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Chapter 30: Fiend Devourer

All the cadets had already formed groups among themselves during the Military Academy Secret Trial, so they remained in them. Even those commoners who were unhappy with how things went inside the trial preferred to stay together.

There were only three people that were utterly alone. One of them was Levi, whose powerful and hostile aura kept people away. The other was Nira, who was a complete pariah.

And the last one was Cain, who had no intention of making friends with the people who had rallied against him.

Cains experience with Jonathan had taught him a harsh lesson, and although he did not believe everybody was the same, he would not offer his friendship easily.

Since he had nothing to handle with the cadets, Cain read the information regarding his residence and headed to it. He took the chance to explore the surroundings on his way but did not find anything remarkable.

It made sense when he got a better understanding of the city. This massive metallic structure built with a Titan Tower at its center was the Lightning Imperial Fort.

As for the place where Cain and the other cadets stay, that was an isolated section. The youth were not stuck together with the rest of the army.


Cain reached the building where he would stay after almost an hour of walking. It was nothing impressive, and the entrance led directly to a series of elevators.

Less than two minutes later, Cain reached his apartment. It was very simple, with a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Of course, it was a palace compared to his home in the slums.

The first thing Cain did was head into his bedroom, where the drone that took his belongings before the trial started was supposed to be.

Good, nothing happened to it. A smile appeared on Cains face as he took out the picture of his father.

He went to an empty cabinet and formed a small shrine, similar to the one he had in his house.

“I am sorry for spending so many days without showing respect, Sir. However, the Military Academy Secret Trial was not a place where I could get distracted.” After speaking those words, Cain bowed to the altar for five minutes before standing up.

Cain went to the bathroom, took a shower, ate some food that was not raw meat, and then collapsed in his bed. Those three months inside the trial had forced him to spend every second on high alert, and now that he finally relaxed, his mind needed proper rest.

It was ten in the morning when Cain finally woke up. He slept for roughly twelve hours, a lot considering his powerful vitality.

“Brat, you have rested enough. It is time to focus on your next step.”

Apexs words made Cain focused, and a serious expression appeared on his face as he went to the living room and ordered his belongings.

“I have five Wave Artifacts. The Kinetic Gauntlets and Light Boots are very useful for me. The other three use Essence Wave, so I should sell them.”

Cain had killed five Dark Races Wave Warriors inside the Military Academy Secret Trial, two Abyssal Demons, and three Hell Devils.

He got his gauntlets and boots from the Abyssal Demons, and from the Hell Devils, he got a sword, dagger, and armguards.

“You can directly sell the Wave Artifacts you dont want to the Imperial Military Force, and you will get fifty percent of their selling price.”

Cain could not help but frown when he saw that. If he sold them that way, he would lose a lot of Imperial Military Credits.

“There is a second path we can take. That is through barter with someone else in Lightning Imperial Fort.”

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“Oh, is that legal” Although the idea of barter interested Cain, he was not willing to risk angering the hegemon that was the Imperial Military Force.

He knew that Wave Artifacts were important for the military and did not know what type of market you could find outside of the Imperial Military Force.

“We can consider it a gray area. While barter is somewhat shady due to the massive amount of stolen goods moved in that way, we will be fine if we dont meddle with those highly regulated. The most important part is to find a reliable broker in the Godslayer Humankind Network, which I already did while you slept.”

Apexs explanation handled many of Cains worries, and after a moment, he chose to go down that path. The duo soon found someone interested in the dagger and armguards and managed to exchange them for full body armor. As for the Fire Sword, he kept it for the time being.

Cain deposited the two Medium Bronze Wave Artifacts in the drone and put in a series of coordinates before letting it out of the building through his window. If everything goes well, it should return in a couple of hours with the armor.

After handling that, Cain took out the silver orb that Levi had handed to him. He had made a quick scan and knew it did not contain a Wave Artifact but something else.

Cain used the [A.I. Chip Module], and soon a virtual screen appeared in front of him.

[Fiend Devourer: Astral Rebirth Path of Power Cultivation Technique.

-A total of ten levels. The first nine levels correspond to Astral Wave Warrior Level 1 to Level 9. The tenth level focuses on the advance to Wave Champion.

-Allow the users digestive system to consume flesh and blood of Dark Races Wave Warriors to strengthen the body and extract Wave for cultivation.

-If branded, the device will transfer the cultivation techniques information to the A.I. Chips database. The unauthorized distribution of this information is considered treason and punishable by death.]

Cains eyes widened as he saw that information, and in the next second, a smile appeared on his face. Of all the things the silver orb could have contained, a cultivation technique was the best.



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