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Chapter 30: Get A Picture



The night wind swayed loose pieces of hair on his forehead.


He Zhou stood by the window, and the lights of thousands of homes in the distance reflected in his eyes.


His brows were slightly wrinkled, his face stern, and his slender fingers constantly tapped the window sill as if he was deep in thoughts.


After a long time, he suddenly moved.


He Zhou took out his cell phone, found a number and dialed.


"Help me book a hotel room at Platinum Jade Resort, close to Nanshan Park, with an open-air swimming pool, and—"


A "buzz" sounded, indicating an incoming call.


He Zhou looked down at the phone and raised his eyebrows.


Not answering right away, he said succinctly: "In short, choose the best location for National Day, and you can figure out the rest."


He Zhou was about to hang up, but then thought of something and added, "Make sure it’s a room for two people."


After he finished speaking, He Zhou hang up.


He clicked on the missed call from before, paused his fingers, and called back——






In the room next door.


Ji Yu is concentrating on making plans.


When the doctor told him that his operation could be move forward in advance and asked him to think about it some more, he agreed immediately, without a single thought.


Furthermore, he planned to ask for leave from school tomorrow, and stay home for the rest of the week.


Rather than studying, his number one priority now is to get rid of this annoying mark.


Ji Yu felt that this mark was the same as those slave contracts in ancient times.

Something that symbolizes no freedom, no self, no future, and no resistance.


How very frustrating.


Therefore, the surgery to remove the mark must be completed as fast as possible.


However, before the surgery, he had to plan out some things first.


According to the doctor, Ji Yu would be able to go home in about three to five days after the operation.


However, although the wound is small, the gland is an extremely important part of an Omega’s body, and can have major effects on normal day-to-day functions.

Thus, it is best to have someone take care of the patient during the post-surgery period.


Originally, Ji Yu intended for the nanny and little Yu Zhou to come and accompany him in the hospital.


He had planned it in this way for two reasons:


First, is for someone who understands his living habits to take care of him.


Second, is for little Yu Zhou’s sake.


The doctor had once told him that after the surgery the scent of his pheromone might change a bit, which might affect how little Yu Zhou perceives him.


Thus, by letting little Yu Zhou comes with him into the hospital, the child will be able to slowly familiarize himself with his mother’s new scent and adapt better.


However, after further thoughts, Ji Yu ultimately changed his mind.  


After all, hospitals are filled with many different viruses and diseases, and, while adults may be fine, children should not be expose to such environment often.


Ji Yu carefully thought about it some more, and finally decided to go to this life-changing operation by himself.


Unexpectedly, after being healthy for 18 years, the first time he had a major operation, he didn't even have anyone to accompany him.


“Ah, how tragic.”


But thinking about how his mark will be remove, Ji Yu cheered up again.


The next day, after getting up early and washing up, he called the head teacher and asked for leave in a happy mood.


Luckily, in this world, high school seniors can take a lot of time off.


Due to the Omega’s estrus period, even if an inhibitor is used, it still takes a lot of time to be effective, so many students often ask for leave. 


After hanging up the phone, Ji Yu looked up and saw He Zhou coming downstairs.


He greeted He Zhou in a good mood: "Good morning."


He Zhou nodded: "Woke up so early"


“Yes, ah.”


He Zhou walked to the table and sat down, “You looked like you’re in a good mood.

Is there something good happening today”


Ji Yu didn't say anything about his upcoming surgery.

He grabbed a steamed bun and took a bite: "National Day is this weekend, of course I'm happy."


He Zhou snorted, "And do you have any plans for National Day"


Ji Yu paused: "No."


"Then how about going to Platinum Jade Resort with me"


He Zhou raised his eyes and looked at Ji Yu, his tone and expression is very casual.


"They have swimming parks, hiking trails, and many thrilling activities like skydiving.

During the National Day, they host their own BBQ parties and concerts, which are all pretty good."


Ji Yu: "Just the two of us"


Can’t it be just the two of us


Ji Yu is self-conscious, and I’m intentional.

