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Xia Xibei did not deny it, “How did you recognize me”

Zhuang Xiaoai once again drew in a breath as she looked Xia Xibei up and down incredulously.

She was stunned, circling Xia Xibei back and forth.

Xia Xibei was also curious, “How did you find out”

Xia Xibei was very confident in her disguise.

Her mask was not something that could be spotted by ordinary people.

Moreover, she also changed her voice.

Other than the height, even her body type could not be seen clearly because of her clothes.

Under such circumstances, how did Zhuang Xiaoai recognize her

“Your smell!” Zhuang Xiaoai nodded emphatically, “I recognized you from your smell!”

This statement made Xia Xibei raise her eyebrows, “My smell”

“Yes!” Zhuang Xiaoai nodded.

“I have a very sensitive nose and can distinguish many smells.

I can also recognize people based on their smells.”

When Xia Xibei came over just now, she felt that the smell was a bit familiar.

At that time, she didnt have the heart to think about it all.

Now, with only two people in the room, the smell was much clearer.

After thinking carefully and looking at Xia Xibeis height, of course she immediately remembered Xia Xibeis identity.

“You have such a good nose” Xia Xibei was surprised.

Her sense of smell was also good.

However, she was not yet to the point where she could identify people based on their smell.

For Zhuang Xiaoai to have such a skill was simply amazing!

“Right!” Zhuang Xiaoai nodded.

“My nose has been sensitive since I was a child, and my grandmother has trained me since I was a child.

So even if there were many smells, I could still tell them apart!”

This nose of hers was more sensitive than a dogs nose!

Her words surprised Xia Xibei.

However, there were so many people in this world, and there were naturally many strange people.

It was possible that Zhuang Xiaoai had such a special talent.

“Sister Bei, why did you come here And whats with this disguise of yours”

Zhuang Xiaoais attention returned to Xia Xibeis face.

Such a face… How on earth did she get it

If she hadnt trusted her nose, she wouldnt have thought that the person who had helped her was Xia Xibei!

She was wondering what this strange guest wanted and if she had any intentions for their family.

Although she and her grandma didnt have much money, they did have some treasures.

Only now did she realize that the woman was actually Xia Xibei!

The way Xia Xibei took down those people with ease was incredible; she thought Xia Xibei was so fierce!

“Didnt I ask you to contact Brother Pan before You didnt do anything about it, so I came to take a look.”

Since her identity had been exposed, Xia Xibei did not continue to conceal it and spoke frankly about her intentions.

Zhuang Xiaoais face turned white as she also remembered the previous situation.

She had clearly promised Xia Xibei to be her assistant before, but because there were too many chaotic things going on at home, she simply couldnt remember this matter.

“I should have told you guys before, Im sorry for making you take this trip!”

Looking at her ashamed expression, Xia Xibei smiled and shook her head, “Its okay, its not like you did it on purpose.”

“Im sorry!” She was still ashamed.

“I already know your situation, you dont have to say sorry.” Xia Xibei

comforted her, “Anyway, after you move to G City, cant you still be my assistant”

“You… You still want me to be your assistant” Zhuang Xiaoai was pleasantly surprised.

“Of course Im willing!” Zhuang Xiaoai was excited.

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