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Someone's Dream (1)

Translated by LyraDhani

Edited by LyraDhani


Eventually, I couldn’t find a way to turn it off, so I flipped the phone over and started looking around the house again.

Come to think of it, I have to wear a proper “young child-like” outfit, not a pajama to go out.


‘What kind of clothes did Cheon Yise usually wear’


I approached the closet and opened the door wide.

It wasn’t the familiar clothes that always greeted me consistently.

These days, kids’ clothes were filled with flashy clothes, not suits, pajamas, or sportswear.




I closed the door again.

And after taking a deep breath, I shook off my desire to turn away and opened the closet again.


‘I can’t handle this.’


But I have to do it even if it doesn’t work.

I had only worn shirts or cotton pants of the same design and color.

I had never developed a sense of fashion.


‘Still, I’m an idol band member… I can’t just go out in casual clothes…’


I brought my phone back to search for idol-like clothes.

Then I clicked on an app, which I believed to be a browser.

After thinking for a while, I entered the search term.

Because I was not used to the keyboard, I was sweating as I had to keep writing and erasing it, unlike my usual self.


[Search > Cheon Yise’s fashion]


The search results were disastrous.

There was a reason why Cheon Yise decided to commit suicide, he was pessimistic about his personal affairs.


“He had been working for five years, and I still can’t find any information about him, just how obscure is he”‘


There were only strange accounts and article photos that looked like belong to foreigners.

Even that was mostly about stage costumes.

It was not a reference to his everyday clothes.

Eventually, I changed the search word.


[Search > Male idols’ clothes]


In the era of hundreds and thousands of idols, a huge amount of data was poured out.

I stood in front of the mirror wearing something roughly similar to the one in the closet.




It’s an unrealistically handsome face.

If others want to fix it like this, it’s going to be hard and it’s not worth it.

It’s a face that you have seen a lot nowadays, but he’s still too handsome.

A handsome man with long horizontal, thick, neat eyebrows that made him look mentally strong.


‘For a face to have that kind of impression… Even though he was mentally weak, too weak.’


I would see that face a lot in the future, but I wasn’t used to seeing it head-on, I ended up unable to open my eyes right away.


‘But I have to get used to it.

It’s ‘my’ face now.’


Finally, with firm determination, I looked up.

But it was so embarrassing.

How can you not succeed as a celebrity when you’re so handsome


At first glance, I felt stupid looking at myself in the mirror and sweating.

Since I started browsing, I thought it would be good to know some rough information about Cheon Yise.

I put some clothes together in my head, changed the search word, and pressed the search button.


[Search > Cheon Yise]


[“Idol Star”]

Group: Climax (main dancer)

Agency: WePlanet Entertainment



Other than that…

There were only a few magazines and showcase photos that seemed to have been released by a third-rate entertainment media with viruses.

Even when I went into the analysis results showing the amount of real-time buzz, I couldn’t find anyone mentioning it.

How many people here are middle or high school students


[Real-time search results ]


[Anonymous: Do you know the cut from last year’s fan signing event]

[Anonymous: If they win the lottery, it’s 100% confirmed.

Last time, 200 people were picked and only 80 people came]


Fan signing event… Cut… I don’t know what this means.

But it was understandable that in a lottery event where 200 persons were selected, only 80 people applied.

In short, Cheon Yise was a failed idol among failed idols that could not be saved even with capital wealth.


‘This guy… If he didn’t succeed as an idol, wouldn’t it be better to use him as a supporting role in a movie’


I searched more about Climax with a soulless tsk.

The dance group Climax, where Cheon Yise debuted five years ago at the age of 19, was a group run by an old friend of the chairman of the Cheonsu group.


[Center of the debut single:  Cheon Yise]

[ Center of second digital single: Cheon Yise]

[Center of the third digital single: Cheon Yise]

[Center of the first full album: Cheon Yise]

[Center of the fourth digital single: Cheon Yise]


I don’t know how important the center position is because I don’t know about idols well.

In addition, videos, pictorials, and press releases were all plastered around Cheon Yise.

I could see at once why Climax was a mess without having to search it a few more times.


‘Isn’t this a group made to complete Cheon Yise, by Cheon Yise, for Cheon Yise’


Even if it was a company operated with the wealth of the Cheonsu group, they went too far.

Does it make sense to make a group for the sake of supporting the Chairman’s son

Even an outsider could expect that favoring one person in public would not help the team’s activities.

Nevertheless, it must have been purely due to the wealth of the Cheonsu group that they had not disbanded yet.



‘Hmm… what should I do about this’


I called the System after some consideration.


“System, come on out.



[I’m listening.

Go ahead!]


Wang-! Posil wagged his tail excitedly upon being called.


‘Are you lonely…’


I asked calmly.


“Cheon Yise’s wish wasn’t always to be successful as an idol, right”


Then, the status window vibrated and shook without any text.

Posil suddenly turned around in a very anxious manner.


“What What’s wrong”


[Having a moment of adjustment.

Hold on a minute, please.]


I felt an unknown ominous feeling and recoiled away from the status window.


My tearful attempt was unfortunately wasted as the status window crept along with me.


“What do you mean, adjustment”


I folded my arms and glared at the status window with a suspicious look.


