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43 – Travis Translations

Feeling something flowing down, Sera raised a hand and touched her forehead.

Soon after, she realized why Rosé and Ferre were so shocked.

Bright red blood was on her fingertips.


Sera groaned a little without realizing it.

It was only after she saw the blood with her own two eyes did she feel the tingling pain.

Her forehead became hot as though it was on fire.

As she touched it slightly, she felt that there was an open wound, her skin slightly torn.

Fortunately, there was no significant tear, and compared to the amount of blood, it didn’t seem to be a deep wound.

“Sera… Are you okay”

Ferre whispered in an uneasy voice.

Ferre stepped forward, but he stopped about one meter in front of Sera.

Even as they had grown up well in the Imperial Palace, just like other kids, he was scared of bleeding and getting injured.

“I’m alright.”

Sera smiled as she said this, but when her facial muscles moved, there was a sharp pain again.

When he saw how Sera’s face crumpled, Ferre took a step back.

‘Maybe I look like a ghost.

But ah, what should I do with Rosé’

Sera stood up and looked at Rosé, who was only staring at the wound on her forehead.

Guilt and shock intermingled in her expression as she held the hem of her yellow dress so tightly that her hands turned white.

She opened and closed her trembling lips as if she had something to say.

“Se… ra… Does it hurt a lot…”

Rosé, who hesitated for a long while, said this worriedly with a quivering voice.

As she bowed her head, her long silver hair drooped down.

Rosé couldn’t make eye contact with Sera.

This happened because of a prank they planned.

And it was a wound that was caused by Sera holding Rosé as they fell.

The little girl had already stopped crying, but she started shedding tears again.

“It doesn’t hurt a lot, Your Highness Rosé.”

Sera said she was alright and tried to calm the child down.

She could scold the twins later.

What she needed to do now was to resolve the situation.

As she looked down, Sera touched the corner of the desk next to her.

The sharp edge was damp, and when she checked her hand, there was blood on it.

It was her own blood.

‘I hit my head on the corner of this desk.’

Suddenly, Sera felt nauseous as she looked at the red blood.

Right then, she became dizzy and her vision grew hazy and went round and round.

She couldn’t straighten up because she was so dizzy.

Sera staggered and propped herself up with one hand on the desk.

Surprised, Rosé and Ferre flinched and hesitated, but they approached Sera with worried gazes.

Their gloomy faces were as scrunched up as they were a while ago.

“Huu… uck, hu… Sera!”

They cried for about ten minutes earlier, but they began to cry again as if they hadn’t exhausted their tears.

In an instant, tears fell and their nose was runny once more.

Rosé in particular cried less than Ferre, but she looked to be out of breath as her cheeks were blown up as big as a pufferfish’s.

“Seraaa, huu… Blooood… hiic… there’s a lot… hiiic.”


Rosé and Ferre cried louder and louder, then with tears and runny noses, they stained the skirt of Sera’s dress as they hugged one each of her legs.

The words they spoke were garbled as they wept.

Sera leaned against the desk and reached down to hug the two children.

“Seraaaa, hiiic… Don’t diiee…”

“Hiic… hicc… You can’t die… hiiicc…”

Ah, how could she forget For children, ‘blood = death’.

“Your Highnesses… I’m not…”

She was about to say she was okay, but she trailed off.

To Sera, seeing Rosé and Ferre think that someone could die from just this small of a wound was cute, but she thought that she really shouldn’t let it go this time.

So far, things went on to this extent because she was too lenient with them.

In any case, she got hurt to the point that she had bled, and she didn’t know if things would escalate to something even bigger if she kept letting them play pranks.

If the children had already promised not to use their mana but did so anyway, then she really shouldn’t let it slide.

‘So that they won’t play pranks again, I should take this opportunity to scold them today.

But what should I do with you two’

While contemplating for a short moment, Rosé and Ferre felt that Sera couldn’t speak anymore and thought that Sera was dying.

And so the two wailed louder.

“Don’t… diiie… hiic… Sera… you can’t die…”

“Uwaaahhh… Don’t… dieee…”

Sera gently peeled off the crying twins from her and crouched down to look at them.

Her eyes were cold and unreadable, different from her usual friendly, gentle gaze.

Rosé and Ferre’s eyes were already swollen and red like rabbits.

When Sera stared at them like that, the twins’ loud sobbing was reduced to ‘hiic, hiic’ as they looked back and thought that she might not die anymore.

“Seeeraa… huu… You’re not going to die now”

Rosé asked, but she was still very scared.

She thought that Sera would smile brightly and say that she was fine again, but there was no change in Sera’s expression.

With a cold gaze, she stared at the twins quietly, saying nothing.

Rosé and Ferre were likewise speechless as they saw an unfamiliar appearance in Sera.

The only thing that could be heard in the room was the children’s rough crying because they had gotten exhausted from crying too much.

As their breathing gradually settled down in the prolonged silence, Sera finally spoke quietly.

“I won’t die, but I could have died if something went wrong.”



There was no excuse they could make.

It was all their fault.

And because of that, Sera, who had don’t nothing wrong, was hurt.

The twins were only seven years old, but they knew the gravity of the situation.

Rosé and Ferre bit their lips tightly.

The twins looked down at the floor with their heads bowed, and they looked like puppies soaked in the rain.

Sera almost gave in because of their pitiful appearance, but she drew her lips into a thin line.

“Your Highnesses, you both wash your faces first, please.

I also need to treat the wound.

Please wash up and wait until I return.”

At that, Sera walked out and closed the heavy door behind her.


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