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Chapter 29: Handstand Shampoo Showdown




The Omegas and Betas still at school had long been ready.


Although Ji Yu didn't tell them the exact time and place, he didn't hide it either.

They could clearly see where he went and what he took.


Not to mention the dozens of Alphas that had gathered in front of the woods, they could all guess what was happening in there. 


It’s just that the Internet and reality were different after all.


On the Internet, they can openly jeer and make all kinds of remarks about the Alphas.

However, in the real world, especially in front of this towering wall of Alphas, their bravery quickly diminished.

No matter how interested they were, they only dared to watch from afar.


But now……


Song Cheng put his hands over his lips like a trumpet, and shouted with great fervor:


"Come on! Come and watch! How can there be no one wanting to watch such an exciting live show Come over to me if you want to watch! Hurry up! Let's watch it together!"


The Omegas and Betas who were hesitating in the distance, looked at each other, and a little bit of light flashed in their eyes.


To go or not to go


This kind of spectacle is truly rare, how can one miss it


But it seems that it is not very good to be on the front end of an Alpha’s wrath.


After all, what if the Alphas decides to take revenge later


The crowd of onlookers stirred and whispered, but no one took the initiative to step up.


Song Cheng rolled his eyes, ran over, grabbed a random Omega's hand, and pulled him in the direction of the woods.


This Omega is also quite interesting.

He screamed twice in horror, but his legs didn't resist at all, and ran very honestly, even a little faster than Song Cheng.


"What are you doing" The Omega asked in very fake tone while running.


Song Cheng: "..."


Brother, why are you playing more than me


However, this was a good start.


The Omegas and Betas who were watching from the back finally no longer hesitated and took a step forward, followed by a large group of people.


Generally speaking, the larger the number of people, the bigger the commotion it will attracts.


As a massive crowd begin to form, more and more people begin to join in.


At some point, the crowd had become so large that the thirty-something Alphas simply can no longer contain it.

No matter how strong they are, they can't stop everyone.

Besides, this is a school, can they really use violence


The Alphas all frowned at the same time, clearly not expecting the situation in front of them.


The leader of the Alphas was also stunned.


The reason why they dared to block the path is because of their absolute trust in their own strength, and knowing that the Omegas and Betas dare not confront them.


Originally, everything has happened as they had planned, and no one dared to come over to watch.


However, as soon as Ji Yu came, the situation immediately reversed.


The Alphas looked at each other, not knowing how to respond.


Ji Yu raised his hand and the crowd suddenly quieted down.


He raised his eyes and looked at the man with glasses: "Stop stalling, let everyone go in together, wash early and finish early.

Once it gets dark, the woods will be full of mosquitoes.

At that time, they will not only have to wash their hair upside down, but also feed the mosquitoes upside down.



Ji Yu smiled lightly, "Besides, do you really think you can stop us"


The man with glasses paused and was about to speak, but suddenly heard a familiar voice not far away—


"Let them in."


Ji Yu looked at the place where the sound came from, with a confused tone: "He Zhou"


The crowd moved aside, and He Zhou's tall figure gradually approached.

He nodded to Ji Yu: "En, it's me."


Ji Yu was stunned: "You also came to do a handstand shampoo"


He hurriedly flipped through the memories in his mind, but found no trace of He Zhou at all, "No, I don't remember you being one of the participants.

Did you come here to watch the show"


He Zhou said helplessly: "Can't I just come to help you"


Ji Yu was taken aback: "You’re here to help me"


He Zhou: "..."


He didn't want to look at Ji Yu anymore, so he turns his head to look at the Alpha wearing glasses.


With a sullen face, and a particularly cold voice, He Zhou spoke, "Don't mess around too much, and let them go in.

If you have something to say, you can do it on your knees."


After that, He Zhou reached out and pushed the shoulder of the man with glasses, immediately breaking open the wall of Alphas.


He walked in first.


No one dared to stop him.


He Zhou took two steps, then turned his head and signaled to Ji Yu: "Still not keeping up"


Ji Yu smiled: "Bro, that was kind of cool."


After speaking, he turned his head and said loudly to the crowd, "Let's go! Let’s watch the show!"


The Alphas' faces were ashen, but they had no choice but to watch as a large wave of people pour into the woods.


When most of the crowd was inside, a female Alphas with a ponytail walked up to the man with glasses and whispered, "Actually, I also really want to watch it, it should be interesting."


Glasses guy: "..."


Another Alpha came up and said, "Then let's go in together.

Anyway, we have done our best as we’ve promised them, but now that He Zhou is here, what else can we do"


Saying that, he walked up and put his arms around the man with glasses, "Brother Chen, let's go and have a look."


