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Elementary Course in Magic Studies.

Next day.

I have been exempted from general education classes, so today is the day I finally start taking classes in earnest.

“Hm, hmmh, hmh~♪”

“Lord, you’re in a good mood today.”

“Cristea, you look happy.”

Kurogane and Mashiro inquired happily.

I heard that when I am in a good mood, the magic power I release also feels good, so my current magic power must feel comfortable for them.

As they pointed out, I was in a good mood, so I stopped getting ready and give them both a big smile.

“Yes, I am starting my Magic Studies lesson today! I am actually exempt from the lectures and hands-on training in the Elementary course, but I have been longing to take it for so long that I decided to go.”


That’s right, I have read in fantasy novels in my past life that the main characters took magic classes at a magic academy.

Don’t you think that everybody from my past life would love to take the magic class at the academy as well

Besides, I wanted to see how much magic everyone else could do.

I tend to bulldoze things with my magic because of the amount of magic power I possess, so I wanted to know the average…

I am aware that I am out of the norm, but I don’t like being told that I lack common sense, so I need to know how much is suitable for me to use!

I feel like it’s already too late for that… but if I correct it downward now, I can make them think, “Oh, that was just a fluke.” or something.

I don’t want a future where people are scared of me…

“I see.

May we come with you”

“You cannot.

The students would be all too nervous to use their magic properly.”

“Ehh~ we can’t”


If I need you two, I will call you.

Oh, I know, let’s go to the cafeteria for lunch and have a Japanese set Okay”

After making a lunch appointment with these two understandably depressed people, I headed downstairs.

“Miss Cristea, are you on your way already”


I wanted to get a good seat today.“

I would like to secure a seat in the middle of the front row because I can see the teacher’s hands well, but I think I would be disturbing the students who are about to learn for the first time, so I am thinking of securing a seat in the front, near the wall.

I think I can observe the class without being conspicuous there.

“I see.

I will go with you, then.

I will go get my stuff, so please wait for me.”


After watching Sei run up the stairs, I checked my appearance just to make sure I was presentable in the mirror by the front door.

Today, too, I added lace to the cuffs at Miria’s suggestion, but to be honest, it’s getting in the way…

I would like to sneak it off since I had it made removable, but the problem is that I can’t put it back on while I am wearing it.

I think I will order another one with a little less volume.

While I was thinking about that, Sei came rushing back.

“Thank you for waiting.

Shall we head out”


I think Mariel-san should be already waiting for us by now.”

When we left the special dormitory and headed in the direction of the boys’ and girls’ dormitories, Mariel-chan was just coming out of the dormitory.


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