[Adjustment completed.

Now playing ]




The surrounding area was colored black and white just like when the tip video was purchased, and a faint BGM came out from somewhere.


‘What’s with this atmosphere’


Creating a sad atmosphere on purpose, a strange piano sound rang in my ears.

At the same time, a boy surrounded by friends appeared in front of me.


“Yise, buy me tteokkochi.”


He must be in the first grade of elementary school, a small boy who was just over one meter tall.

It was Cheon Yise’s childhood.


“I want to eat hot bar.”


Children who seemed to be the same age were talking to Cheon Yise one by one about what they wanted to eat.

Little Cheon Yise shook his head with a troubled look.


“I, I have to go to the Academy today! I’m running out o-of time!”


When Cheon Yise, who stammered timidly, finally refused, the tallest of his friends laughed and answered.


“If you don’t have time, you can just pay us and go.”


Not a single one of those sordid-looking guys next to him helped.


“Right, you said you have a lot of money at home, can’t you buy food for your friends”


Those brazen attitudes made it clear that this had happened more than once.

I clicked my tongue and suppressed myself from hitting them, even though I couldn’t reach them anyway.

Hitting a child isn’t very adult-like.


“Y-you can’t! I have to go to the Academy now, I’m leaving!”


Cheon Yise tried to escape from the crowd. Uuu, kids in the yellow frame blocked the small-sized Cheon Yise.


“But I ha-have to go.”


It was a human barricade made of low-grade elementary school students who were about the same height.

However, young Cheon Yise had no power to shake them off and get out.

It was only after the attendant discovered Cheon Yise that the children booed and dispersed one by one.


“Young Master, are you okay”


Young Cheon Yise bit his lips and began to shed tears filled with sorrow.

Just like in the last video, Posil was guarding a corner without me knowing.

Kkiing, I cried as if to console young Cheon Yise, but it didn’t seem to be conveyed.



“They keep ignoring me because I, I am small and not good at anything….”


The attendant stroked Cheon Yise’s head in the back seat and whispered with relief.


“Well, they’re bad friends.

Why don’t you make your own talent so that your friends can’t ignore you It would be a good idea to copy the person Young Master think is cool.”


He probably wouldn’t even remember what he said.

That seemed to be a heart-touching advice for Cheon Yise.

From that day on, Cheon Yise began to diligently copy the dances of dance singers on TV.

The little boy, who wasn’t even 10 years old yet and dancing to a music video on a monitor in a brilliant room, made me feel weird.


‘You worked hard even at such a young age… What was I doing when I was ten’


When I was in my prime of elementary school age, I lived in an old house with a bathroom attached outside.

It was a time when there were no entertainments, let alone computer games placed in front of the local stationery store.

You have to go out to the downtown arcade.

Our neighborhood didn’t even have an arcade because it was a place where people who ran away because they couldn’t pay their debts every night lived.

Although my mother died, my father’s business went well so the family situation improved.

At that time, my father’s remarriage caused trouble with the family, so I could not expect support from them.


‘Then I dropped out of high school and started working as a kitchen assistant…’


As a result, I went straight down that road and succeeded, so I thought it was a new beginning in my life.

However, since I died like this, the new beginning ended with bloodless persecution.


‘Anyway, I’ll put off my sad childhood.’


It didn’t have anything to do with him being so absorbed in dancing…

Soon after, I saw Cheon Yise as a middle school student who didn’t seem to have a brain to study, even though he was applying all his might at home.

I thought he was going to sleep out of exhaustion from the private tutoring that ended after 1 a.m.

While both parents were sleeping, he secretly played a dance video alone in the room and copied it.

Then, there was a scene where he was caught and quarreled with his father, and his head was almost shaved.


‘You like it that much’


While I was watching carelessly, time flew by and I could see Cheon Yise as a high school student.


‘That school must be a good place.’


The school uniform of a private high school, which once was boasted on the news as a school where only rich elites could enter, stood out.

Cheon Yise was performing rough choreography at an audition hall.


‘At the time, what his parents wanted was for him to study hard.’


Soon after, Chairman Cheon’s personal entourage came and took him out of the practice room of a certain agency.


“How can you get into a company that’s rolling under him!”

“Then why don’t you let me debut Why are you interrupting me when I went in on my own”


Did Chairman Cheon think it was better for his son to work under the Cheonsu group rather than under someone else

Since then, he finally got his parents’ consent and joined the debut team.

But Cheon Yise’s struggles didn’t stop there.

The trainees blatantly ostracized Cheon Yise who was suddenly plugged into the team.

At other times, it seemed that Cheon Yise, who begged his mom to do this and that for him, also have pride.

Instead of reaching his parents, he was seen gritting his teeth and swallowing the resentment alone.


‘I thought he was a guy who live with a flower garden inside his head…’


He must have had his own passion and determination.

Cheon Yise also practiced by reducing the amount of time he sleep.

It was very touching to see him concentrating day by day until he reached the level where he could teach other trainees.

However, like other idol trainees, the trainees who became attached in the midst of the bullying left the company over time.

Their positions were replaced by a new debut team member.

And soon, the face of Cheon Yise, who accepted the disastrous result of his debut, appeared.

A new hell was unfolding, which began right after the debut.


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