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Because Sera stood frozen at the doorway, not moving to go inside the room, Jean wondered why and asked her.

“Why aren’t you going in”

“It’s… Their Highnesses aren’t here.

I think they ran away.”

Sera turned around to face Jean as she said this, then she shrugged.

Surprised, Jean widened his eyes and spoke urgently.

‘Heli told me to keep an eye on them! How could I forget!’

His brown eyebrows furrowed and met at the center.

Of course, even if there was any surveillance on the twins, that wouldn’t stop them from escaping.

Jean was a fool for forgetting Helios’ words after Helios had clearly predicted this situation.

There weren’t even any maids on standby next to Rosé and Ferre.

Because of him, from the very beginning, he didn’t mean to mess up like this… He wanted to help find the twin highnesses now, but he had to accompany Helios now on his schedule.

Jean let out a long sigh.

“Goodness, they must have run away again.

I should have taken other precautionary measures in advance to keep them on their seats.

But I’m really sorry, I have to go back to His Majesty now…”

“It’s alright, I’ll look for them.”

Sera, who already expected that this wouldn’t be easy from the start, answered him casually.

She never thought that Rosé and Ferre would cooperate so easily.

It was too unrealistic of a dream to expect that she would find the twin highnesses sitting down obediently as they waited for classes to start.

“Yes, thank you.

Haa… I guess that’s why we haven’t seen any of the maids while we were on our way here.

I’m sure they’re working hard to find them, too… If you need anything, you can always ask the maids.”

Jean apologized repeatedly with an expression of deep regret.

It wasn’t until Sera replied several times as well that it really was fine that he left.

Sera grumbled as she moved her luggage to one side, then looked around the study.

A large desk, which was prepared for their classes, was placed in a sunny spot in the room.

And the cream-colored wallpaper around the entire room was full of cute animals.

Neatly lining the shelves were books that were appropriate for seven-year-old children.

The bookshelves themselves were crafted to be used for children’s heights, and it seemed like the other furniture were made for them as well.

‘It’s clear that there was a lot of thought put into designing this room.’

Sera looked around the room and opened the door of a large drawer, but Rosé and Ferre were nowhere to be seen.

She couldn’t find any traces of the twins.

She wondered if they had escaped through the window, but it seemed unlikely since the window was approximately two meters from the ground.

‘It’s too high for the kids to jump from.

Then, they should still be inside…’

She was certain that the twins weren’t in the study, so it was time for her to start searching in earnest.

‘I’ve done this a lot in my previous life.’

Sera clenched her fists.

Even though she scoured the entire room, she was still the only one standing there, so she went looking for them dozens of times.

Like in her previous life, her hapless competitive spirit drove her to win.

Her blue eyes burned with a determined spirit.


* * *


“You couldn’t find them”

“Yes, we couldn’t find them either.

Just where did they go…”

The maids were on the brink of tears, but Sera didn’t look worried in the slightest.

This was something she was used to, even to the point that it bored her.

“Where do they go often whenever they hide like this”

“They’ve hid in so many different places… It would be faster to just open all of the doors.”

This was already the third maid that Sera talked to at the Star Palace, and everyone was saying the same thing.

They couldn’t think of any other way to find them either.

“Then, by any chance, can I open the doors and look for them myself”

Sera asked them carefully.

She became the twins’ tutor at the request of the Emperor, but still, it might inconvenience the employees if she went around the palace without asking.

“It is fine.

His Majesty said that you may do as you please, Miss Popo.”

Sera thanked the maid and decided to open the doors herself from now on.

Since the Star Palace was a place built for children, it was smaller compared to the other palaces of the Imperial Family.

Even so, it was a huge building with 15 rooms, 10 bathrooms, a separate kitchen and dining hall.

It was like an entire mansion.

‘Where are the kids, then The playground, empty classrooms and cafeteria were the most common places to hide, right’

The first place Sera headed to was the kitchen.

She opened the door silently so that she wouldn’t disturb the workers, but as she peeked inside, everyone was busy.

There’s no space for Rosé and Ferre to hide there.

‘If the kids get accidentally hit by the hot pans and cooking tools…’

Without taking a closer look into the kitchen, Sera moved on to the next place.

The room surrounded with light green walls like the color of melons was Ferre’s room.

A small bed, toy swords, carriage models and other toys that a young boy would like were strewn over the bright carpet.

She lifted the sheets, then crouched down to see under the bed, but Ferre wasn’t here.

After looking around, it was quite suspicious when she saw that the door of the bathroom connected to the bedroom was slightly ajar.

She approached it carefully, ever so sneakily.

She walked on her tiptoes so that her footsteps would be muffled, but as she approached, it didn’t sound like there was anyone inside the bathroom.

All she could hear was her own breathing amidst the deafening silence.

Sera pushed the door open slightly with one finger.

‘Usually, troublemakers hide behind doors to surprise people.

But! I hold the title of best tutor in the Empire of Adelio! I can’t be beaten so easily!

With a smug smile, Sera waited for Ferre to appear.




…But nothing happened.

‘Is he really not here Is he somewhere else’

Sera opened the door and checked behind it, but there really was no one.

As she was about to go back, she sighed, but—

“Attack! Attack now!”


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