The glasses guy called Brother Chen paused and sighed, "Okay."


As soon as he compromised, the other Alphas also lost their composure.


After all, they are still teenagers, and at an age where they like to watch the fun.


They looked at each other, the unpleasantness on their faces had long since disappeared, and begun following Brother Chen into the woods.



Walking about twenty meters in, Ji Yu saw the seventeen Alphas waiting under a tree.


Their expressions are a bit indescribable: a little shocked, as well as feeling aggrieved.


One of them looked at He Zhou in disbelief: "Why are you here"


He Zhou put one hand in his pocket and said in a lazy tone, "Why can't I be here"


"You actually helped an Omega"


He Zhou shrugged: "Yeah."


"..." The man looked at He Zhou and then at Ji Yu.


Okay, understandable.


After all, it’s easy to be blinded by beauty and desires. 1


Ji Yu had no idea that he had become the "beauty" in the eyes of these Alphas, which made He Zhou the one "desired".


After he came over, he looked at the things on the ground and nodded with satisfaction: "Are you all ready You’re quite aware of the situation."


Not only was there a washbasin already laid out on the ground, there were also seventeen blue buckets filled with water, as well as two very large trash cans, one filled with clean water and one empty for dirty water to be dispose in.


In addition, there is the bag of shampoo bottles that Ji Yu brought in the morning, and two transparent hoses extending from the cafeteria.


Ji Yu raised his head and looked at the Alphas in front of him.


"Since you guys are so active and have such a good attitude, then we won't taunt you anymore.

Don’t dawdle, how about we start directly"


Do you still want to make a joke


More than a dozen Alphas looked at each other, and they all knew that this time they would definitely not be able to escape, so they nodded: "Okay, let's start."


Early start, early end.


"How do you want to do the handstand Do you want to lean against a tree, or have someone hold your legs"


"Hold their legs!" A slightly sharp voice sounded in the crowd.


Ji Yu turned around in surprise and saw a raised hand.


A boy squeezed out of the crowd: "I'll hold!"


He looked at Ji Yu with burning eyes, and said again, "I'll hold their legs."


Someone soon followed suit: "I want to hold their legs too.

Don't let them lean on the tree, just hold their legs! Let's hold them!"


"I'm coming too!"


"I can too!"


One of the participating Alpha snorted lightly, his tone was full of ridicule:


"What's the matter with you all Do you really think you can hold on to even one of our legs with that tiny little body of yours What if you can’t hold on and fall down Careful, there are many trees here.

You already have such a low IQ, if you accidentally fall and hit your brain on a tree, it’ll really be over."


Ji Yu looked at the talking Alpha, smiled and said:


"Then two people can do it together, one person hold one leg each.

I think that’s a good idea, so it's settled."


Ji Yu ignored the ugly faces of the Alphas, and waved to the Betas and Omegas who volunteered, "Come here if you want to hold their legs.

Stand next to them, two people per Alpha."


As soon as Ji Yu finished speaking, dozens of people rushed over.


Two by two, they stood beside the participating Alphas, and after a while, all seventeen Alphas were partnered up.


A Beta said: "Can we be responsible for shampooing them as well What if they cheat and squeeze several pumps at once, making the bottle empty faster"


Ji Yu nodded: "That makes sense.

Then let’s have one person be responsible for helping with the shampoo."


The people who didn't manage to grab a spot just now became happy, and quickly stood beside the group of Alphas with a smile and a malicious gaze.


The seventeen Alphas: "......"


Fuck, they all felt like they might be finished here today. 2


Ji Yu raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "Since everything is ready, let's start"


What happened next became a scene that all Omegas and Betas present would never forget for the rest of their lives.

They opened their eyes wide and watched without blinking as the Alphas performed their punishment.


Seventeen Alphas collectively bent down, put their hands on the ground, then their legs were picked up and raised, and finally the whole person was suspended perpendicular to the ground.


Their noble, mighty heads were close to the ground, facing where everyone's feet should be, before sinking again and again into basins filled with water.


The white foam stained their collars and stabbed into their eyes.


Each handsome face gradually turned extremely hideous.


Despite their excellent physique, the long handstand slowly made their face flushed.

Blue veins began swelling on their necks and foreheads, and their expressions became more and more terrifying.


However, even at this point, there were still more than half of the number of shampoo bottles remaining.


It is not difficult to imagine that if all the shampoo bottles were to be used up, these people may really end up in the hospital.


He Zhou walked to Ji Yu and whispered, "Didn't you buy the little packets"


Ji Yu looked at the scene in front of him expressionlessly, and shook his head, "No need to use them."




"They brought this upon themselves."


