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Chapter 25 – It’s Truly Fragrant To Pretend To Be Helpless

As soon as those words came out of Feng SiRui’s mouth, the whole living room went silent.

All eyes were focused on that stern looking face.

Shen Yu frowned slightly, feeling puzzled in his heart.

—— ‘Did the dog man eat the wrong medicine He’s actually protecting me!’

—— ‘Does he think that family ugliness shouldn’t be publicized to outsiders!’

—— ‘That’s true, we still haven’t divorced yet.

As his lover, it doesn’t sound good for me to be arrested.’

—— ‘These two really are idiots.

Can’t they think of another way to get revenge Do they want to put the Feng Family on the spot!’

“Feng SiRui, do you want to protect him!” Li Fenghua suspected that she had heard wrong and was staring at him with wide eyes.

She remembered that Shen Yu had no status at all in the Feng family.

Except for Old Man Feng, everyone else looked down on him.

Why was it that even when the old man hadn’t opened his mouth, Feng SiRui had already stood up for Shen Yu!

“It’s a real fact that he hit someone.

Do you want to deny that matter for him!” Shen Chen got up from the ground in pain, with a look of indignation on his face.

He and his mother were originally invited to the dinner party, but they were beaten up the moment they arrived.

The person who had beaten him was his elder brother who he had always bullied at home.

Shen Chen, who always had the upper hand and had never suffered a loss, suddenly felt that he couldn’t accept it.

He wished to immediately throw Shen Yu into prison to relieve his hatred.

At the same time, he wondered,

‘How did this cowardly and incompetent brother suddenly became so strong!’

“I didn’t see Shen Yu beating anyone…” Feng SiRui’s expression was indifferent and his tone was calm, “There’s no monitoring here, so how can you prove your words”

Shen Chen was taken aback.

He didn’t expect Feng SiRui to reverse black and white without changing his expression.

He was too stunned to retort.

His mother next to him pointed at Aunt Mei with a look of anger on her face, “She can testify that…”

“She was there the whole time!”

“Talk! Did Shen Yu hit us!”

Feng SiRui’s mouth curled up in a cold arc and he looked sideways, “It’s fine Aunt Mei, just tell the truth.

Did Shen Yu raise a hand”

“I—” Aunt Mei swallowed her saliva tremblingly after being stared at, “I, I don’t remember…”

“You’re lying!” Li Fenghua’s emotions went out of control, “You clearly saw it!”

“You actually—”

Before that high pitched voice could finish, an angry shout interrupted her.

“Enough!” Old Man Feng slammed his walking stick on the marble floor, “Still not stopping!”

“What place do you think my Feng Family is! Can you do anything you want here!”

After being reprimanded like this, Li Fenghua suddenly lost her arrogance and said in a languid voice, “Elder Feng, we are the victims…”

Old man Feng frowned coldly.

The handsomeness of his distant youth could vaguely be distinguished from his profound facial features.

The serious expression on his face was without any anger, “Shen Yu is our Feng family’s daughter in law.

We are unable to tolerate your slander…”

“You are not welcome here.

Please see yourselves out!”

No matter how wronged Li Fenghua felt, she didn’t dare to contend with the Feng family.

Even if the Old man wanted to cover up the beating, she could only grit her teeth and swallow her grievances into her stomach.

“Xiao Chen, let’s go.”

“Ma1, are we going to just forget about it!” Shen Chen was very angry and unwilling.

Li Fenghua glared at Shen Yu, who acted as if nothing had happened and said, “Listen to my words.

Leave now!”

His mother had already spoken and Shen Chen dared not refuse.

He could only stroke his chest and walk out of the villa with difficulty.

After going out, the mother and son drove to the hospital.

On the way there, Shen Chen asked depressingly, “Ma, I can’t be beaten for no reason!”

“I can’t swallow this breath!”

Li Fenghua felt the same, her eyes were full of resentment, “Don’t worry, mom won’t let you suffer!”

“Just be patient.

I’ll make that Shen Yu kneel down and apologize to you!”

“I’ll make him suffer a hundred-fold for every kick he threw at you!”

After a brief turmoil.

Aunt Mei was driven out of the living room by the old man, leaving just Shen Yu and Feng SiRui, “What happened just now!”

