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Chapter 11

Again, Start

Translated by LyraDhani

Edited by LyraDhani


The system only gives me half a year anyway.


If I don’t succeed as an idol within half a year, I don’t know how the system will cook me…

Anyway, even if I maintain the group longer than that, it’s a waste of time for me.


“I know that we’re slowly reaching the limit.

Let’s do it for another half a year.

I really want to try something different this time.”


Then, unexpectedly, Yejun, who had been talking about going in the opposite direction until a while ago, immediately expressed reluctance.


“Uh… Well, I don’t know if I’ve been struck by lightning all of a sudden, but I’m moved by the determination… Half a year.

You said that after thinking about the contract period, right”


I don’t know.

I’ve never heard of it before.



“I got a call from the Black Bulls label.

Kuh… Well, I have to worry about the military now… I can’t just hold onto things that don’t work.”


That’s undeniable.


This is the test period.

As if it had read my mind correctly, the status window that was invisible to the members appeared small.


[Confirmation of the reason for calculating the test period has been completed]

[Remaining period until the end of the test (contract expiration): 182 days]


Looking at the numbers like this, it feels shorter.

I have to do something during this time.


“I think it’s not bad to be a rapper, not an idol. I was seriously thinking about where to go after the contract period is over.

One last time, doing an album together… It’s okay, considering the feelings we’ve had...”


Seongwon, who had been listening, intervened even before Yejun’s words were over.


“Wow, in front of this bastard, you pretend to be loyal to the group, and then you’re thinking about not renewing the contract“

“Isn’t the one who doesn’t think like that stupid Didn’t you want to go to another agency as soon as your contract is over No, is it that you can’t go because there’s no place who calls you”


Yejun was also not a person who could stand still after getting into a quarrel, so the fight caught fire in an instant.


“Are you done talking”

“No I didn’t, at all.

You sound like you intended to stay, though”


I barely resisted the momentary ‘Stop fighting, scumbags‘ coming out of the bottom of my throat.

It’s because Na Sunwoo was once again stretching out his beasts while everyone’s eyes were focused on the two of them.


“Na Sunwoo, if you try to eat one more snack, I’ll really throw it away.”

“Ugh, I, I’m sorry..”

“All right, everyone, calm down for a second.”


While the three men were out of their minds, Ryu Kyunghwa calmly continued.


“To sum up.

Finally, I’ll try to change my mind just once, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll be on my own side.”


I nodded slowly as a sign of agreement.

I’ll have to check the contract properly as soon as I have time.

I think it’s best to finish it like this now.


“Yes, next time is really the last time, so let’s work really hard this time.”


I don’t know how the company will react to it, but…

The main investment destination is the Cheonsu group anyway, I want to push it in my favor.


“Time to prepare for a single album goes by so quickly.

So stop fighting and do some cooperation.”


Kyunghwa sighed and alternately glared at the two.


“What did I do”


Yejun protested as if it was unfair, but the seeds didn’t work.

Seongwon was holding his arms crossed as if he didn’t want to be with him.


“Then now… The most urgent question is….”


As soon as Seongwon and Yejun’s lip wrestling ended, attention was naturally drawn to the worst problem facing us now.


“Why… Why are you looking at me”


Sunwoo tried to sneak away from the rest of the members with trembling eyes.

But it was quicker for Seongwon to stretch out his long legs to block him.

Sunwoo’s innocent eyes were stained with fear.


“Aren’t I not eating anything right now”


It’s not about eating.

At least this guy.

He’s a little round, but cute, and he needs to level up so that he can be sent on stage without getting ridiculed.


“You’re on a diet from today!”


When I declared to Sunwoo, Yejun unexpectedly cooperated.


“Oh~ I’m going to go work out right away.

Then can I drag him along and let him run”


Why do you ask my permission

There’s no reason to disagree.


“I have to keep an eye on him, so I’ll go with you.”

“Is there really nothing wrong I’m surprised.

Hyung really looks like a different person. To say you’re going to work out with me.”


At that time, I was just going to an ordinary gym and squatting on my back.

Without noticing that Yejun’s expression looked unusually happy.


* * *


“Gasp, gasp! Yejun, how long did I run”


Sunwoo, who was sweating while flying his heavy body on the treadmill, was crying with his eyes closed tightly.


