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“Its a demon! There are four Diamond Level demons! It is too terrifying!”

“Old Zhou has long become a demon”

“How is this possible I didnt realize it at all!”

Even though they had seen such a scene before, everyone present still couldnt accept it.

But the reality was there.

Even if they were unwilling to accept it, they had no choice.


Lin, please kill them! This demon is truly terrifying!”

Chief Zheng hurriedly pleaded.

The others were similarly filled with reverence.

Their fear of the Painted-skin Demon was deeper than any other demon.

After all, it was a breed that could silently lurk beside a Diamond Practitioner!

It was impossible to guard against!

“Lin Qiye!!! How could you see through us How is this possible!”

The four Painted-skin Demons were captured and looked at Lin Qiye with fury.

At this moment, more than half of their true bodies were exposed.

Their twisted and dirty bodies struggled to break free from the restraints.

The fishy mucus-like oil continuously flowed down from the corners of their mouths.

Lin Qiye looked at the four demons and snorted coldly.

The power of resentment in his Resentment Immortal Eye poured out once again.

With the help of his powerful mental energy, the resentment was magnified several times.

Even if he was fighting against the four Painted-skin Demons simultaneously, he could still force them to retreat.

The four demons collapsed on the ground.

They had lost their ability to resist.


Lin is too powerful!”

“Not only can he see through their disguises, but he can also suppress them!”

“These guys are not weak.

Even a peak Diamond Practitioner might not be able to suppress them.”

Chief Zheng was shocked.

Lin Qiyes expression was calm as he used his Thunder God Domain.

Under his precise control, thedomain was compressed to an extremely small area.

The density of the free lightning particles reached a terrifying realm.

In the blink of an eye, they had penetrated all the organs of the four demons.

“Lin Qiye! Why Why Let us die in understanding!”

Hearing that, Lin Qiye sneered.

“Are you worthy of that”

While he spoke, the lightning particles instantly destroyed all the organs in the demons.

The four demons spat out black blood and fell to the ground unwillingly.

Immediately after the demons died, three pure energies that others couldnt sense were devoured by the Resentment Immortal Eye.

Lin Qiye had once absorbed a Supreme Level Painted-skin Demon, which greatly enhanced his Resentment Immortal Eye.

Therefore, the energy provided by the three little peak Diamond Painted-skin Demons wasnt much.

At the very least, they had increased some of the Eyes energy.

The accumulation of energy would add up to a tower.

If Lin Qiye killed another three to five hundred demons, the Eye would be able to reach a higher level.

Lin Qiye had a feeling that the Resentment Immortal Eye had unlimited potential.

As long as it devoured the energy of the Painted-skin Demon, it would definitely surprise him in the future.

“Its settled.

Im exhausted.”

Lin Qiye put on his best act.

He looked as if he had sacrificed too much for world peace.

Chief Zheng hurriedly cupped his hands.

“Thank you for your hard work, Mr.


You have a great heart.”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.


The matter has been settled.

Im going back to rest.”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye disappeared from where he was.

The crowd looked at each other in dismay.

“Hes strong…”

“A fourteen-year-old at the peak of the Diamond Level.

He could catch traces of the demons from a series of details.

Hes meticulous.”

“The Ideal Island has picked up a treasure.”

Chief Zheng muttered to himself.

“Perhaps Ideal Island will rise to another level.”

In the evening, the Science and Technology Association issued an announcement.

[With the help of Mr.

Lin Qiye, the Science and Technology Association has killed 7,000 demons and four peak Diamond Level demons.

The hidden dangers in the association have been eliminated.

Moreover, we have established a relationship with Mr.

Lin Qiye.]

After the notice was issued, Star City, except for the four families of the Seven Cities Alliance Army and the Science and Technology Association, was in a state of anxiety.

“I cant believe that the Science and Technology Association, which has strict monitoring methods, has been infiltrated so heavily by the demons.”