Isn't just right for the two of us to be together


However, He Zhou thought about Ji Yu's expression, and then changed his mind half-way, "Of course not, I have a few friends who are also going, and they invited me.

Since you are free, you might as well come with me."


Ji Yu nodded, "Let's see when the time comes."


When the time comes, he will definitely agree.


He Zhou was absolutely confident in his mind, "I have something to do these few days, and I have to go home, and I can't accompany you."


Ji Yu: "..." Didn't you come here by yourself Who wants you to accompany me


Ji Yu suppressed the complaints in his heart, "Well, okay.

You are busy with your work, so don’t worry about me.

By the way, I have asked for leave from school today, so you can just go alone.

I have to take Xiao Yu to the hospital for an examination."




After breakfast, He Zhou left, and Ji Yu went upstairs to pack his things for the hospital.


He only brought two sets of clothes, and nothing else.

He’s going to be wearing a hospital gown for most of the time there anyway.

If he needs anything else, he’ll just buy them on the way.


"Sister Chen, I have something to do and I have to go out for the next few days.

You just stay home and watch over little Yu Zhou carefully.

I will video call with you every day."


Ji Yu didn't tell anyone about his operation.

He only said that he was going out on business.


Before leaving home, he hugged little Yu Zhou, and kissed him on the cheek.

After he finished the goodbyes, he stepped out of the house in high spirit.


Needless to say, he’s quite excited.


He was not afraid, not even a little bit frighten.


Thinking that the invisible shackles on his body are about to be broken, he felt a burst of excitement in his heart.


This excitement continued all the way, and reached its peak when Ji Yu arrived at the hospital.


Ji Yu: "Doctor, I’m here!"


The doctor was taken aback.


No way, how could someone be so happy to come to a place like the hospital


The doctor let out low cough, and took out a document from his desk:


"This is your physical examination report.

All the values are sufficient, but there is a tumor with a diameter of one centimeter that was found inside your gestational sac.

It is benign and has no effect on your body.

You need to know about this before the surgery.



Ji Yu nodded, and took the document with both hands: "It's fine if it doesn't affect my health, thank you doctor."


The doctor said again: "Today is your psychological examination.

A nurse will perform it for you, and the results will be reported to me after completion.


Afterward, you will go and register for in-patient admission.

When you get to your room, you can move about freely, but don't sleep too late.

Starting at nine o'clock tonight there will be no food or drink allow in preparation for surgery."


Ji Yu wrote it down carefully and nodded again: "Okay, thank you."


After thanking the doctor, Ji Yu followed the nurse for a psychological evaluation.


The psychological evaluation was mainly conducted through a series of questions and answers.


The nurse asked him more than 20 questions, and once the test was over, the report would be generated on the spot.

Ji Yu only had to wait ten minutes before receiving the results. 


The report shows that Ji Yu had excellent psychological quality and can undergo surgery at any time.


As Ji Yu handed over the report to the doctor, he asked curiously, "If I had failed the evaluation, would I be unable to get the surgery"


"Not necessarily, but it will be a lot more troublesome.

If you fail, we usually suggest another two days of observation."


The doctor roughly explained that gland surgery will directly affect the hormones level in the body.

After the operation, there will be a temporary hormonal imbalance, that usually return to normal in about three days.


However, during this time, if the patient’s mental state is unstable, there will be a high probability of getting depression and other mental illnesses.

In severe cases, shock and other dangerous situations can occur.


Ji Yu smiled, "Then I think I should be fine."


The doctor also nodded with a smile: "I think so too, your operation will go very smoothly."


"Then I will count on your blessing."


That night, Ji Yu went through the hospital admission procedures and changed into a hospital gown.


With one hand resting on the back of his head, and the other hand held up his phone, he was smiling into the video call with the nanny and little Yu Zhou.


"Is little Yu Zhou well-behaved today"


The more spoiled a child is, the more delicate they become.


Ji Yu still remembers when he first met little Yu Zhou, the child didn't cry or make trouble, merely lying alone in the crib, obedient and lovable.


But now this child has completely changed.