“I’ve only run for 20 minutes now.

I’ll slow you down, so walk fast and sweat more.”


Yejun, who was wearing protective gear and sparring with the director, answered without even looking at Sunwoo.

I couldn’t just sit still, so I got on the treadmill next to Sunwoo.

Although there was an aftereffect of the accident, the condition was not so bad that I couldn’t run normally.


‘It’s really good to be young.’


Rather, when I was “Lim Hyunsung”, I was so much thinner. I ran leisurely at my pace, taking turns watching the two of them.

Yejun, who liked not having to exercise alone, brought us to the boxing arena.

I wondered why he had such a dangerous hobby while making a living with his face.

When I saw him sparring, he was wearing protective gear properly.


‘Your face is precious because it’s the foundation.’


Even though we couldn’t spar with each other, just coming to exercise together like this made Yejun very excited.


“Ngh… It’s so, ha, hard…”


However, considering that he was complaining like that, Sunwoo was running in a form that was not disturbed at all.

Even though he used a lot of leg muscles by jumping rope a while ago.

He just gained weight quickly because he took a break from exercising and ate a lot.

Originally, his body was on the slender side, so it looked like he had some muscle left in that dull fat.


“Don’t cry and run more.

A person doesn’t die easily by running that much.”


I was sweating happily because my body was fresh and young for the first time in a long time.


‘Being rejuvenated, it feels so good that I want to cry.

This body that doesn’t get tired even after running for 30 minutes….’


I hadn’t felt any pain in my back yet.

I watched Sunwoo carefully, speeding up.


“Hiks, o, okay!”


We made Sunwoo run for nearly an hour until Yejun’s sparring was completely over.

It was within three months that he gained weight, so I just wanted him to lose it as quickly as he gained it.


* * *


“Whoa, it feels good to sweat a lot!”


On the way home from an hour-and-a-half workout, Sunwoo kept crying because he wanted to eat dinner quickly. Should I make dinner right away


“I’m hungry….”

“I’ll make you dinner when I get home, so hang in there.”


Sunwoo, who returned after washing in the gym shower room, distorted his face at an unexpected situation.

In the meantime, Kyunghwa had taken away all the snacks that had been scattered all over the house.




“Wh, where are all my snacks”


Sunwoo noticed the change at once and cried, but no one fed him.


“I don’t know, quickly eat your dinner and go to sleep.”


In the meantime, I quickly roasted the cabbage with olive oil and spices.

In the air fryer, soft tofu, which is popular these days, was grilled with oil paste.


“Now, it’s low in calories, so you can eat as much as you want.”


I ate the salad I had for lunch earlier, except for the short pasta, and put it on the table with the dressing changed.

Sunwoo lifted the spoon, crying.


“There’s no meat at all….”

“Chicken breast is also meat.”


Next to him, Yejun, as if speechless, lifted the chicken breast with a fork and put it in his mouth.

It was surprising to see him accepting the salad so docilely, considering that he was at the peak of his life.

Although there were many ups and downs, it was the beginning of mealtime to end the day.


“Whoa, this is so good.

Kyunghwa hyung, hurry up and come and eat it!”


Of course, in the meantime, Seongwon thought it was really like Yejun to ignore him.


“Where’s mine”


Before I knew it, Seongwon who came out of the room asked for his share without blinking.


“What, don’t sit next to me.”


Yejun immediately protested, but Seongwon didn’t care, pulled out an empty chair next to Yejun, and sat down.



“Hurry up and give it to me.”

“Whoa… Look at him ignoring me.”


It’s the same for you, man. I gave Seongwon his share before it escalated into a fight.


“Don’t fight and eat.

Yejun, stop arguing.”

“What did I do wrong!”


Yejun protested, squeezing his lips.

We all ended up eating diet food together, but there was no complaint about the menu because it was delicious.


“I’ll try roasting beef tomorrow.

It’s low in fat and it has lean meat, so it’s not oily.“

“Hyung, are you coming tomorrow”


Because you shouldn’t pick up weird things and eat them again.”

“Oh, I don’t pick up weird things…”


Sunwoo, who was hesitating to answer, continued with a bright smile.


