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Chapter 85 Another Idiot


Talking about his past with Osborn, Otto was exceptionally aggressive in pointing out Osborn’s countless evil deeds.


Leo didn’t imagine his desire for gossip would attract such an explosive piece of news.

Too explosive to the point Otto’s emotion went out of control.


So, Leo hurriedly consoled, “Dr.

Octavius, please calm down.

I’m very sorry, I shouldn’t recommend you to cooperate with Osborn.

It’s just me approaching the problem as a businessman.

I’m unaware your grudge with Osborn is this deep and unaware of Osborn being this kind of person.”


To make Otto’s heart feel better, Leo began to defend Otto’s injustice, “Who could’ve imagined such a person actually becoming New York City’s mayor This is a disaster for the New York citizens.”


Otto certainly rebounded and added in contempt, “If it’s just Osborn, how could he become the mayor! Over the years, he had disputes and disagreements with various politicians of New York City due to conflicts of interest.

There’s no way for them to support Osborn’s rise of power.”


In addition, Peter didn’t expect he would learn so many explosive pieces of news today.

As his curiosity grew stronger, he immediately asked, “Then, how did he become the mayor in the end”


“Of course, because of conflicts of interest, he made some enemies but also gained some allies.

But the one he allied with is New York City’s underground forces, to put it bluntly, the mobs.”


Snorting coldly, Otto showed his disdain at Osborn’s actions.

“Rumor has it, the entire New York City, perhaps entire America’s underground forces are controlled by a single person.

Not only that but it’s also said that he can even influence the decision-making of the government and Osborn has allied with that person.

Now that Osborn was successfully elected as the mayor, it seems that those rumors are real.”


Otto’s expression turned grim and said softly, “That person is called Kingpin, which represents the king of the underground kingdom.

Maybe you have never heard of them but…”



Octavius, I heard of that name.” Raising his hand, Peter suddenly interjected.


Bucky was always interested in Kingpin, while playing with poker in his hand, he added, “In fact, I also heard of his name but never knew who he is.”


Otto was frozen all of a sudden, uncertain how to continue.

Ultimately, he gave a pleading look at Leo, expecting Leo to act along saying he didn’t know who Kingpin was.


“I also know this person.” Leo shrugged as the relationship between Osborn and Kingpin was within his expectations.

“But Dr.

Octavius, that’s out of the point.

The point is what are you trying to explain Do you mean Osborn, in fact, had ties with Kingpin, right”


“Yes, that’s correct.” Heaving out a sigh, Otto continued, “What I’m trying to say is Norman Osborn definitely isn’t a good man.

He becoming the mayor is an apparent disaster for the New York citizen.”


“Alright, alright, Dr.


I understood your meaning, Osborn really is a villain.” Sensing the conversation was veering off, Leo attempted to pull back the main topic.

“But what you mentioned just now was irrelevant to our discussion.

Let’s forget about Osborn for now and focus back on the lab, the Neural Arms research project.”


From the current situation, if Leo was blunt about his uninterest in the Neural Arms and left straight away, it would be the best scenario.

After all, through the Mechanic System, he received the “Nuclear Microreactor” and “Intracranial Transmission Technology”.


However, if he did so, Leo might have two more potential enemies appear out of thin air.

After Leo obtained these two technologies, he certainly would try to apply them but this might be spotted by Peter and Otto.


By then, Leo would be called a thief and liar by Otto and would become the same level as Norman Osborn in Otto’s heart.

After Doc Ock appeared, Leo would certainly be at risk of being poked and stabbed by the tentacles. 


And the most important was that Leo might fall out with Peter, one single mistake, Leo could directly fall into the gutter.

Of course, the possibility for the above matter to occur was minimal since those two technologies could be disguised to be indiscernible by people.


However, Leo believed that there was a preferable way to avoid the troubles.


Octavius, Peter, regarding the ‘Neural Arms’ project, I’ll tell you my initial thoughts on it.”


Otto and Peter obviously shifted their attention from Osborn and Kingpin to the Neural Arms itself, readying to listen with an open ear.


“I’m ready to offer two million to purchase the ‘Nuclear Microreactor’ right away.

What’s Doc’s opinion on this”


Seeing the hesitating Otto, Leo urged, “Dr.

Octavius, why are you hesitating Are you waiting to give money to Norman Osborn! Or perhaps you think the price was unattractive But this is the most acceptable price I can offer after some serious consideration.

It will only gather dust if this technology is left to you while giving it to me, you can receive a huge sum of research funding.

Naturally, if you don’t wish to sell it to me, the final decision is in your hand.”


It didn’t bother Leo much if Otto refused to sell it to him.

Anyhow, Leo had mastered the Nuclear Microreactor’s blueprint.

The reason he spent money to purchase it from Otto was to play it safe, avoiding potential problems.


Even if Otto turned down Leo, he would still use this technology, just when using it, Leo put on an extra disguise to avoid being detected by Peter.


“I have no intention of giving money to that Norman b*stard and didn’t feel the price Mr.

Erwin’s offer was too low.” Otto was tempted by Leo but he still had some other concerns.


Erwin, if I sell it to you, can I still manufacture and use the Nuclear Microreactor”


“Of course, certainly.

As long as you’re not profiting from it, you’re free to privately use it.” The yet villainized Otto was too honest, no wonder he was ruthlessly screwed over by Osborn.


“Thank you so much, Mr.


As long as I can still use it privately, I’m willing to sell it to you.” After his request was achieved, Otto was overjoyed and probingly threw out another request, “Of course, if Mr.

Erwin can offer more money, that’s even better.”


Leo felt he should retract his ‘honest’ comment on Otto, Otto had learned to push his luck! But, in fact, Leo had benefited, how was it possible for the Nuclear Microreactor to be worth two million


Thus, Leo said, “Sure, I’ll offer two and a half million.

But that’s the highest I can offer.”


Otto didn’t expect the courage he summoned up would earn him another half a million.

Being over the moon, he hurriedly replied, “Deal, Mr.

Erwin! I’m really happy to cooperate with you!”


Leo was overjoyed too since he earned much more.

Besides, two and a half million was the price of a single H.Y.D.R.A.


This amount for Leo was a pocket change, unmentionable.


It was a wonder if Sinthea would explode if she knew Leo’s thoughts.


Seeing Leo generously pulling out that huge sum of money to purchase the Nuclear Microreactor, Peter was on cloud nine too.

Peter, who never experienced the cruelty of the business world and lackadaisical of money, felt Leo, who was deep-pocketed and generous, wouldn’t be stingy in investing in the Neural Arms.


Thus, he asked, “Mr.

Erwin, what about the Neural Arms How much will you invest, sir”


It wasn’t Peter’s fault to assume Leo certainly would invest in the Neural Arms.

Because in his mind, the Neural Arms was a project that could bring salvation to entire disabled people and it was a great deed.


In recent times, Peter had devoted himself to this project so it was crucial to him.

The motivation for him to continue was because it was a great deed.


Otherwise, how would he unconditionally support Otto’s research without receiving a paycheck


However, Leo was destined to disappoint the selfless Peter, “I’m sorry Peter.

After inspecting the Neural Arms, I feel it has no commercial value at all.

So, I’m very sorry, I can’t invest in this project as it would make me bleed out.”


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