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Chapter 81

Translated by Yonnee


“His Majesty said he’ll be present for dinner tonight”



He said he’ll be here tonight.”


At the head maid’s words, Sera wanted to cry.


The people of the Star Palace were all smiles during the emperor’s daily visits, but that wasn’t the case for Sera at all.


After noticing her own feelings, she became even more uncomfortable around the emperor.

Whenever she saw Helios, her face kept turning red and she would feel so out of breath.

In other words, she felt like she’d die from this much self-consciousness.


Whether it was because the incident with Duke Bethmann last time was so shocking, but along with Rosé and Ferre’s concern, the fact that Helios kept hovering around her added to her awkwardness.


She wanted to firmly nip her impossible first love right in the bud, but she was so confused about her feelings.

Helios was being so much sweeter to her than before.

Like a gentle breeze blowing on one summer night, he would utter such warm words, and every single time, Sera had to hold onto her pounding heart.


It would be nice if Rosé and Ferre would stay up a little longer at times like this.

Unfortunately however, they fell asleep early every time Helios came to their palace.


What happened to the twin highnesses who were troublemakers Now, all that’s left were two exemplary students who were absolutely perfect.

The class reports that Sera had to update Helios about were now just formalities.


After talking about the twins’ classes for only about fifteen minutes, Helios was expected to slowly get up and return, but he would usually remain in his seat and keep watching his younger siblings’ faces.


However, it was awkward to stay still and say nothing, so Sera and Helios would talk about other things.

Rosé and Ferre were always the topic at first, but they would always end with some of their own personal stories.


Sera’s reports, which had changed like this in just a week or two, became so insanely difficult for her to keep up with that she was about to go crazy.


‘Please, Your Highnesses Rosé and Ferre! You must stay up late tonight!’


Sera shut her eyes tightly and clasped her hands together, praying seriously.

When the maid saw this, she asked with a perplexed expression on her face.


“Are you uncomfortable with His Majesty”


Unclasping her hands, Sera nodded.


“It’s already difficult enough when Their Highnesses ask me to eat together with them on the same table, but now that His Majesty is also joining… I really can’t taste the food.

I can’t eat anything.”


“I can understand it, after hearing your side.

It’s hard for you, too, Lady.”


The twins were stubborn about eating with her, even saying, ‘With Sera!’ During dinner, she’d take a few spoons of food as well to demonstrate good table manners, but it was different when the emperor was there.


For some reason, Sera thought it was going to be a difficult and uncomfortable dinner again this time.

So, as she went to pick up Rosé and Ferre with her head so heavy with stones.


As soon as Rosé and Ferre were seated on both sides of her on the dining table, Helios came in.

The twins ran towards him with invisible tails wagging in joy, Helios seemed to shine as perfectly as he usually did.


“Your Majesty.”


Standing up from her seat, Sera gave a formal greeting.


“Is everything alright”


It was that again.

A cautious look, worried about her safety.


‘I definitely said I’m fine though.’


She already said so many times that he didn’t have to worry anymore, but he didn’t seem to believe her, and at this, she grumbled inwardly.

This was why she couldn’t give up on these useless feelings—it was because of Helios’ attitude.


‘Your Majesty is too sweet.

To the point that it’s severe.’


“Yes, Your Majesty.

Their Highnesses were perfect today.”


“That’s a relief.”


Hiding her emotions, Sera smiled brightly as she carried Rosé and Ferre, who ran back to her, and placed them on their chairs again. 


Brilliant food followed soon, and the twins’ hands became busy.

The Star Palace’s food was already spectacular, but whenever the emperor would attend dinner with them, the food became even more particularly diverse and grand.


“You aren’t going to eat again today, Miss Popo”


“Yes, Your Majesty.

I’ve already eaten.”




In fact, she was so hungry that she felt her stomach rumbling a while ago.

Because Rosé and Ferre boasted of infinite energy all day long, that was enough to make her hungry at the end of the day.


‘But if I say I’m hungry, His Majesty will ask me to have dinner with them together.’


She had already received such an invitation several times.

But ever since she experienced the feeling of practically eating her nose, Sera knew it would be better to just watch the children eat their meal.


Helios glanced at her.

He felt sorry whenever Sera’s eyes headed for the food, moistening her lips from time to time.

He had an inkling that she was lying because she felt uncomfortable eating with him, but he couldn’t just force her to do so.


‘Since Miss Popo has been with my younger siblings without a moment apart from them, and because she’s sincere about her work, I know she didn’t have time to eat.’


He seriously wondered if it would be good to have dinner together next time.


“Miss Popo, you haven’t even rested properly so far.

It’s alright if you leave your seat for a moment.

I’ll keep an eye on my younger siblings.”


Helios said this and allowed her to be away for a while, however, Ferre’s strong opposition immediately followed.


“Hyung! You said dinner is an important time with people you like.

That’s why Sera and Hyung should eat together.

It’s fun to have dinner, so Sera should stay with us.”


Ferre put down his fork and held Sera’s wrist tightly.

Somehow, it seemed like he was lecturing Helios.


Sera looked alternately between Ferre and Helios with a troubled expression.


“Sera, don’t go.



“Your Highness Ferre…”


“Ferre, don’t you think Miss Popo needs some time to rest She must have worked hard teaching you today.”



I wanna have dinner with Sera!”


Rubbing his golden hair against her arm, Ferre looked up with puppy dog eyes.

However this time, he attacked Helios with his cuteness, as though convinced that it would work.


“Hyung, let’s eat with Sera.

Okay If Sera eats with us, the food is a loot yummier.”


“Does Your Highness like the food I give you”


Ferre nodded vigorously.


Helios tried one more time to let Sera leave her seat, but she had already started cutting the steak that was in front of Ferre, which he was having a hard time chewing.


As she elegantly cut the steak into pieces small enough that would be enough for a bite, Ferre felt a lot better again and smiled.


“But Sera, you didn’t eat a while ago though”


Rosé suddenly asked with an innocent expression on her face.



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