Ji Yu's original plan was to scare the Alphas with the large shampoo bottles, and then take out the little packets in his backpack for them to use.


There wasn’t an exact number of packets per person, and he would just put them in a pile and let the 17 people work together to use them all up.


But now he had changed his mind.


He wanted to see these Alphas in pain, to hear them beg for mercy, and for them to always remember the experience of being humiliated by an Omega.


Ji Yu raised his voice: "If anyone can't hold on, just say it.

Beg for mercy, and apologize to all the Betas and Omegas present.

If you do, today's live show will come to an end, otherwise, only the hospital awaits—"


"Enough." He Zhou grabbed Ji Yu's wrist.


Ji Yu raised his head and stared back with dark eyes: "What's enough"


"Do you really want something to happen to them" He Zhou looked at Ji Yu seriously.


Ji Yu snorted softly, "As I said, they can just beg for mercy, and I'll let them go immediately."


A nearby Alpha interjected: "But they can’t beg for mercy, it’s part of an Alpha's dignity."


"An Alpha's dignity"


Ji Yu let out a cold laugh, "Why, do you think that Beta and Omega have no dignity then Every time you open your mouth to make fun of us, do you think we can’t get angry"


Another Alpha chimed in: "What he said was the truth."


"What about me Didn't I beat all your Alpha asses this time"


A third Alpha: "You're just an outlier."


Ji Yu’s heart abruptly burst into flames, and he snapped without hesitation: "Shut up!"


"There is no way that just because the physique is different, that you can mock others for their IQs.

Do you really think that the IQ of Betas and Omegas is really inferior to yours"


When it comes to the matter regarding IQ, the first Alpha that spoke seems particularly righteous:


"Isn't it Don't take your one example as everything, smart Omegas like you are extremely rare."


The fist hanging on Ji Yu’s side clenched tightly, he sneered: "My one example is rare You all just have a few environmental advantages that’s all.

Let me tell you, wait ten or twenty years, if you Alphas are still at the top, then I’ll be the one doing a live handstand shampoo show!"


"Oh, then you don't have to wait so many years, you can join them now."


Ji Yu: "You look a little stupid, I'm too lazy to care about you."


"You!" The Alpha wanted to fight back, but met a pair of black eyes full of intimidation.

Everything he wanted to say was immediately swallowed down his throat, and he could only closed his mouth reluctantly.


Ji Yu put his arms around his chest and stared at the scene of the Alphas washing their hair upside down without saying a word.


After about three minutes, he suddenly looked up at He Zhou: "Do you think the same as them"




Ji Yu said: "Do you think that Beta and Omega are inherently inferior to Alpha"


He Zhou didn't answer immediately.


He thought for a moment and said, "When it comes to physical fitness, the superiority of the Alpha physique is a fact that is obvious to all.

However, the matter of IQ is open to question.

What do you think"


Ji Yu spoke, a single word at a time, "I don't think so."




"Through the exam, I found that our school has only three liberal arts classes, while all the other classes are science subjects.

The three liberal arts classes are all composed of Betas and a few Alphas, but not a single Omega."


Ji Yu looked up at He Zhou, "Why do you think this is"


He Zhou was silent.

Except for the 17 Alphas who were still struggling to wash their hair, everyone else had also quieted down.


Ji Yu pursed his lips and clenched his hands even tighter.


Everyone says that the Omega's physical fitness and IQ are not as good as the Alpha's, but he doesn’t think so.

It's just that their division of labor and areas of expertise are different.


Alphas are rational by nature and is suitable towards fields of science.


On the other hand, Omegas are emotional by nature and gravitates towards liberal arts.

Yet, despite having a knack for liberal arts, they all choose science majors.


Why For what reason


Of course, the simplest and crudest answer is: to find a mate.


By taking science courses in high school, they have a higher chance of entering a prestigious science university, whereupon they will come into contact with many excellent Alphas.

This gives them a better selection of mate, and a better chance to find that special somebody who has good characters that best matches them.


While it may seem convoluted to some, for an Omega, this is the most practical way to move forward.


It is impossible for them to rely on pheromone inhibitor all their lives, which means they will have to eventually get marry sooner or later.


So, for the sake of their future, they have no choice but to start disciplining themselves from an early age, and while in school, moves in a pre-determined path that allows the best possibility of choosing a partner.


After all, an Alpha’s position in the relationship is so high and so important, that no Omega can afford to make a mistake and choose wrongly.


Thus, most Omegas are stuck learning about a subject they’re not good at, and have no interest in.


Furthermore, they are constantly being distracted by their regular, and sometime painful, estrus period cycle.


It’s no wonder why they can’t compete with an Alpha.