His two little hands are always raised high, wanting to be hug the minute he wakes up.

He also like to rubbed his cheeks on others, acting all cute and clingy.




Little Yu Zhou blinked, and his whole face was almost pressed onto the phone’s screen.

He was full of curiosity about the video call.

He didn't understand why his mother was inside this small object, so he touched it with his hands and wanted to bite it with his mouth.


Ji Yu laughed: "Ah, you are so naughty."


Sister Chen also smiled happily: "No way, our Yu Zhou is so good, isn't that right"


As the nanny spoke, she moved the phone far away, and took out a tissue to wipe the drool from the corner of little Yu Zhou’s mouth.


Looking at little Yu Zhou on the phone, Ji Yu felt very relaxed.


Even though the tip of his nose was filled with the smell of disinfectant, and his ears were filled with the intermittent moans of pain from the two other patients in the ward, he still didn't feel any nervousness whatsoever.


Although the prospects of getting hormone imbalance and other mental disorders are quite scary, it's only for three days, so he’s confident that he can bear it.


At this time, the door of the ward was pushed open, and a visitor walked in.


Ji Yu's attention was all on the phone, and he didn't pay attention to the incoming movement.

It wasn’t until the visitor came near his bed that he looked up.


The visitor was young man with a small pamphlet in his hand.


The man froze for a moment, "Ji Yu"


Ji Yu: "..."


Who is this person Why does someone recognizes me every time I go out


Ji Yu thought about it, hung up the video call, and looked straight at the stranger.


"Haha, you don't know me, my name is Xie You, we are from the same school."


As he said that, Xie You handed the pamphlet to Ji Yu, "This is the menu of my family’s restaurant.

If you need it, you can call this number to place an order.

We don’t add any artificial seasoning, so our food is very healthy.

A lot of patients in the hospital usually order from us."


Ji Yu nodded and took it: "Thank you."


"You’re welcome."


Xie You touched his head and asked, "Why are you in here Ah, sorry, I was just asking casually, I don’t mean to pry.

Then I won't bother you anymore, I will continue to deliver food."


Ji Yu waved his hand: "Okay, goodbye."


He didn't take what Xie You said seriously, but looked down at the menu instead.


The menu is folded, and became much longer when it is opened.

It is a complete restaurant menu with food that is all suitable for patients to eat.


Ji Yu saw that the food on the menu was good, at least it was ten times better than the stuff served in the hospital.

Looking at it, he couldn't help thinking about the what he would eat after his surgery. 


Xie You, who was not taken seriously by Ji Yu, took out his mobile phone as soon as he left the ward, and went to the corner to make a call.



In a resplendent and glamorous hotel banquet hall, at one end of a long dining table, two elders were having an enthusiastic conversation.


"You really gave birth to a good son!"


"Hahaha, isn't yours also excellent"


Meanwhile, at the other end of the long table, the two young people who were the subjects of their elders’ conversation, sat quietly in their seats.

They kept their heads lowered, and continue to eat their food.


After a long time, Xie Qi put down his knife and fork, and asked, "Why didn't you come last time"


He lowered his voice so that only He Zhou, who was sitting next to him, could hear.


He Zhou replied, "I had something to do then."


“Hm.” Xie Qi lowered his eyes, pursed his lips, and finally couldn't help asking, "Are you and him...really back together"


He Zhou raised his eyes and glanced up: "Of course."


Xie Qi smiled, and gently scooped the soup in his bowl, "Then why did you come here this time Don't you know what both your father and mine wants"


He Zhou didn't change his face: "As long as you know what I want, it's fine."


Xie Qi was taken aback, not knowing what to say for a while.


Just at this moment, Xie Qi’s phone rang.

Feeling relieved, he quickly stood up, and said with a smile, "I'll go out to answer the phone."


However, as soon as he stepped out into the hallway, the smile on his face completely collapsed.


Xie Qi walked quickly to the window at the corner of the stairs, took a deep breath and answered the phone: "Hello."


