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When the news about the assassination attempt broke out, not only the emperor’s palace was on high alert but the whole city was shaken as well.

The emperor promptly left after taking me to the bedroom, ordering his assistant to gather the commanders of knights and the chancellor as they sauntered away.

Lina and the maid then immediately rushed into the bedroom, cornering me and bombarded me with question after question about what had transpired earlier.

If I could speak, I know answering every single one of their questions would definitely lead me to exhaustion.

My eyes darted between them wordlessly, and only then did they remember that I could only respond with a yes or no, making them give up questioning me all together.

The maid steered me into the bathroom.

“Make sure to take care of the emperor when he comes back, okay He would surely be in a foul mood.” The maid said before turning around to leave the bedroom.

Lina then pushed a bottle of medicine into my hand saying that the maid wanted me to have it.

I turned the bottle in my hand, seeing the dark green contents sloshing inside.

Would he really be in a foul mood so much that I needed medicine for it

The medicine was said to be helpful in relieving stress.

 Made of thick, selected herbs that were specifically used to calm nerves.

It didn’t have a pleasant taste just like most medicines are, but I was convinced that it was certainly effective.

I glanced at the time and drank the medicine just like I’m instructed to.

My eyes twitched at the horrid taste, forcing myself to drink all of it as I squeezed my eyes shut.

When the bottle was finally emptied, I placed it down on the table next to the bathtub.

My mouth was still slightly ajar at the bitter taste that was left in my tongue.

They probably gave me the medicine thinking that the assassination attempt must have stressed me out, and they were right.

The way Lina gave me the medicine seemed to be a normal occurrence in this household, and I couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

Recalling the events that happened a few hours ago had me feeling lightheaded and nauseous.

I submerged myself into the bathtub, leaning my head back as the rose- scented water tickled my nose.

 I let myself be still for a while.

Distracted, I played with the water by creating bubbles with my mouth.

What a day it has been.

It’s been a while since I’ve last worn outdoor clothes and having the chance to go on a walk was great, too.

Seeing a dead person with your own eyes was beyond what I could fully explain.

I didn’t think it would be all that different from reading it in a book but I was proved wrong the moment I saw the bloodied corpse of the assassin.

I shut my eyes tight in the hopes of shutting it out of my head. I can’t believe I was almost killed!

The life of this body I have transmigrated to… Iona.

She was a slave from Lonaro.

In her life in Lonaro, she had never done anything to warrant an assassin’s presence, one that was capable enough to infiltrate the Imperial Palace.

Annie, Young master Annie.

He might be the guy behind all of this, but how could that be when he doesn’t have any idea where I am now

Remembering how I was purchased, I don’t think the slave merchant would reveal my whereabouts to anyone, even if he was threatened with a knife to his throat.

Unless, of course, you intend to turn the Imperial family as your enemy.

The heroine herself had been threatened with countless assassination attempts before she died, but I don’t see why an enemy would hire a skilled assassin to kill a doll, whose existence was only known to a handful of people, and unknown to the rest of the society.

If you’re with the emperor, is being killed inevitable

Perhaps the assassin intended to kill the emperor.

That seemed to be more likely since in the original novel, the hero had lived a life where a number of assassins go inside and out his bedroom as if it was their own.

But how come they are still sending assassins, when the Imperial Power was already rock solid and unified There’s nothing they could gain from this.

Did the Kingdom of Lucretia notice the war

Thinking about all these was enough to make my head hurt.

I kneaded my temples with my fingertips in circular motions repeatedly.

Not only did it not make sense, but we also have little to no information to gauge what they’re planning to do.

A heavy sigh was emitted from my lips.

My nape was at the edge of the tub as I stared at the opposite wall blankly.

It seemed like the medicine I drank a few minutes ago was finally taking effect, in addition to the warm bath soothing my tense body.

I remember how the Emperor smelled when he pulled me in his embrace earlier.

It was a strong, overwhelming scent that reminded me of a dense forest.

My thoughts of the Emperor then shifted to how he summoned his sword with a harsh, intense expression.

He had cut down both the assassin and the shrub with a lightning-like speed, all of it happening before I could even blink my eyes.

He saved me.

If he didn’t, I would’ve died with an arrow pierced through my body.

It was the first time someone made sure I was protected.

The feeling that came with it was unfamiliar, tingling my senses into overdrive as I played with my hands in the water.

Lina came into bathroom holding a bunch of shampoos, conditioners and body washes.

“Have you warmed up” She asked.

I was already growing drowsy when she entered.

Noticing my relaxed state, she neared the bathtub and swept my messy hair with a comb.

I guess she’s going to fix my hair again today.

Even though I always refuse her help and signal her that I can take care of it myself, Lina would still insist on doing it herself, saying that she is fond of my platinum colored hair and that she wanted to make sure it was well taken care of properly.

I don’t bear the same sentiments as her because the way I see it, my hair looked like an old, greying man’s hair.

Lina explained that its shade was a unique one in a way that was aristocratic.

She gave my hair a light rinse in warm water, combing through my wet locks using her fingers.

“I’ll give you a facial massage today.

The maid had already left for home, so I’d be able to use the tea tree oil.” Lina informed me.

I’ve heard of tea tree oil, and I know it would require a hefty amount of price in order to have one for yourself.

There’s no way I’m allowed to use it, and I surmised that Lina certainly bought it from an unknown shop and sneaked it into the palace.

I turned my head sideways to look at her, Lina immediately noticing the worry in my face as she quickly consoled, “It’s okay.

I’m good at this.”

No, I don’t think you’re as good as you think you are. Lina didn’t mind my reluctance and placed her hands on either side of my face.

The medicine seemed to thoroughly take effect this time, since my eyes were growing heavy by the second.

Is the Emperor all right I think he’s already furious.

Please tell me he’s not going to lash his anger out on me by stabbing me in the middle of the night.

He’s been sleeping well these days so I don’t think that will happen.

My eyes blurred groggily, soothed by Lina’s gentle hands on me as I was lulled to sleep.


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