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Lotuboru is the emperor’s sword.

According to the novel, the sword was capable of picking up on the user’s emotions and it would react correspondingly.

It had intricate details stretching from the tip down to the pommel; an inlay of gleaming dark red jewels and gold encrusted the hilt, and red letters were carved onto the black-edged blade.

It was unlike just any typical long sword, one that was too beautiful to be used for combat.

I am not the heroine, so I never thought he would summon his sword!

The emperor only summoned Lotuboru for two reasons; it’s either he was in the middle of a ferocious battle or it was brought forth to save the heroine from danger.

In most situations, he would use a guard’s sword or seize blades that were within his reach.

And a man as capable as him does not simply let his weapons define him.

As a huge fan of the novel, being able to witness how the emperor summoned his sword was just breathtaking, and my eyes marveled at the sight.

The book was really compelling despite the depressing and dark themes prevalent throughout the story.

“Are you hurt, Lily”

I was snapped out of my trance and hastily shook my head.

He still had his arms wound around me, but it was no longer tight like it was a few moments before.

I tried to peek at the fallen shrub to see what it was that laid there.

The action didn’t go unnoticed by the emperor as he adjusted me on his arms and pulled my head to lean on his shoulder.

“Don’t look.

You will regret it if you do.”

It was said out of concern, but curiosity was getting the best of me.

I looked at the fallen shrub despite the emperor’s warning and just as instantly, a cold chill of terror ran down my spine.

Then, a scent of something rotten and iron wafted through the air.

It was a corpse.

Having stayed only in my bedroom made me somehow forget that I was at the Imperial Palace of the Ivant Empire, where demons in the form of humans filled the place with an innate hunger to kill anyone who wasn’t their own.

It’s like reality hit me all at once, abruptly shaking me from my stupor.

I had been too engrossed with the emperor and the heroine’s romance that other things I should be worried about slipped my mind entirely.

A quick shuffling of feet was heading its way towards us.

Soldiers on patrol heard the commotion of shrubs falling down and they flocked the area immediately.

“Who’s there!” A soldier shouted.

“What’s going on…” He gasped upon seeing the emperor.

“Your Majesty!’

“It is an absolute honor to meet the emperor of the Ivant Empire!” Another soldier piped up.

They did not expect to see the emperor in the midst of the fallen shrubs, and they all scrambled to pay their respects.

The Emperor slowly pulled himself away from me, barely acknowledging the courtesy given to him as he gave them his instructions.

They fell into a short conversation, one that was between a superior and his subordinates, while I shook the corpse’s figure out of my head.

After a brief while, the soldiers expressed their salutations and turned around to leave the perimeters.

“I think we should call it a day.

We should head back.” The Emperor stated gloomily, his face dark and brooding as ever.


That was three hours ago.

“Ugh!” A large knight in heavy armor was thrown to the ground.

The force he was treated with prevented him from standing up, his breaths coming out labored and uneven.

The person behind the harsh gesture stood right above him, eyes fierce and intent towards the struggling knight.

“Your Majesty, please stop!” The commander of knights pleaded hoarsely, uncaring how desperate he sounded.

“You’re going to kill Harben!”


There was no hint of concern in the emperor’s face, ignoring the commander’s pleas as if he didn’t hear him.


“Your Majesty…” The shoulders of the commander dropped as he stammered.

He knew he wouldn’t be able to persuade him to think otherwise.

It’s been three hours since the long, dreadful punishment had started, knight after knight in the receiving end of the emperor’s wrath like sandbags.

He wouldn’t be stopping anytime soon.

The knights of the third unit, who were in charge of security today, made no protests as they bowed their heads in defeat.

They knew they were at fault for failing to block the assassin’s breach.

The commander was anxiously worried, scared even, that one of his knights was about to die in the hands of the Emperor, who he had pledged his utmost loyalty to.

His Majesty was one of the most powerful men in the empire and he was playing with his sworn knights like they were nothing.

Ever since he had ascended the throne, countless assassins had trespassed the empire’s perimeters, all of which had been captured by his knights.

Until today happened.

Their recklessness wouldn’t be easily forgiven, and now they are facing the consequences of their actions.

“Well… the Duchess of Deluc is here.”

At that time, a knight from the scouting regiment gave a report to the commander of the knights in a whisper.

Ridrian, who somehow heard the report, pointed a sword at the sprawling chancellor a long time ago.

“That, take it.”

The Duchess of Deluc took her place by the knight’s side, surprised at the Emperor’s utterance as she gave him a brief nod.

The emperor then ordered his servants to take the chancellor out of the drill hall.

“I don’t understand why the chancellor still hasn’t submitted his letter of resignation.”

“He wouldn’t be able to run away.” The commander of knights muttered under his breath, standing still like his soul had left him, prompting the Emperor to laugh in his direction.

Soon, the word the commander of knights dreaded was repeated once again.

“Next.” His Majesty stated.

This was far from being over.

It was only one word, but that alone was enough to make the commander of knight’s knees buckle.

He wiped his face with trembling hands and pulled out his own sword.

There were no knights left but him, and he had no choice but to acquiesce to his Majesty’s wishes.

For the next couple of hours, the knights of the third unit were battered over and over again by the Emperor’s relentless beating.

Severely injured, the prime minister took all of them to the nearby hospital the following day to get themselves admitted.


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