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Chapter 199: The Embarrassed Yi Qinglan!

Yi Qinglan looked at Li Ran with a trace of embarrassment.

Sure enough, this little thief was even more shameless than she had imagined.

She had only just left the sect for a while, yet he was sleeping with her disciple!

And he even asked about such a private matter…

“What’s in this guy’s head Why did he see this poor Daoist in the Heart Demon Illusion Realm”

Yi Qinglan gritted her teeth.

If Langyue found out about this, she wouldn’t have the face to see anyone even with her calm personality.

She looked at Li Ran with a bone-chilling cold voice.

“This poor Daoist admits that you have indeed shown kindness to the Tianshu Institute, but this isn’t your ticket to act recklessly!”

“Langyue is this poor Daoist’s disciple and also the Chief Disciple of Tianshu Institute.

She is different from those ordinary women.

You can’t touch her at will!”

Li Ran furrowed his brows, his eyes slightly displeased.

Just as he was about to speak, Lin Langyue said, “Master, you can’t blame Sheng Zi Li for this.”

Yi Qinglan frowned, “You’re still protecting him”

Lin Langyue whispered, “I’m telling the truth.

Master Li didn’t touch me.

I took the initiative to sleep beside him.

“If you want to punish someone, then punish this disciple.”

Yi Qinglan’s chest rose and fell.

Over the years, Lin Langyue had respected her and never questioned her words.

And now, she was talking back to her for a man

This made her feel very bad.

It was as if she had carefully nurtured the cabbage and it ended up being taken over by a wild boar.

“Defiant disciple, do you really think that I wouldn’t dare to punish you” Yi Qinglan said coldly, “Do you remember the sixth rule of Tianshu Institute”

Lin Langyue lowered her head.

“I remember.”


“If it weren’t during special circumstances, you cannot stay in the same room with a man.

Even if you stay in the same room, you must be more than one meter apart.

You mustn’t act out of line.”

Li Ran was speechless.


What the f*ck, there’s such a crazy sect rule

Was this the Tianshu Institute or a nunnery

Yi Qinglan replied, “Back in the Grand Myriad Mountains, you had no choice but to share a room.

I won’t argue with you.

“But this time, you violated the rules of the sect and should be punished.

Are you convinced”

Her voice was indifferent, and her attitude was very strong.

Lin Langyue didn’t explain.

“I’m convinced.”

“Okay.” Yi Qinglan nodded.” This poor Daoist will punish you… Oh!”

Her voice came to a sudden stop.

She had a strange expression and her body was trembling slightly.

Lin Langyue was puzzled.

“Master, what’s wrong”

“This poor Daoist…”

Her body trembled even more violently as she glared at Li Ran with anger and embarrassment in her eyes.

This kind of throbbing from the depths of her soul could easily destroy her defensive line every time.

“Shameless little thief!” Being teased like this in front of her disciple, this made her ashamed and indignant.

The white robe fluttered slightly.

Just as it was about to teach Li Ran a lesson, her heart suddenly jumped and the condensed nature essence dispersed.

It was as if there was a force blocking her way.

“This damn A-list marriage!” Yi Qinglan had never been so sullen.

Lin Langyue was confused.

Master has always dealt with things indifferently.

Why is her emotions fluctuating so much It was as if she’s trying to suppress something.

“Master, what’s wrong” She stood up and walked towards Yi Qinglan.

Seeing her approach, Yi Qinglan was a little nervous.

Seeing that she was about to touch her, she couldn’t help but cry out in surprise.

“Li Ran, that’s enough!”

Li Ran’s left hand that was scratching his wrist stopped.

“Daoist Yi called me”

Yi Qinglan gritted her teeth.

“What do you want”

Li Ran shrugged.

“Chief Lin is only here to care about me.

Daoist Yi’s reaction is too extreme.”

“Care” Yi Qinglan looked at Lin Langyue who wasn’t even wearing a coat and shook her head.

“I’m worried about your injuries.

Why don’t I sleep with you”

“Master!” Lin Langyue covered his face shyly.

Li Ran cleared his throat and said seriously, “I don’t have the guts to sleep alone.

Chief Lin was unselfish.

In order for me to have a good rest, she did not hesitate to sleep with me… How could Daoist Yi punish her for such noble sentiments”

“Sleep with you What the hell was this…”

Lin Langyue couldn’t wait to find a hole in the ground.

Yi Qinglan was silent for a while before nodding.

“So that’s how it is.

You’re right.

This poor Daoist is impulsive.””

“Ah” Lin Langyue was at a loss.

Yi Qinglan said calmly, “Langyue, you can go out first.

I have something to talk to him about.”

“Oh, okay!” Her intuition told her that these two people were a little strange, but she couldn’t tell the details.

She had no choice but to stand up and turn around to walk out.

The door closed.

The room became quiet.

Yi Qinglan looked at him silently.

Her black and white eyes seemed to be able to see through people’s hearts.

Li Ran calmly looked at her.

“What does Daoist Yi want to talk to me about”

Yi Qinglan said, “When Master Li was in the treasury, he personally promised this poor Daoist that he would not casually open the Red Line.

Do you still remember this”

Li Ran nodded.

“I remember.”

Yi Qinglan frowned and said, “Then why have you repeatedly broken your promise Could it be that you want to make a fool of me”

Li Ran shook his head.

“I opened the Red Line for a reason.”

Yi Qinglan’s frown deepened.

“What’s the reason”

“Chief Lin is only concerned about my injuries,” said Li Ran.

“Although she slept by my side, we didn’t do anything.

Why should Daoist Yi punish her”

“This poor Daoist needs to explain to you how he punished her disciple”

Yi Qinglan said coldly, “Besides, it’s against the rules of Tianshu Institute to lie on the same bed with a man!”

Li Ran smiled and said, “You and I are connected by the red line, so you broke the rules, righ Shouldn’t Daoist Yi punish herself first”

“You!” Yi Qinglan was extremely angry.

She clenched her fists tightly, her chest rising and falling violently.

This person was always able to disturb her mood with just a few words.

“Forget it.

This poor Daoist is too busy to argue with you.” Yi Qinglan stood up and walked out.

She stopped halfway and said with her back to him, “By the way, have you ever offended Chen Yundao”

“Chen Yundao” Li Ran was stunned for a moment and thought for a moment before saying, “I beat up the Sheng Zi and Elder of the Supreme Dao Palace in Central City.”

Yi Qinglan looked helpless and said, “Try to stay away from the Supreme Dao Palace.

That guy, Chen Yundao… is not to be trifled with.”

She whispered, “This poor Daoist has suffered so much.

Don’t die so easily!”

After saying that, her body turned into a stream of light and disappeared.

Looking at her disappearing figure, Li Ran muttered in a low voice, “She’s obviously cute, and her figure is so sexy, but her personality is as cold as ice…”

Before he could finish her sentence, her shy voice was heard in the air.

“Shut up!”

Li Ran didn’t know what to say.



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