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Chapter 1401: Evolving into a Demongod

Devour Ram Demongod opened his mouth and breathed in, and terrible devour force shrouded the Intermediate Demongods and Lesser Demongods.

When the Intermediate Demongods and Lesser Demongods flew to in front of him one by one, Devour Ram Demongod grabbed them and absorbed their origin force.

Intermediate Demongods, Lesser Demongods, corpse servants, and other extraordinary existences of the Demongod cemetery flew to Devour Ram Demongod, and then turned into dust.

As she watched Devour Ram Demongod, Moongod Temples temple master couldnt stop trembling, “So strong! He actually evolved directly into a Greater Demongod! He was just an Intermediate Demongod before! How can there exist such a formidable being He was even able to kill an ancient fiend such as Dragon Extinction Demongod!”

After devouring a large number of Demongods, Devour Ram Demongod pointed at the level-4 stronghold with a hand.

Vast Demongod force flowed into the level-4 stronghold in the back.

The level-4 strongholds core transformed, fused with various metals, and began to evolve wildly.

In the end, it promoted to a level-5 stronghold.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose into a smile, an enigmatic glimmer in his eyes, “Its a shame, but the resources are insufficient.

I need more resources for it to advance to a level-6 stronghold.

Whether its Devour Ram Demongod, Yang Feng himself, or the xizu stronghold, they all need massive amounts of resources to evolve.

The Demongod Battlefield is a battlefield where Demongod have fought with each other and is full of dangers.

But at the same time, it is replete with resources.

It is a great place for Yang Feng to advance.

Moongod Temples temple master asked respectfully, “Sir Ye Cheng, I already brought you to the Demongod cemetery.

Can I go now”

Yang Feng took a deep look at Moongod Temples temple master and answered with a light smile, “You saw my secret, yet you still want to go”

Devour Ram Demongod opened his mouth and breathed in, and a tremendous amount of energies drifting in the world rushed into his body.

He pointed at Yang Feng and channeled pure force into Yang Fengs body.

Mysterious Demongod patterns appeared inside Yang Fengs body one after another.

Within one breath of time, he evolved into a Lesser Demongod.

Mysterious Demongod patterns appeared on Yang Fengs body, prompting him to emanate an abstruse and frightening aura.

“Demongod! A mortal has evolved into a Demongod! How is this possible How is this possible”

When Moongod Temples temple master saw Yang Feng soar and advance to a Demongod, her pretty face turned pale and her beautiful eyes filled with horror.

In this world, some top Apostles of royal families and aristocratic families can contend against some Intermediate Demongods and Lesser Demongods by relying on Demongod weapons granted by Greater Demongods.

However, there has never been an instance when a mortal Apostle evolved into a Demongod.

Demongods are high aloft.

No matter how powerful mortals are, they must remain humble in front of them.

This is an inviolable rule of the world.

But Yang Feng surprisingly evolved from a mortal to a Demongod.

This is simply inconceivable.

Yang Feng uttered with a faint smile, “It wasnt difficult at all! I was long since able to advance to a Demongod.

However, since I wanted to have a perfect advancement, I needed to comprehend the laws of the universe.

Otherwise, if there were errors in advancement, I would need to spend more resources to make up for them.”

As an Eternal Sovereign, Yang Feng has vast knowledge and experience.

With the means of the world of Warlocks, he could use strange methods such as bloodline transplantation or reincarnation into someone elses body to soar and advance to a Demongod.

However, once Yang Feng advanced to a Demongod by such a method, it would not only consume a lot of resources, but it would also be very troublesome for him to start over once he embarked on the wrong path.

Furthermore, if he made a misstep, he would attract the hostility of this universes universe will.

The beautiful eyes of Moongod Temples temple master flashed with shock, “Advancing to a Demongod wasnt difficult Is there actually such a genius in this world”

“Youre pretty good.

I think quite highly of you.

Serve me from today on!”

Yang Feng stretched out his hand and pressed on the shoulder of Moongod Temples temple master, and tremendous Demongod force entered her body and eroded the Demongod force that was already inside her.

Although Moongod Temples temple master is the fifth strongest powerhouse in Southern Province.

But in front of Yang Feng, she couldnt fight back at all.

The Demongod force inside her was continuously eroded and transformed into Yang Fengs Demongod force.

All of a sudden, mysterious runes appeared on the body of Moonlight Temples temple master, and moonlight converged outside her body and formed a tall and dashing man radiating a wicked aura.

“She is my Apostle, an Apostle that I favor, too boot.

For you to try erode her, do you want to be an enemy of I, Moonlight Demongod”

Moonlight Demongods eyes glimmered.

