secret of the two tricks, can you not plagiarize!”

“Damn, the next Earth Sea Pill, I must grab it no matter what! The Foundation Establishment is too weak!”

“That’s right.

Yeah, it took more than 100 knives to kill a Rank Four demon beast, and Brother Ming used Falliing Star Galaxy and killed tens of thousands of them in seconds! Is this game still playable”


The players began to harvest the remaining demon beasts and couldn’t help but talk about it.

At this time, there were actually quite a few remaining beasts, but the most powerful Rank Five demon beasts were almost killed by He Yiming.

Soon the front line was pushed back, and most of the remaining demon beasts were almost wiped out!

But soon, the next batch of demon beasts came in like a tide, and there were more than 30,000 heads!

“Sword Intent, Hengtian!!!” He Yiming started with a move Hengtian, directly killing the three most powerful Rank Five demon beasts, and the fastest and most ferocious demon beasts were around two or three thousand.

After controlling the strongest momentum of this batch of demon beasts, the players swarmed!

“Cataclysmic Seal!” The players also learned to be smart.

More than 800 players joined forces to launch a Cataclysmic Seal.

After killing a large number of beasts, they dispersed according to the six gates, and then each sent a small Cataclysmic Seal, and then recuperated.

In the end, the remaining less than 10,000 demon beasts were killed one by one!

As a result, only half of them remained, and another 30,000 demon beasts came in!

“Everyone, drink True Dragon Wine!” Star roared.

The group of beasts came too fast, and they didn’t give time to recover, they could only rely on themselves!


The players all took out the True Dragon Wine and drank it all in one go!

Then there was the skillful mindless smash!

In the next few waves of demoni beasts, not only did the number decrease a lot, but also there was no Rank Five demonic beast, so He Yiming simply didn’t take action…

But at this time, He Yiming also noticed something was wrong!

These Rank Five demon beasts… seemed a bit too weak

“The Rank Five demon beasts in this demon beast army seems to be… weak” He Yiming looked at Ye Wuyou.

As a demon beast, it stood to reason that the strength should be stronger than the monster of the same rank.

After all, both the Demon and the demon beast have a strong regeneration ability.

Just this, the advantage was too great!

But so far, He Yiming and the players killed so many Rank Five demon beasts, but they feel very weak, completely lacking the strength of the real Rank Five demon beasts!

From He Yiming’s point of view, the strength of these Rank Five demon beasts demon beasts was about the same as that of the half-step Sea Wheel-level demon beasts in the Hundred Thousand Mountains in the northern extreme wilderness.

Moreover, He Yiming could keenly find that these Rank Five demon beasts were surprisingly low in intelligence, and they were far less intelligent than some half-step Sea Wheel demons that he had seen!

“You’re right, in Lord Morisa’s monster army, 90% of the Rank Five demon beasts were actually not Rank Five demon beasts.

It could only be said that the amount of magic energy and rank they contain has reached Rank Five demon beasts!

“In terms of combat power, it is at most a half-step Rank Five monster! Maybe even worse!” Ye Wuyou replied.

“Why” He Yiming asked curiously.

“The Rank Five beast is equivalent to your low- level Heavenly Pill demon!

“Which of the real Rank Five beasts is not extremely ferocious, and has amazing intelligence, survives for thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years, and is extremely cunning!

“How can it be honest, enter the demon beast army, follow Morisa, and serve Morisa to the death”

“So in the demon beast army, more than 90% of the Rank Five beasts are secreted by Morisa.

At the same time, in order to prevent these Rank Five demon beasts from betraying or fleeing after they gave birth to wisdom, Morisa used a powerful force to obliterate most of the minds of these Rank Five demon beasts!

“According to your human race, these five Rank demon beasts are equal to the mentally handicapped and fools of your human race.

After all, only the mentally handicapped and fools will be obedient and obedient for a lifetime!” Ye Wuyou replied.

“You said 90%, which means…

“There are still real Rank Five demon beasts”

He Yiming’s expression changed.

“That’s natural.

Athough there are very few, only six of them, but each of them is a genuine Rank Five demon beast, and it is truly an existence with amazing wisdom and unparalleled power! The strength is even stronger by three points, almost comparable to the four army commanders!” Ye Wuyou just finished when the otherworldly gate shook violently!

It seemed that some terrifying existence is about to break through the otherworldly gate and enter this world!

“Here!” Ye Wuyou’s expression changed, and he suddenly spoke up!


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