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My Dhampir system DAILY TASKS HAS BEEN ISSUED.(Re-uploading)

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Scarlet city.

Siren wailed in the distance...

Within an ordinary rented apartment in an urban district, oliver reached home, checking his bracelet, he found out he has missed calls from his class group chat, they were having a night party.

Surprised why are they calling all of sudden, so unusual he thought thinking it was nothing.

He studied the system for a while learn few things like stats and attributes been connected in sense that stats determines you attributes just like yin and yang.

After studying for a while he went to bed. he sat down wondering about todays incidents it was all like a dream to him .

I have a system now he thought,

Things should be better now...payne!, wait till i get stronger Ill make you pay.

[ Look at you full of confidence, despite been weak..wonders shall never end] an AI like voice sounded in his head.

Oliver "You..."


In another party of the city.

Third year students from Beverly hills high, were having fun sipping drinks as they sat in group, chatting away.

"Has, anyone seen Oliver?" Lydia a girl with bright brown hair, a fair face in pink tight fitted gown asked around.

"Is it that shrinky dude?" a short boy in green jacket asked.


"Nah, not seen him" he shook his head facing his drink.

"Maybe hes too embarrassed to show up" someone suggested.

Another laughed and said...

"Called him several times...no reply, hes probably dead"

"Yeah, maybe a rabid rat killed him"



"true" Different student voice out their opinions, the girl ignored them all and walked away as the group continued their chitty chat.

"It good he isn here" Payne voiced out "It saves us less trouble"

"Yeah our class is better off with out him" most of them agreed.

"But no matter what hes still one of us, even though hes weak" Their class monitor koob, a grey haired teen pinpointed.

"Yeah, you shouldn say that?, he can be really busy"

Several people voiced their opinion, Payne smiled "No hes not, hes truly dead and gone for good"

"What makes you say that?, why

e you so sure" koob asked.

"Cause someone kill him" Payne voiced out getting up with a frown on his face.


Payne narrated a whole new lie of how Oliver was kidnapped and brought to blind jungle, where he was murdered ending with if they had seen he would be dead now. He finished his story almost whimpering, he sat down back with his gangs patting him on the back.

" It ok man "


"I told you to die didn i?" Payne said slamming his fist on Olivers face, who was on the floor bleeding, Payne dragged on the floor like a prisoner, sitting on his chest, he began to strangle oliver. "I told you died already, die! die! die! " He yelled adding more strength to his finger "Die!!!"

"Nooooo" oliver screamed out of his dreams jumping out of bed he clutched his neck...breathing heavily.

Seeing he was fine, he sigh in relief...he slept back not dreaming again.

The next day, Oliver stood up from bed as his eyes flutter open.

*Ding*[ SURPRISE ]

[ Daily tasks has been issued ]

[[ Daily tasks ]]

[ Run 60km in 60 minutes ]

[ Lift 30 pounds ]

[[Reward]] [[Punishment]]

So this is the suprise?, thought it will be better than this...

[Try it out first]

Seeing the quest Oliver decided to ignore school for today, since they don teach him anything he needed currently.

He walked into the bathroom taking his bath and he went to the mirror staring at his face, he noticed he has grown a bit handsome and masculine overnight. He was curious about what hell look like when he transform as he decided to try it.

Partial transformation

[ Partial transformation ]

[ -50 Ep ]

He watched himself as he began to transform ; his eyes turned bright yellow, his teeth began elongate turning to fangs, his fingers and toes nails grew longer his ears also grew like that of elfs and his skin turned pale.

So this is what I really look like he began to wonder in amazement.


In a big standard local gym a boy could be seen drenched in sweat breathing heavily, it was Oliver he got to the gym as early as possible avoiding everyone as he started his daily task secretly.

[[ Daily tasks 2/2 ]]

[ Run 60km in 60 minutes ]

[ Lift 3 pounds ]


[ 50 exp]

[ 5 attribute pts]

[ 10 Mp (Magic points: ses it is use for increasing levels 1 pts per level) ]

[ You have successfully levelled up ]

System interface he thought as a screen appear in his line of sight.

[ Host: Oliver Twist ]

[ Race: Dhampir _ Halfling]

[ Age: 16 ]

[ Level: 2 ]

[ Class: ??? ]

[ Exp: 100/250 ]

[ Hp: 100/100 ]

[ Energy: 100/100 ]

[[ Stats ]]

[ Strength: 10 ]

[ Agility: 10 ]

[ Endurance: 10 ]

[ Charm: 10 ]

[ Speed: 10 ]

[ Perception: 10 ]

[Mp: 10]


[ Mesmerize: level 1]

[ Regeneration: level 1]

[ Scent tracking: level 1 ]

[ Special analysis - level 1 ]

[Attribute points: 15]

[[ Attributes ]]

[ Partial transformation: level 1]

[ Glowing green eyes ]

[ Sharp Claws ]

[ Fangs ]

[ Super hearing ]

[ Super human strength ]

[ Remark: Weakling.]

[Other features will unlock after few actions and quest are taken by the host ]

Add put the rest on speed

[[ Stats ]]

[ Strength: 12 ]

[ Agility: 12 ]

[ Endurance: 13 ]

[ Charm: 10 ]

[ Speed: 15 ]

[ Perception: 10 ]

Scrutinizing them all until ... Until a someone knocked on the gyms door. "This is pizza delivery..."

Thanks goodness he walked outside opening the front door it was I, exchanging his details, he collected the pizza and sat on a bench... wolfing down the pizza in one bite. "Why does it feel like Im still farmished"

* buzz his watch rang, his face went black

{ Debit alert : $15 Godly palace pizza }

{ Account balance: $30 }

" This is pure badluck im growing broke...what do I do?" he thought Oliver still had lots of bills to pay: his rents, his academy fee... because after his final year hell have to go to an academy not just any academy its the EMBA (Earth Mixed blood academy) a small body on earth with only three headquarters all over the world created by UMBO ( Universal Mixed blood Organization) which was founded by Daniel culosso the saviour and the hero for humanity. Although it was owned and controlled here on earth but the headquarter is located in a distant planet, planet thriti. The EMBA academy is an academy for creating and forging new bloods into warriors open all so far you

e a citizen of earth either ability users or no ability users all are welcome as far as you meet their requirements...but their requirements defers from normal humans to mixblooded humans i.e. Mixblooded test requirements are different from normal humans requirements.

Still in lost in deep thought, he decided to search online for vacancies.

he saw different offers that didn interest him as he keep searching for hours until he found a restaurant that offered him what he likes...[ Hunting and sell rank E to D class beasts bodies offer. Call: 013-3578-321 for more details.]

He decided to contact them as they negotiated and they agree to partner up with him they gave him a list of schedules for a month.

Time to try things out... he thought putting on his hoodie he boarded a canary bus ( A flying bus ) back in to the blind jungle .

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