He took a deep look at Yang Feng, and his eyes flashed with intense killing intent.

“Moonlight Demongod! To appear here, youre courting death! Kill him!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and ordered decisively.

Devour Ram Demongod lunged and bit Moonlight Demongods projection.

Moonlight Demongods projection collapsed in an instant.

Although he was a Greater Demongod and his projection possessed Intermediate Demongod realm strength.

But compared to Devour Ram Demongod, his projection was a realm lower.

After devouring Moonlight Demongods projection, Devour Ram Demongod launched the law of karma, and, while following an invisible karma thread, bit at Moonlight Demongods true body.

The Realm of Demongods, in a palace made of moonlight, there are beautiful and charming women with extraordinary temperament, dressed in light muslin everywhere.

On a throne in the center of the palace, there sits Moonlight Demongod.

A large mouth bit the chest of Moonlight Demongods true body and frantically devoured his life origin.

“To be able to attack me following my projection! What a terrible monster!”

Moonlight Demongods eyes glimmered with apprehension.

He beckoned with his hand, and tremendous amount of moonlight converged on his hand and formed a moonlight spear.

He stabbed the large mouth, and terrifying moonlight force broke and blew the large mouth apart.

Moonlight Demongods eyes flashed with killing intent: “This is the direction of the Demongod Battlefield! That Demongod is really brave! He actually stole my pet and attack me! Curses!”

Moonlight Demongod spread the fingers of his hand, and two Demongod patterns flew out of his hand, suspended in the void, and formed two mirrors.

One of the mirrors displays endless sunshine and sunfire that threatens to break out of the mirror.

The other mirror displays cold starlight.

A dignified voice came from the mirror containing sunfire, “Moonlight, is something the matter”

Moonlight Demongod uttered slowly, “Older brother Sun, younger sister Star, lend me a hand! Come with me to the Demongod Battlefield to hunt down a Greater Demongod!”

A sweet voice came from the mirror filled with the starlight: “Older brother Moonlight, if its you, it should be easy to hunt down a Greater Demongod.

Whats going on”

Sun Demongod, Moonlight Demongod, and Star Demongod, these three Demongod brothers and sister, are well-known in the Realm of Demongods.

They are each a top-tier Greater Demongod and are far stronger than ordinary Greater Demongods.

Moonlight demongod uttered, a dignified shade in his eyes, “That Demongod was able to directly attack me through my projection! Hes very powerful and ferocious! If we give him time to develop, he will become a terrible catastrophe for the entire Realm of Demongods.”

From the other mirror came Sun Demongods voice full of killing intent, “If that is the case, then lets kill him! We cant give him a chance to rise!”

Star Demongod uttered decisively, “I agree!”

The three Demongods were able to become big shots in the Realm of Demongods because they act very decisively.

They try not to make enemies as much as possible.

But once they make an enemy, they will join forces and kill the other party before they can develop.

In the Demongod Battlefield.

“Greetings, my lord!”

After Yang Fengs Demongod force eroded her body, the beautiful eyes of Moongod Temples temple master glimmered, and she saluted Yang Feng respectfully.

Although she looked calm on the surface.

But in her heart, a storm raged.

Moonlight Demongod is a Greater Demongod, and only legendary Demongod Emperors have the ability to erode his Demongod force.

Yet Yang Feng easily eroded it.

This is simply unbelievable.


Yang Feng nodded and looked around.

A swarm of engineering robots entered the Demongod cemetery and mined all kinds of rare minerals.

There are many powerful Demongods buried in the Demongod cemetery.

Thanks to the pollution of Demongod force and Demongod blood, all kinds of formidable variant alloys appeared everywhere, many of which are core materials that can enable the level-5 stronghold evolve into a level-6 stronghold.

“If I want to become stronger, I can only go to the core area.”

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with the shade of resolve.

With the mechanical legion as the vanguard, he proceeded towards the core area of the Demongod Battlefield.

A few days later, an Intermediate Demongod corpse turned into dust in Yang Fengs hand, and pinnacle Intermediate Demongod realm fluctuations of power diffused from him.

“Incredible! His speed of evolution is incredible! In such a short time, he has already advanced to an Intermediate Demongod! Thats inconceivable!”

Moongod Temples temple master looked at Yang Feng, who is emanating Intermediate Demongod realm fluctuations of power, with horror in her beautiful eyes.

In this universe, more than 90% of Lesser Demongods will never be able to advance to an Intermediate Demongod.

Even if they get lucky and advance to an Intermediate Demongod, they will have to spend thousands of years to achieve that.

Yet Yang Feng evolved into an Intermediate Demongod in just a few days.

This is just outrageous.

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