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Chapter 281 - Same day, same hotel (2)

Edited by: Lulu

“What a cruel way of putting it,” Ning Zhi rebutted.

Shen Shanshan gave her a look of contempt.

“Okay, let me put it in a different way then.

How could you not have made a move on a treasure like Lu Jue yet Oh mi, what a colossal waste.”

“There’s that look of his, and then there’s his body.

Both of which are perfect.

The only drawback is that he has no experience, but that can be taught.” Shen Shanshan only wished she could talk some sense into Ning Zhi.

“You’ve been married for a while already, no And nothing had happened between you two yet I’m impressed.”

Ning Zhi blushed from Shen Shanshan’s tease.

“This has nothing to do with you.”

“Indeed, it has nothing to do with me.

But it still irks me.

It’s so wasteful.

A plate of meat is placed in front of you, almost reaching your mouth, and you still haven’t taken a bite, much less touched it.”

Shen Shanshan rested her chin on her palm.

Her hair, fluttering in the sea breeze, made her look more charming.

“Have you and the little innocent Lu Jue even kissed before What kind of a marriage is this”

Shen Shanshan was truly curious.

Ning Zhi felt uncomfortable with her look.

Her cheeks burning a little, she reached out and pushed away Shen Shanshan’s gossipy face that she had shoved in front of Ning Zhi.

“Sometimes need to be taken slowly.”

Shen Shanshan busted out laughing.

“That’s between lovers.

But you and Lu Jue are a married couple.

There are only three steps really: get in bed, remove clothes, and sleep together.”

Ning Zhi was truly stunned by Shen Shanshan’s bluntness and shamelessness.

She had always thought that she was quite a bad and shameless person herself.

Now someone had topped her.

Shen Shanshan gave Ning Zhi a meaningful look.

“From my experience, I can tell that Lu Jue has a nice waist.

He looks quite capable.”

Ning Zhi couldn't help but understand what Shen Shanshan was saying.

She quickly stopped her from making more shocking speeches.


You can stop talking now.”

Shen Shanshan returned to her spot with her red lips curved.

Looking at Ning Zhi’s red cheeks, she smiled.

Each of them was more innocent and cuter than the last.

Just listening to her was enough to make Ning Zhi’s ears turn red.

She looked forward to when the two innocent cuties got together.

She wondered how earth-shattering that would be.


It was very late by the time they had returned to the hotel.

Someone was bold enough to give Lu Jue some wine.

Wei Xing saw that everyone was drinking.

Since Lu Jue did not deny the drink, he did not stop him.

At that moment in time, Lu Jue’s pitch-black eyes were particularly limpid and bright.

He looked at Ning Zhi quietly and couldn’t be more docile.

Ning Zhi’s heart skipped a beat.

She could tell that Lu Jue was slightly intoxicated.

“What did you guys talk about”

Lu Jue shook his head and said nothing.

“That’s alright.

Your being able to sit with so many people is already a giant step forward.” Ning Zhi reached her hand out and tidied out his messy fringes.

“Good job, Lu Jue.”

He had come so far compared to the beginning.

She remembered the time when he didn’t listen to anyone else.

He only listened to her selectively, and he was unwilling to go anywhere with a crowd.

“Zhizhi likes me.” Lu Jue’s eyes became brighter.

Zhizhi likes me this way.

Ning Zhi placed her hands on his cheeks, stood on her toes, leaned into him, and gave him a gentle peck.

“Yes, likes you.”

She likes him no matter how he is.

A little sun popped out.

Ning Zhi’s eyes were filled with smiles.

Lu Jue’s reaction had always been so fast and honest.

Ning Zhi summoned Overlord.

“How many little suns will it take for the next trip”

Overlord: [Host, you will need 800 little suns for your next trip.]

800 little suns

From her experience, Ning Zhi had expected the number to double from the previous time.

Regardless, Ning Zhi still wanted to yell at Overlord.

“Can you make it sound any easier It isn’t that easy to earn 800 little suns!”

Overload, detecting the anger in Ning Zhi’s voice, quickly fawned: [Thank you for all of your hard work, Host.

You go, Host!] Ning Zhi dismissed him and finally felt happier as she looked at Lu Jue’s pretty face in front of her.


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