“Grandpa, I was wrong.” Shen Yu lowered his head, looking sincere, “As soon as Li Fenghua came in, she tried to hit me indiscriminately…”

“I couldn’t hold back my temper, so I raised my hand.”

Old man Feng sat on the sofa, frowning, “It’s fine to fight back.

But you can’t leave any evidence!”

“Look at the video of you beating someone.

You’re not even alert to the point that you didn’t notice when someone actually filmed you!”

Shen Yu raised his head in surprise, “!!”

—— ‘What’s the situation here Is Grandpa spoiling me to this extent!’

—— ‘I’m so touched!!’

—— ‘I’ve decided.

Even if I divorce the dog man, I’ll be filial to my grandpa for the rest of my life!’

Feng SiRui, whose face turned black, “…” 

‘I also spoke for you didn’t I

Why don’t you feel a little grateful towards me!’

“Grandpa, I’ll keep your teachings in mind…” Shen Yu nodded, not paying any attention to the aggrieved person next to him.

Old man Feng looked at Feng SiRui once more, “Xiao Yu had a very rough childhood.

You must love him more.

Just like today, no matter what happens, you have to stand by his side.


“Yes, grandpa.” Feng SiRui said in a low voice.

Shen Yu gave him a glance.

—— ‘Hmph, dog man.

You can say one thing in front and say another at the back.

Didn’t you promise the same thing last time then turn your back and deny it in the blink of an eye’

—— ‘You just had to accuse me of tampering with the brakes.

How can I be so stupid Do I not know about the law!’

“In the future I will fully trust Xiao Yu and never doubt him again.” Feng SiRui added, gritting his teeth.

Shen Yu looked moved on the surface, but was laughing in his heart.

—— ‘He’s so good at pretending to be a grandson2!’

—— ‘Oh, I forgot.

He really is a grandson!’

Feng SiRui, “…” Must bear with it!

Not long after, the family banquet started.

People from all walks of life in the Feng family gathered together.

More than a dozen people sat around the dining table.

Clinking glasses and expressing their familiarity towards each other.

The only one who was turned a blind eye to was Shen Yu, the daughter in law of the Feng family.

It seemed like there was a tacit understanding among them to make it difficult for this daughter in law who was handpicked by the elder Feng to stay for a long time.

However, Shen Yu was also happy and at ease.

Moving his knife and fork, eating happily.

It’s a pity that there are always people who are impatient and would like to hit the muzzle of a gun.

“Rui-ge, I’ve seen the variety show you’ve participated in and your votes are very high.

If there’s no one holding you back, you’ll definitely be first place!”

Afterwards, the person flattered Old man Feng and wanted to find opportunities to seek benefits.

This kind of cannon fodder female supporting role, how could Shen Yu let her go Putting down his knife and fork, a beautiful but cold arc appeared on his face, “Who are you saying is the one holding back others!”

Wang Ruina was stunned by this sudden question and smiled disdainfully, “Who am I talking about, they should know about it themselves…”

“Is it necessary for me to clarify”

Shen Yu gave her a contemptuous look, “I don’t know if you are blind or not.

Weibo users are the ones to vote for the most anticipated guest in the next issue.

It seems that there are only two words.”

“I don’t know if you can say it out loud.”

Wang Ruina retorted back, “You still have the nerve to mention that Can’t you see the things they are saying on the Internet It’s simply unsightly.

I really don’t understand.

Your reputation is already like this and you still have the face to stay in the entertainment industry”

“If it was me, I would’ve retired a long time ago!”

“Heh…” Shen Yu snorted nonchalantly, “You still have the nerve to come here uninvited and flatter the Feng family every day like this.

Why should I be embarrassed to earn my own living in the entertainment industry!”

Wang Ruina choked when she was poked at her sore spot, “You——”

“You What you Just shut your mouth and eat…” Shen Yu rolled his eyes, “Is it fun to humiliate yourself!” 


Xinghe: In our country, this is actually a very cringe way of calling your mother.

My mother would’ve whipped me if I called her like this.


Me: Well he only used one Ma, so I followed the raws



Normally calling someone a grandson is like calling them an obedient person, much like a grandchild towards their grandparents


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