"Brother, guess who I just saw at the hospital"


Xie Qi frowned: "Why are you in the hospital"


Xie You: "I wanted to buy a new car, but I was short of half the money.

I asked my dad for it, but he refused to give it to me.

I didn't want get a loan, so I used my savings and opened a restaurant together with Zhou Jing.


Anyway, the restaurant is right next to the hospital, and I often come to help after school.

Business is very good, especially since I have both eloquence and courage—oh, no, let’s not talk about that.

Guess who I saw in the hospital just now "


"How would I know Just tell me." Xie Qi was in a bad mood and had no interest in idle chatter.


"Ji Yu!"


Xie Qi was stunned: "Ji Yu Which Ji Yu"


"Which other Ji Yu is there Just the one you know!"


"What's wrong with him"


"He's been admitted to the hospital.

I saw him just now when I went there to deliver food.

And get this, he’s not sick, he’s there to remove his mark.

The ward he stayed in is specifically for mark-removal.

I know very well..."


By the time he hung up the phone, Xie Qi was so angry that his whole body was shaking.


He looked up at the ceiling, and took deep breaths.

His chest was rising and falling, and his delicate face constantly alternate between white and red.


He wandered back and forth in the hallway, only to feel that his face was slapped several times, completely burning up.


He likes He Zhou so much.


I like him so much that even after knowing about him and Ji Yu, I still can't completely let him go.


I desperately fled abroad to calm my mind, but I still can't let go of my heart.


I always ask my cousin about He Zhou's recent situation from time to time.


Originally, knowing that the Ji Yu and He Zhou broke up, Xie Qi was very happy.

However, due to the way their engagement was terminated, the two families had a terrible falling out, so Xie Qi was too embarrassed to take the initiative to contact He Zhou.


He was hoping that when the relationship between the two families eased, then he would have another chance to see He Zhou again.


He even secretly hoped that He Zhou would take the initiative to contact him.


In the end, when he got a message with a picture of He Zhou carrying Ji Yu, his patience collapsed.

He couldn't hold back any longer and rushed back immediately.


Xie Qi didn’t know what he wanted to do.

He just impulsively bought a plane ticket, notified his family, and came running back.


It’s probably just a little wishful thinking in his heart.


He thought that if Ji Yu, who had once cause great humiliation towards He Zhou and the He Family, could still get back together with He Zhou, then surely the little conflict between himself and He Zhou was nothing to worry about.


Xie Qi is very confident that Ji Yu is not as good as him.


He has the support of his parents, the love of the He family, and the same social standing as He Zhou.


If he stood next to Ji Yu, anyone would immediately be able to see who’s truly superior.


Xie Qi told himself to just be patient and wait.


As a result, what he got was a lie.


He Zhou had lied.


He Zhou would rather lie and said that he was with Ji Yu than to have anything to do with me.


It turned out that He Zhou despised me so much in his heart that he even used lies to reject me.


If it wasn't for my cousin who happened to see Ji Yu going to remove the mark, how long would He Zhou continue to lie to me


Xie Qi smiled mockingly, lowered his head and pressed the phone screen hard.

A text quickly sent:


[If you don't like me, just say it.

Just make it clear to everyone.

It’s unnecessary to lie and cheat.

It's really such a boring style.]


The other side soon sent a reply—




Xie Qi sneered and waited.


He took a deep breath, looked up at the door of the banquet hall not far away, clenched the phone with his fingers, his knuckles were faintly white.


But after waiting for almost ten minutes, no one came out, nor did his phone ring.


Xie Qi pursed his lips in mocking scorn.  


He picked up his mobile phone and dialed Xie You's number.


"Hey, did you take a picture of Ji Yu in the ward"


"No, but there are room numbers and corresponding patient name tags at the service desk."


Xie Qi said in a quiet voice: "Get a picture of him, and then find a chance to spread it online."


He paused, and then added, "Don't make too much of a ruckus.

I don’t care what you do, as long as it reaches He Zhou's ears."









Lyrus: Ayo, Xie Qi, what a self-aware and conscientious tool.

I almost feel a little bad for him. 


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