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The Price of Rejuvenation is to Become an Idol

Translated by LyraDhani

Edited by LyraDhani


When I woke up, I was in some strange space. 

The whole area was filled with blue light.

There was no place to step on, but it wasn’t affected by gravity and I floated in the air.

I didn’t understand what the hell this was about.

When I looked around, a translucent window popped in front of me


“What is this…”


[Will you accept the special quest]



I am not dead This place was too strange to be the afterlife.

I doubted my eyes that couldn’t see anything.

Then I noticed a small puppy sitting under the status window.

A dense coat of hair, fine white ears, short legs, and a pointed snout.

It was a Welsh Corgi that you could only see on TV.


“What’s a special quest”


Then the puppy replied as if it was waiting for me to speak.


As soon as the puppy barked – there was no sound.- The message window got bigger like a handwritten poster, and a huge amount of text poured out.


[Special quest: Idol, Cheon Yise]

[CEO of Joyoung Food and a successful restaurant owner, you were killed by your family without a drop of blood]


It’s not a dream or a lie.

I’m really dead.


I wanted to deny it, but it wouldn’t make any difference.

I nodded my head.


[At this rate, all your wealth will be delivered to them through your biological father]

[Here is another young man who is about to die]


A beautiful man appeared on one side of the screen.

I think I’ve seen him somewhere…

Seeing that his name didn’t come to mind right away, he didn’t seem to be an acquaintance.


[Cheon Yise, an unknown idol who debuted 5 years ago, attempted to commit suicide at home, at the crossroads of life and death]

“What that does have to do with me”


Idol… It’s not even a girl group.

He had nothing to do with me, a man in his mid-40s.


[Read the entire text, then ask questions]




The puppy was glaring at me from the screen.

I hated animals that showed their teeth to humans.

However, unlike its expression, it did not seem to be really angry as its tail shook gently.

I clicked my tongue and scrolled down.


“Let’s see…”


As I scrolled down a little more, the life of a character named Cheon Yise was recorded.

Cheon Yise debuted as the main dancer of a boy idol group.

He was the so-called crazy member who had never been on the top 100 of the music charts.

Their highest-ranked song was the debut single, and since then, the new group lost its freshness.

To make matters worse, he was seriously injured in a car accident.

Fortunately, it didn’t affect his daily life, but…

His body could no longer perform acrobatic violent movements. 

The problem started there.

He couldn’t perform vocal ambiguity, entertainment ambiguity, and intense choreography, so there was nowhere his body could be used right away.

Cheon Yise, whose biggest weapon was dancing, was not confident to go back on stage.


‘You didn’t manage to get kicked out.’


Cheon Yise was informed by the head of his agency that he would be allowed to rest from group activities.

It was because the agency was operated with ‘Cheonsu Group’ as the center, where his father was the head.

Otherwise, he would have talked about leaving the group right away.

Being an idol who didn’t make it was so miserable.

But even the consideration was like the horse that gave you a break until you recovered… If you have a long break, you’ll be kicked out.

At first glance, there were no goals other than being an ‘Idol’ in Cheon Yise’s life.

Losing your life goal at a young age, it would have been hard.

I nodded and scrolled down.


[Our Human Happiness Praying System will make Lim Hyunsung’s ‘wish’ come true through Cheon Yise’s ‘wish’]


[Client: Cheon Yise]

[Wish: Success as an idol]


[Client: Lim Hyunsung]

[Wish: Revenge to the fake family]


[If you complete the special quest successfully, we will give you a chance to realize your wish!]


What nonsense is this


With a light bark, the dog sent a congratulatory message with its eyes.


What does this mean


“Chance Will you revive me”


[Resurrection is difficult due to the limitation of causality]


“Then how will you let me get revenge”


[ Once you become Cheon Yise and fulfill his wish, a linked quest will be held for Lim Hyunsung’s wish!]


I doubted my eyes as I read the message.


“So… If I become Cheon Yise and succeed as a celebrity, you’ll give me a chance to get revenge”


[Ding ♪ Dong ♪ Dang ♪ You understand it perfectly!]


What kind of ding dong is that I sighed at the totally incomprehensible situation.

There was nothing to lose just by listening to it.

But my 20th-year franchise representative’s sentiment was speaking.


“I don’t think you’re giving me this opportunity for nothing.

What the hell are you…”


[10 minutes until the quest is forced to proceed]


Even before I finished speaking, a status window appeared and blocked my eyes.


“10 minutes”

[9… 8… 7…]


“Huh What’s with this forced quest Why did I believe you in the first place…!”


At that moment the numbers jumped over.


[3… 2…]


“Why aren’t you counting 6 to 4 You fraud!”



[Thank you for accepting the request.

Our Human Happiness Praying System appreciates your effort in the future and we will do our best to make a more satisfying quest]


“Who said yes, you crazy…!”


Before I could resist, the surroundings began to darken.

I closed my eyes as I felt my consciousness slipping away.




The puppy was barking cheerfully somewhere.


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