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Rosé and Ferre, now wearing white lace pajamas, walked in while they were holding hands.

The gentle night breeze carried that sweet scent of a child mixed with the soft fragrance of soap as they entered the room.


“We’re done washing up!”


At the same time, while wearing their pajamas and night caps, Rosé was holding a stuffed rabbit by its ears and Ferre was holding a stuffed monkey by its tail, showing their clear faces and reddened cheeks.

While twisting those ears and tail, they looked like reckless little rhinos running in.




“Heli Oppaaaa!”


As if it was a promise they made before, Rosé gave Helios a big hug, while Ferre turned to Sera for a big hug.

As they nuzzled into the adults’ embraces, they rubbed their heads at them, which in turn meant that their still-damp hair left wet marks against their clothes.


“Rosé, didn’t I tell you not to run”


“I didn’t run!”


Helios slightly bumped Rosé’s forehead, which he usually did whenever he scolded her, but even this was something Rosé liked.

She continued hugging him and cuddling up to his neck, and she found the familiar scent of his older brother that she missed very much.


Helios wrapped an arm around Rosé’s waist and gently carried her to bed.

After raising her soft bangs back like a habit, he kissed the smooth forehead of his little sister.

He successfully tucked Rosé under her blanket, so it was now Ferre’s turn this time.


“Ferre, come here now.”


A low voice called out to Ferre, beckoning to him.

The smile on Helios’ face was so gentle that anyone would be comforted just by looking at it.


But Ferre just glanced at him once, then further cuddled up to Sera like a baby kangaroo in her arms.


“Don’t wanna.

I wanna stay with Sera more.

I wanna play more.”


“Ferre, it’s bedtime now.

It’s already late.”


Helios once again called to him with a gentle tone of voice, but Ferre continued to hug Sera’s waist with both arms.


He wished he could just keep hugging Sera like this.

After taking a bath and as he was being embraced like this, it felt like he was being enveloped with soft cotton candy while his eyes were slowly drooping down.


He knew that it was bedtime now, but he still wanted to stay with Sera.

Pouting his pink lips, Ferre shook his head.

A few drops of water sprinkled out from his slightly damp hair as he did, and at this, Sera blinked.


“No, Ferre.

It’s time to sleep now.”


Helios now approached his younger brother with a few quick steps, grabbing his waist, pulling him off Sera.

It couldn’t be comfortable that he was in a superman position now in the air, but still, Ferre didn’t let go of Sera’s dress and just clutched tight so that he wouldn’t part with Sera.



Don’t wanna! I wanna play more with Sera.”


“Ferre, Miss Popo will stay here until you fall asleep.”



I wanna play with Sera!”


“Then, Ferreritan.

Miss Popo will pat you until you fall asleep.”


“I don’t want pats, I wanna play!”


He thought that Ferre would complain less this time, but Helios could only give a dejected smile as he reluctantly let go of Ferre’s waist.

He sighed.


On the other hand, Sera felt relieved that Helios couldn’t beat Ferre’s stubbornness and just let go.


This might burden Helios, but Sera was glad that her prayers earlier in the evening had been answered.

Anyway, her time being overly conscious of Helios had been cut short, since they wouldn’t be having another uncomfortable conversation today.


“Your Majesty, how about we listen to His Highness Ferre’s request today”


Sera’s face started reddening, almost betraying her true feelings that she didn’t want to be alone with him.




“Yes, this is good, too, once in a while.”


Helios was inwardly surprised because it was a suggestion that he didn’t expect to hear from Sera, who was excellent at breaking down the stubbornness of children.

He stared at Sera with a curious look, but in the end he smiled and shrugged.


“Wow! Yay!”


Ferre was the only one who ran around in excitement as he unexpectedly got what he wanted.

Rosé, who had already been tucked into bed, also sat up and crawled towards Helios, tugging on his hand.


“Then Oppa and Sera can read us a book together today.”


Rosé sat on Helios’ lap, and Helios in turn looked down at her and smiled tenderly.


“A book For how long will you ask me to read it this time”


His tone was sweet, but his concern seeped through because he was worried about having to stay up all night, reading the same few books over and over again like before.




Rosé carefully looked up at her Oppa’s face, which was upside down from her perspective.

Seeing the troubled expression on his face, Rosé thought that her older brother still looked cool and handsome even when his face was upside down like this.


She wondered why Sera felt uncomfortable with her Oppa.

As she thought about it, Rosé suddenly came up with a good plan.


‘Yeah! We should make them read together so they can make up!’


It was a perfectly good idea to her.

Whenever Rosé and Ferre fought, Sera would sometimes ask them to pretend to be each other and think about the other’s position.

That’s why Rosé thought that it would be a very, very good idea that Sera and her Oppa will be doing this.


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