“More than 10,000 demons were uncovered from the few forces investigated.

By the time everything is settled, who knows how many more will be found”

“And this is only Star City, but the situation is already grave.

What about the other cities”

Everyones expressions changed when they heard this.

Although Star Citys infiltration situation was quite serious because they were surrounded by demons, the situation in other cities couldnt be much better than theirs.

For a while, people couldnt help but feel lucky that Lin Qiye had come to Star City.

With an existence that could restrain demons, as long as Star City didnt encounter an extremely powerful demon attack, there was no need to worry about the infiltration.

However, the few forces that had yet to solve their internal problems were drenched in a cold sweat, afraid that they would become the next target.


Lin, now that the demons in the Science and Technology Association were eliminated, do you think you can quickly head over to our family”

“Dont worry.

After that, we will immediately, no, we will immediately send someone to you now!”

The remaining few families were all panicking.

One after another, they came forward to request Lin Qiye to act immediately.

“Theres no rush.

Once you deliver the stuff, I will naturally come to your door one by one.”

Lin Qiyes expression was unperturbed, but in his heart, he no longer had the intention to continue dragging things out.

Right now, the Science and Technology Association alone had uncovered three Painted-skin Demons and several hundred demons of varying ranks.

The intensity of the infiltration was somewhat beyond Lin Qiyes expectations.

If he did not resolve the hidden dangers in the city as soon as possible, Star City would probably face a disaster before long.

“Quick! Quickly send the prepared treasures to Mr.

Lins villa immediately! Immediately!”

Everyone knew Lin Qiyes temper.

No one dared to be careless.

They immediately sent their subordinates to arrange the gifts.

In a few hours, all the forces in Star City had delivered the gifts to Lin Qiyes floating island.

After confirming the situation with Chen Fan, Lin Qiye set out to eliminate the remaining hidden threats.

“Gather all the people.

If anyone doesnt show up, they will be treated as traitors!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The seven families issued a call.

Everyone was summoned regardless of whether they were on a mission.

All they wanted was for Lin Qiye to complete the investigation as soon as possible.

Lin Qiye was happy to see this.

As long as they paid the price, he could give out the name list and exterminate the demons.

After all, under the double buffs of Deduction of Genesis and Resentment Immortal Eye, even the Painted-skin Demon would have nowhere to hide.

Of course, any Painted-skin Demon was personally exterminated by Lin Qiye.

Those below Diamond Level could be quickly suppressed by the experts of the families.

The moment the name list was out, the remaining three families of the Seven City Alliance Army started their work.

Amongst them, although demons were resisting, their advantage was already over.

Four families of the Seven Cities Alliance Army did not have to worry anymore.

Hence, they quickly suppressed the resisting demons.

In a short hour, the Seven Cities Alliance Army was clear.

At the same time, Ideal Island also eliminated 400 demons and a Diamond Level Painted-skin Demon.

When night fell, theentire Star City was safe.

The various forces all made announcements, and the Practitioners became extremely respectful of Lin Qiye.

The commoners also knew of Lin Qiyes heaven-defying deeds.

In an instant, Lin Qiyes reputation in Star City soared.

He was handsome, powerful, talented, and specialized in defeating demons.

With all these characteristics, Lin Qiyes reputation surpassed that of the Science and Technology Association!

And just as the matter ended, the experts from the various forces finally let out a sigh of relief.


“I must say that its blood-chilling to know tens of thousands of demons are lurking.”

“You must know that there are eighteen peak Diamond Level demons outside Star City.”

“Star City will definitely be reduced to ruins if they work together!”

“How scary!”

“But now, we are not afraid of the demons working together!”

“If they fight, we could at least wipe out thirty percent of them!”

“However, the demons outside the city seem to have gone berserk.”

“There are signs of gathering.

It seems they are going to attack the city!”

“Can Star City resist them They have 18 Peak Diamond Level demons!”

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