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A Woman’s Fragrance (14) – Rambling Thoughts (2)

Lu Fei Yue woke up in the broken temple, looking dazedly at Jiang Nian who had already tidied up, her cheeks flushed and her eyes shifted uncomfortably as she tried to find her cold persona.

“You woke up quite early today.”

Jiang Nian smiled as he extinguished the fire and replied to her.

“If I hadn’t woken up earlier, the wind would have blown the door away.”

Lu Fei Yue nodded with a tense face, got up and picked up her sword, casually straightening her clothes.

“Many thanks.”

Jiang Nian had long since accustomed to this serious look of hers.

He also got up with his bag and shook his head with a smile.

“Let’s go and see how the two are doing in the carriage.”

They walked to the carriage, the horse hiding under the eaves snorted, and then lowered its head again to nibble on the grass in front of the broken temple.

Lu Fei Yue opened the carriage door and was stunned when she saw the two people inside, and didn’t take another step forward.

It was just that the scene before her was too harmonious.

The carriage window had been opened at some point and the sun was able to peek in through the window, wrapping warmly on the two of them as they slept in embrace

They could not see Li Ruo Shui’s expression as her back was turned to them.

Lu Zhi Yao sat with his knees bent and his head tilted sideways, his black hair covering half of his face, and his left hand was still holding Li Ruo Shui’s hair ends.

The tiny dust in the beam of light kept fluttering around them and the atmosphere seemed peaceful and serene.

Everything was blending together, like fish and water, like light and trees.

Lu Zhi Yao’s body moved slightly, and the black hair covering his face slipped down from his cheeks, revealing his jade-like face.

“Is it dawn already”

His voice was clean, without a trace of dry hoarseness, making it hard to tell if he had just woken up or not.

Jiang Nian froze for a moment, then nodded, remembering that he couldn’t see, and answered nervously, “It’s dawn.”

The morning air was clear, the birds were chirping on the branches, and the slightly cool breeze blew into the carriage, waking Li Ruo Shui, who was still half-asleep.

The sun was directly shining on her.

She frowned and opened her eyes after getting accustomed to the light.

When she saw the two people standing outside the carriage, she was confused for a moment, but then shame came over her and she immediately got up to gather the quilts to make room in the carriage.

“Sorry Sister Lu, for making you stand outside for so long.”

Her hair slipped from the palm of his hands, Lu Zhi Yao rubbed her fingertips a few times and got up to sit aside.

Lu Fei Yue took the quilt and put it in the bottom compartment, with a natural demeanour and without a trace of embarrassment.

“It’s alright, we just arrived.”

A strange quiet atmosphere lingered in the air as Jiang Nian drove the horses outside the carriage and the other three were in the carriage.

But it seemed that only Li Ruoshui felt the hint of embarrassment in the silence.

Last night, her body was too painful to think about anything else, but now that she was fine, the things she should and shouldn’t have dwelled on came in like a tidal wave.

In the past, she had always thought that he was a crazy person who only cared about his own pleasure, but she had never thought that this time he would be willing to use his inner strength to help her, and he had even helped her all night.

Li Ruo Shui was now in a complicated mood.

On the one hand, she knew what he was like, and that he must not have done it because his heart was tempted, but she didn’t know why.

On the other hand was herself.

Although Li Ruo Shui had a big heart, she could not sleep unconsciously and unusually sweetly when she was alone with a man.

Even if it was because of the poison last night, she wouldn’t be so lax as to fall asleep right away.

There was only one explanation: she had subconsciously begun to trust Lu Zhi Yao.

This was even more shocking to Li Ruo Shui than finding out that he was a mad person.

If this momentum continued, in all likelihood, she would get herself involved, and that would be like trying to steal the chicken only to end up losing the rice.

Li Ruo Shui was like sitting on a carpet with needles, looking at the two of them.

Lu Fei Yue had a cold face but was actually dazed and lost in thought, while Lu Zhi Yao was leaning against the wall of the carriage with a smile on his lips as usual.

Then, his slightly pale fingertips tapped against the seat, making a slight thumping sound, the rhythm gradually accelerating, clearly in sync with the sound of her heartbeat —

“I’ve heard that the scenery around Cangzhou is good, I’ll go and have a look.”

Without waiting for the two of them to respond, Li Ruo Shui had already rushed out of the carriage and sat on the yoke.

Hearing the sound of suppressed laughter, Lu Fei Yue was startled back to her senses and looked blankly at Lu Zhi Yao who was covering the corners of his lips with the back of his hand.

Did she miss something

The cool breeze blew on her face and the inexplicable heat finally subsided.

Li Ruo Shui breathed a sigh of relief and turned her head to see Jiang Nian, who was pulling on the reins and looking at her with an envious expression.

Li Ruo Shui: “”

“The same people but different lives.”Jiang Nian sighed quietly, “Fei Yue and I have known each other for two years, but we haven’t progressed as fast as you guys.”

“Isn’t that so.”

Li Ruo Shui complained silently, recalling that the two of them didn’t confess their feelings until two hundred chapters in the original novel.

In such a long chapter, Lu Zhi Yao, the second male lead, was not given a little more background introduction, which made her clueless now.

Although it was March, there were a lot of flowers blooming along the way.

In order to suppress her troubled thoughts, Li Ruo Shui reached out to pluck them one by one, and weaved the wreath.

Jiang Nian looked at the wreath that was gradually taking shape in her hands and couldn’t help but sigh: “A master, how could I not have thought of that!”

Before he could finish his sentence, he used his lightness skill to pick the flowers along the road, and the horse, which had no one to hold it, headed for a place with more grass.

“You pull the horse!”

Li Ruo Shui reached out to hold the reins, but the carriage suddenly jolted, her body stumbled and when she was about to fall, a cool hand grabbed her.

She turned her eyes to see that Lu Zhi Yao was getting out of the carriage and sitting on the yoke, his hand slid down her wrist and took over the reins.

“You tell me the directions.”

Listening to his voice, with some coolness still lingering on her wrist, Li Ruo Shui’s heart suddenly calmed down.

“Go a little to the left, back to the main road.”

Her hands picked up speed and a wreath was made, her voice no different from the usual: “For you, I made it on purpose.”

Soft flower branches twisted with the vines, with a rich floral fragrance, were placed in his arms.

Lu Zhi Yao was quiet for a moment, the corners of his lips raised again in a familiar curve, but he simply put the flower wreath aside and replied with a warm voice.


Li Ruo Shui replied softly and then stopped talking.

Her goal had always been to return home after her strategy was successful, and she couldn’t be held up by these rambling thoughts.


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