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“According to the latest news from the Southern Alliance, a Half-Immortal demon has killed a human powerhouse and is heading to Star City.”


The higher-ups of the major forces were shocked.

Soon, the battle report spread throughout Star City.

“A Half-Immortal expert has died in battle.

The Half-Immortal demon is heading to Star City!”

“The City of Sea is also under siege.

The Immortal Level experts cannot leave.”

At this moment, Ideal Island, the Science and Technology Association, the Light and Shadow Group, and the Seven Cities Alliance Army all fell silent.

The joy of eliminating every intruding demon vanished into thin air.

An alarm sounded in the sky above Star City.

“Gather for a meeting!”

The leaders of the four forces clicked and decided to have a meeting.

“All Diamond Practitioners and above, please come to the conference hall in the city center for a meeting.”

Therefore, inside the conference hall, Lin Qiye, Chen Fan, Wen Shuhong, and the other two Diamond Practitioners from Ideal Island, the Seven Cities Alliance Army, the Science and Technology Association, and the Diamond Practitioners from the Light and Shadow Group gathered.


Lin, we meet again.”



Chief Zheng and Alliance Leader Wang gestured to Lin Qiye.

There were also other patriarchs and experts.

Lin Qiye only nodded slightly.

“It is all thanks to Mr.

Lin for catching the demons.

Otherwise, I am afraid we would be disturbed by the enemy in and out this time.”

Chief Zhengs face was solemn.

“However, the Half-Immortal demon is still too terrifying.”

Alliance Leader Wang agreed.


Who can stop a Half-Immortal demon”

“A Half-Immortal demon killed Star Citys original guardian, and now the war in the City of Sea is also raging.

No one can support us.”

The group discussed for a while.

Chief Zheng stood up.


Lin, how about I host the meeting What do you all think”

“No problem.”

Lin Qiye nodded, and the others also agreed.

“Chief Zheng is the president of the Science and Technology Associations Star City branch.

Its natural for you to preside over the meeting.”

And so, Chief Zheng came to the front of the stage.

“Everyone, Star Citys greatest crisis is coming! The current situation is that a fierce battle has broken out in the City of Sea, and even Immortal Level experts have perished.

“And the path for the City of Sea to help us has been blocked.

“The powerhouses of other cities might not come to Star City to help us tide over the crisis.

“Star City is in a helpless situation!

“We have to save ourselves! However, Half-Immortal demons are not something Diamond Practitioners can stop.

You have also sensed that the demons have disturbed the spacetime around Star City, and we cant enter a simulation now.

“We dont even have a place to hide.

“We can only fight to the death until help arrives.”

Hearing that, everyone fell into silence.

Lin Qiye also frowned.

“Is there really nothing we can do Cant we even stop them”

“Arent we doomed”

Chief Zhengs eyes darkened.

“Not necessarily.

Our associations Northern Alliance also has Half-Immortal powerhouses heading south.

“In addition, our branch has a small immortal weapon that can shield us for half a month!

“But this thing consumes a lot of energy.

I hope all of you wont be stingy.”


“For our survival, of course, we wont be stingy.

If were dead, whats the point of keeping those divine objects”

As they spoke, Chief Zheng nodded.

“In addition, inside a city, there must be a backbone to stabilize the armys morale as a guiding light.

“Our original guardian has already fallen.

Now, there must be a powerhouse to replace him.

Even if he isnt a Half-Immortal, he must let all Practitioners know that we still have hope! Otherwise, if the armys morale is weak, Im afraid it will be difficult to support this small immortal weapon.”

The group of people looked at each other.

“Whos the most suitable choice”

After a short moment of doubt, everyones gazes turned to Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye: “…”


Lin is the most suitable candidate.

He had just finished off the demons that had been lurking for many years.

Whether its reputation or fame, hes at the peak.

If Mr.

Lin appears as the backbone, Im afraid no one will have any objections.”

“Yes, Mr.

Lin has finished off such a big hidden danger.

I dont think the higher-ups of the four forces will go against Mr.

Lin too much, will they”


Lin is the best candidate.”

Lin Qiye tried to refuse.

“I dont think its suitable.”

His opponent was a Half-Immortal demon.

It had surpassed the peak of Diamond Level!

If he took the lead, Lin Qiye might be the one to stand out.

He didnt want to be hunted down again.

However, everyones expressions were eager, and Lin Qiye couldnt refuse.

For Star City to withstand this disaster, Lin Qiye could only nod.

“Alright, Ill do it reluctantly.”

And so, in a short day, the small immortal weapon of the Science and Technology Association was set up.

The people of the major forces were also unprecedentedly united.

They began to spread the news of Lin Qiye eliminating the demons in the city without holding back.

They wanted to make Lin Qiye a bright light in the peoples hearts.

Only in this way would the city unite as one to resist the demon invasion outside the city.

For a period, the various forces revealed their methods and began to gather the peoples trust.

Everyones attention focused on Lin Qiye.

“Have you heard There are hundreds of demon heads hanging on the tower on South Street! All of them were killed by Lin Qiye!”

“Ive known for a long time.

Even though those demons are dead, they are still scary enough.

I wonder where such a ferocious powerhouse like Lin Qiye came from!”

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