“But I’m glad that I can see you again tomorrow. Make me something delicious tomorrow too, Hyung.”


He’s definitely kind and gentle, but…

In today’s harsh and cold-hearted modern society, ‘kind’ followed by ‘gentle’ could never be called a compliment.

I don’t know if it’s a bad thing.

There’s no choice but to take good care of them.

At that moment, as soon as Sunwoo finished speaking, Seongwon threw a tantrum.


“Stop eating.

Elephants are also vegetarian, do you want to eat the whole thing by yourself”


Sunwoo, who was diligently chewing cabbage, immediately had darkened expression.

But no one cared.


‘It’s a little… It feels a bit like bullying, but…’


Even in a midst of that dog fight, he only thought about eating… He seems like a great man who would run for food, whether he’s bullied or not.

After finishing the meal, Sunwoo said he would move his body even a little and started washing the dishes.

In the meantime, I went out and called Vice Chairman Ahn Junghee.

It was about meeting the members after arriving at the dorm today. I told her that I decided to prepare for my last album.

After hearing my story, Vice Chairman Ahn Junghee carefully brought up the story.


– Then do you want me to find a house nearby so that it’s easier to go to the dorm


The moment I heard that, oh.

I admired it a little.

Why didn’t I think of that The closer the distance, the more I can pay attention to them.

But I don’t think I have to find a separate house.


“No, there are a lot of rooms left in the dorm, so I think I can go in and live here.”

– Oh my, is that okay You said sharing a room with the members is uncomfortable.

“Because this is the last time.

I want to do my best not to regret it.”

– Yes, then do as you please.

I’m glad that my son is getting along well with the members for the first time in a while.

If you need anything else, ask Mom.


This person certainly thinks positively when it comes to Cheon Yise.

After talking about the members, I didn’t have anything else to continue


‘Did you eat well’


All-round Koreans greetings. After asking about meals, we continued the conversation moderately and then ended the call.

Suddenly I felt strange.

To take for granted a parent who generously pours out support, cheers, and loves…


“What kind of feeling is it”


As my thoughts were digging into my head, I opened the front door and went inside again.

As soon as I entered the living room, I saw Sunwoo wandering around looking for snacks.


“I think I’d better stay here for the rest of the six months.”


The dorm is quite large for five people.

I guess it was prepared to accommodate all seven of us who were originally debut members.

Sunwoo asked, blinking his eyes.


“Huh… Hyung is going to live here, too”


If we live together, there is a higher chance that I will be treated as suspicious again, but…

I was an old man who only knew that idols were ‘dancing while singing’.

I thought I would be able to adjust to the atmosphere if I watched what the kids were doing from side to side.


‘That’s natural. Until now, I only know how to pass by and watch other people’s stages.

I never have imagined I would do it as well.’


“Yeah, I’m going to pick up my luggage for a while.

We only have half a year left, so I thought it would be better to live together as a team.”


The main purpose is to watch the others get along so I could benchmark.


“Ye, yeah! It’s kind of unexpected, but… You said you had a lot on your mind, too, Hyung…”


I strode to Sunwoo’s room alone. On the other side of the bed that Sunwoo did not use, the first and second floors were empty.


“Is this the bed that’s left”


I asked, staring at the mattress stacked with clothes and stuff, without a single step.


“Yes, you’re going to use it there”


Please clean it up by tomorrow.”


Then Sunwoo crept up and started to pack his clothes one by one.

Since when has it been piled up… There were also a lot of clothes that didn’t seem to fit the current round body.


“There are some things that aren’t mine, so I’ll ask the other members to clean them up.”


It was then that I remembered that this guy was just a young chick who had just turned 20.

The rest of them were younger than Cheon Yise or about the same age.

It’s like a twenty-one-year-old is giving a sentence to a twenty-two-year-old.

They are all young people who would be the same age as my children if I got married in my early 20s.

I turned the suspicious circuit around, conscious of Sunwoo staring at me constantly.


‘This guy… He seems to be watching me too much…’


“Yeah, I’ll talk to the next room for a while, so you don’t have to tell them.”


With Sunwoo’s constant anxious gaze, I strode to the bed.

No way.


“Ugh, n, no!”


As soon as Sunwoo screamed, I realized that my intuition was just right.


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