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Chapter 583.2: Sleep With Her

Originally, the Yin-Yang heaven burning fire developed unevenly because it only had the fourth fire true essence but not the third fire true essence.

This was the reason why Yang Chen didn’t dare to absorb more advanced fire seeds, for fear of breaking this balance completely and causing destructive consequences.

Now that the third fire true essence has finally been completed, there was no need to worry about the imbalance between Yin and Yang.

The change in the sea of ​​consciousness was not only that the dragon became more and more lifelike, but also directly drove the further growth of his spiritual awareness.

Even if there was a powerful technique such as the Three purities secret art, the spiritual awareness of the seventh-grade human immortal realm has not grown too significantly in the more than 100 years after leaving the Demon Continent.

There was no other way, compared to the spiritual power that has been cultivated step by step for more than a hundred years, the seventh-grade human immortal was a bit too large to show obvious effects at all.

But at this moment, the growth of the spiritual awareness that had been stagnant for a long time came again, directly connecting Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness to two realms and rushing to the ninth grade human Immortal realm.

Just a little short of it, he can enter the earth immortal realm.

The three purities secret art finally showed its powerful essence again.

The sea of ​​consciousness expanded several times, and then began to slowly shrink again.

Between the condensed and compressed spiritual awareness, the sea of ​​consciousness has become stronger than steel.

Then, Yang Chen found out that the gap between his spiritual power cultivation base and his spiritual awareness cultivation base seemed to be large enough to reach the brink of another split in his spiritual awareness.

Startled by this result, Yang Chen hurriedly stopped the cultivation of the three purities secret art.

It seems that for a long time in the future, he could only cultivate hard, and let the growth of spiritual power catch up with the growth of spiritual awareness as soon as possible.

All the great Yin-Yang five elements flying swords, all the finished products were taken out and carefully refined again.

Yang Chen has enough good materials on his body, so this time he added a lot of them.

Every flying sword was carefully sacrificially refined, the heavenly spirit treasure refining secret art, earth fiend sacrificial formation secret art, universe treasure raising secret art were used and almost all the flying swords had a small improvement in quality.

This refining lasted just over three years.

In addition to the flying swords, Yang Chen did not favor one or the other, the medicine garden, the profound spirit furnace, the golden bell, the cable hook, and the wine gourd, the flying shuttle, sea jasper cup were all refined in turn. 

After finishing all this, Yang Chen pinched his fingers and counted, it had been nearly ten years.

He was immersed in the refining of the magic weapon, and he didn’t feel that time had passed.

Now that everything was done, he felt that he should go out and have a look.

Only, as soon as he came out of the Dragon Palace.

It seemed that something was wrong in his own courtyard.

However, where exactly was wrong, he couldn’t detect for a while.

“Are you out” A slightly familiar but generally unfamiliar female voice rang in Yang Chen’s ears, and her voice seemed to be full of surprises.

Yang Chen turned his head and he saw two faces that he never expected.

One was Tao Junqi, a Dacheng stage elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect, and the other was Shi Wushuang, a genius disciple of the Qiankun Sect.

What was going on How can people from the Greatest Heaven Sect and Qiankun Sect appear in the small courtyard where he was in seclusion In the midst of his surprise, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness suddenly found several stunning figures walking towards this side.

Looking at the almost identical body shapes, Yang Chen knew without asking that they must be the five Murong sisters of the Five Elements Sect. 

There was actually people here from the Greatest Heaven Sect, the female disciples of the Five Elements Sect and Qiankun Sect, when he had been in closed-door seclusion for ten years.

This discovery made Yang Chen’s hair almost stand up.

What happened to the sect, has it been destroyed again How could such a thing happen

As his consciousness expanded outwards, Yang Chen felt a little relieved.

The familiar figures around were still disciples of the Pure Yang Palace.

Everyone seems to be normal.

Even the original servants of Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling in Yang Chen’s courtyard were still there, and it seems that there was nothing wrong.

After a while, five identical and beautiful figures appeared in front of Yang Chen.

They were the five Murong sisters of the Five Elements School.

Together with Tao Junqi and Shi Wushuang, all the heroines from the three major sects who proposed marriage to him were all present.

“You guys…” He already has 10,000 years of memories of his previous life, and even has four beautiful wives, but Yang Chen has never experienced such a situation, and he doesn’t know what to say.

After saying these two words, he didn’t know what to say, and he froze in place.

“You are retreating here, and you don’t have a few competent people to serve you, so let’s take care of it for you.” Fairy Aoki was indeed the longest-sleeved good dancer, with a calm face and a kind of smile that matches her peerless face, she explained in a few words very clearly.

As soon as Fairy Aoki finished speaking here, Tao Junqi added “The Palace Master has already agreed to this matter.

If you need anything, just tell us.” Her amorous feelings add to her mortal aloofness.

With her identity, speaking to Yang Chen with such an attitude gives people a different kind of attraction.

Although the five Murong sisters next to them didn’t say much, they all nodded in unison.

Five identical peerless and enchanting same movements, was indescribably refreshing.

What made Yang Chen strange was that in the tone of their conversation with Yang Chen, they just used their name, as if they were communicating with someone of the same generation.

This was very unusual, if others don’t say it, Tao Junqi was definitely more senior than Yang Chen.

It was not an exaggeration for her to call Yang Chen a boy casually.

Now they were all speaking in this tone, how can Yang Chen feel at ease Didn’t the proposal of marriage in those days have already been declined What went wrong

“I just got out of seclusion, I’ll go see the elders in the palace first!” Yang Chen subconsciously used this reason to resist for a while.

At least he should ask the palace master to explain, so far, Yang Chen has been confused.

“Palace Master, Tao Junqi, Shi Wushuang and the five Murong sisters, what’s going on” In the discussion hall where several levels of restrictions were placed, Yang Chen faced all the core elders who had arrived, and asked the Palace Master with a wry smile. 

“Oh, we agreed to their affairs.” The master of the palace replied casually.

“But why didn’t you tell me, Tao Junqi is the elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect!” Yang Chen didn’t know what to say, but how could he agree to this matter casually, so he quickly found a reason “The Greatest Heaven Sect has always wanted to destroy my Pure Yang Palace!”

“What’s wrong with the Greatest Heaven Sect Maybe if they have ideas about our sect, don’t you want us to charge some interest Can they take all the good things” Wang Yong already answered loudly and loudly: “Yang Chen, I order as your master ancestor, sleep with her!” 


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