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No, Ferreritan.”


When Rosé called his full name and not his nickname, with a hushed voice too, Ferre widened his eyes in surprise.

Rosé rarely called his full name unless something special was going on.


“The book we’ll choose is very, very important.”


“I… Important for what”


The lighting above Rosé’s head made dark shadows over her face.

With such dark shadows, Rosé approached Ferre, who then became scared of how much she looked like a ghost, so he bit his lips.


Rosé knew that he was scared, but she grabbed both his shoulders, frustrated because of her brother.


“I don’t think Sera and Heli Oppa are getting along well.”




At the shocking words, Ferre yelled out and trembled like a little baby sparrow.


Even jokes like this weren’t fun.

He looked into her serious green eyes, but the look in her eyes told him that she was telling the truth.


“Did Sera and Heli Hyung fight When did they fight I didn’t see it…!”


Ferre strongly denied the shocking statement.

He placed his hands on both his cheeks and shook his head.

Hearing that the relationship between two of his most favorite people wasn’t good made him already very sad.


Rosé wouldn’t lie about something like this.

Ferre’s purple eyes and his pink lips stiffened as though he’d become a frozen snowman.


“You don’t know what’s going on in their mind! I just know they fought.

Even just a while ago, Sera avoided looking at Oppa’s face.

And she’s always quiet whenever Oppa’s around.”


“But I still don’t think they fought…”


“Think about it again.

They were weird during dinner, too.

Sera looked like she’s avoiding Oppa a little these days.”


Ferre tried to deny it all and cling to what faint hope there was, but he soon relented and thought Rosé was right.


Now that he thought about it, even when he bugged Sera about having dinner together, Sera and his Hyung didn’t want to sit down beside each other.

Convinced, Ferre’s eyes soon became two pools of tears.


“Then Rosé, what should we do”


“What do you think Let’s do what Sera does.”




Rosé pulled Ferre by his arm.

Once his ear was very close to her, Rosé whispered the plan she had hatched.


Whenever the twins argued, Sera would bring out a book while saying that they should try to be considerate of each other’s sides.

She would ask them to read the main characters’ lines, and as they would eventually slip into the roles, they would realize the importance of friendship.


So, they should make Sera and Oppa read a book together.

If the book the twins usually read was about love between siblings, then Sera and Oppa should read a book about liking each other!


After that long explanation, Ferre nodded resolutely.


“I think you’re right Rosé.”


“Of course I am.

I’m smart.”


It was clear that this perfect plan would create a golden opportunity to get Sera and Heli Oppa to get closer to each other again.

Rosé’s green eyes sparkled with a triumphant look, imagining the flowery future ahead.


“But there’s a problem.

It’s hard to find a good book.”


“Ah… Is that why the books got stacked up like that”


Only now did Ferre understand this, looking over at the piles of books at his feet.




〈 Summer Kingdom 〉 by Sera Popo.


〈 Pirate King of the Caribbean 〉 by Sera Popo.


〈 Animal Utopia 〉 by Sera Popo.


All the fairytales that Sera wrote were interesting, but they seemed to fall short when it came to just the right book for Sera and Hyung to read.


“Which book is good”


Clenching his little hands into fists, Ferre was now completely willing to cooperate with Rosé’s plan.

It was the only way for Sera and Hyung’s relationship to improve, but if it was too hard for Rosé to do on her own, then of course he had to help.

Because it’s natural for twins to help each other out.


At this, Rosé smiled and hugged Ferre tightly.

She rubbed her cheeks against her twin’s own so-fluffy-I’m-gonna-die cheeks.


“We’ll choose together.”


After the gross kiss, Rosé whispered in a low voice.


And so Ferre and Rosé started their search in earnest, their eyes sparkling as though they were puppies digging for some hidden food.

As the clock ticked, the piles of books gradually increased.


It wasn’t until two-thirds of the bookshelf was empty that Ferre tapped Rosé on the shoulder.


“Rosé, I think this is the one.”


Ferre gave her a serious look as he turned the pages of the children’s book in his hand.

He couldn’t read that fast yet, but the pictures that he could see, which were larger than the letters below, explained everything to him instead.


“What is it Show me.”


Rosé squeezed in next to him and took a glance at the book.

Eventually, her mouth gaped open.

She silently put the book down, placing it on top of a pile that came up as high as her waist.


Then, Rosé grabbed Ferre’s face with both hands.

Her face could be seen reflected in the purple eyes that met her gaze in front of her.




Her voice was low and serious.


Oh no, did he choose the wrong book Ferre’s eyes trembled, thinking that Rosé might be angry.




Rosé tucked back Ferre’s hair behind his ears and kissed his cheeks twice.


“…a genius! We really are twins.”


Ferre’s lips now had a smile that became brighter and brighter.

The eyes of the two children sparkled very much, glinting with the same tag team look in their eyes.

It’s the first time in a long while that they had this look.


The book on top of the tower of books showed a beautiful illustration of a princess, who had a very beautiful, fancy dress as she was lying down in bed, and a handsome mage.

In the background, there were many drawings of roses while there was also a large dragon blowing out fire.


It was the 〈 Sleeping Princess of the Garden 〉 who can only be woken up by ‘true love’s kiss’.


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