In the end, do they really have low IQs


Ji Yu concluded: No way!


"These are just the symptoms of this terrible time in our society."


Ji Yu raised his head and looked at He Zhou with shining eyes, "But it will definitely get better and better in the future, and it won't be like this forever.


No one is born to be submissive to others, and no one is born to be inferior.


All of this will definitely change."


After he finished speaking, he looked at 17 Alphas, turned around, and said as he left: "I'm leaving.

You can decide if you want to continue washing or not."




Suddenly, someone stretched out their mobile phone and shook it as Ji Yu passed by: "Hey, Ji Yu, add me as a friend"


Ji Yu was stunned for a moment, then stopped: "Okay."


As soon as he agreed, more Omegas and Betas gathered around him with their phones.


Suddenly, no one cared about the Alphas who were shampooing anymore.

Instead, they all crowded beside Ji Yu, rushing to be friends with him.


He Zhou was even squeezed to the outermost periphery of the crowd.

Fortunately, he was tall.

Even if he stood at the outermost position, he could see through the crowd at a glance and observe Ji Yu who was completely surrounded.


He used to think that Ji Yu was like jewel, delicate and reserved.

Now, however, Ji Yu was more like a radiant star, attracting people's attention wherever he goes, and making people want to take the initiative to approach him.


The other Alphas present fell silent.


In their hearts, they all know that the truth of this corrupted world has finally come to light.


Beta and Omega were not ignorant of everything.

They were merely the product of their environment, and it’s a painful awakening.


They were ridiculed for speaking out, and eventually became accustomed to the evaluations that were they were born inferior to the Alphas.


They looked up at the Alphas, not because of any metrics, but because they had no confidence in themselves to dare to say that they too can be better than the Alphas.


But not Ji Yu.


He is different from them.




[Title: I don't have much to say today, just blow up for Ji Yu.]


1st Floor: Go Ji Yu 3


2nd Floor: Go Ji Yu 1


3rd Floor: Go Ji Yu 2


4th Floor: Go Ji Yu 3






96th Floor: No one finds it strange Why did Ji Yu suddenly change so much He just did a 180.



On this day, Ji Yu arrived home very late.


When he got home, little Yu Zhou was already asleep, and then nanny went upstairs to wash up after heating the food.


He Zhou and Ji Yu went home together, and neither of them had dinner yet, so they decided to eat together.


Halfway through the meal, Ji Yu suddenly said, "I thought I would be very happy to see them doing a handstand shampoo, but I’m not as happy as I imagined."


After knowing how the Omegas suffered in this world, he is actually very aggrieved.


After all, he grew up in a relatively egalitarian society, and even as a child he was instilled in the concept that everyone is born equal.


However, ever since he transmigrated as an Omega, his status suddenly plummeted, especially due to the experiences of the original owner, and he had received countless dirty looks.


How very frustrating, and very uncomfortable.


Originally, he had endured it all.

Yet somehow this time, just a single sentence was enough for him to explode on the spot.


He Zhou put down his chopsticks and took out a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet: "Fancy a drink Let's chat."


Ji Yu smiled and said, "Okay."


"I'll get the glasses."




At this moment, the phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated.

Ji Yu took it out and glanced at it, and found that it was an unfamiliar number.


After thinking about it, he picked it up and said, "Hello."


The other party said bluntly: "Are you Ji Yu"


"It's me, you are"


"I’m from the hospital.

Your health examination report is out.

Come and get it when you are free.

Also, two Omegas have canceled their mark-washing surgeries, so I can push your surgery to the top of the list.

Do you want to think about it some more"




By the time He Zhou had brought back the wine glasses, Ji Yu had already hanged up the phone.


He Zhou was unfamiliar with the kitchen, so he rummaged through several cabinets to find the glasses, and then had to wipe them clean.


At this time, the kitchen was quiet and the atmosphere was just right.


The corner of his mouth curled slightly, and he handed a glass to Ji Yu: "Kept you waiting."


Remembering the doctor's advice to quit smoking and drinking just now, Ji Yu said embarrassedly, "Let's not drink today.

Let's go upstairs and go to bed early after dinner.

We've been tired for a day."


He Zhou's expression froze: "Why did you suddenly change your mind"


Ji Yu touched the back of his head: "Because...

I'm happy again."











1) 色令智昏,  (Color makes the mind faint): to be blinded by lust and beauty.

2) 交代 (to explain; described; confessed; finished): Used in a humorous way to express some kind of unsatisfactory ending.

3) The original text is RT (retweet) but that doesn’t seem to fit into the rest of the dialog so was changed instead.

Also, ‘blow up’ in this context is to make something/someone go viral/trending.


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