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“Senior Where are you going in such a hurry”

Alfred, who was teaching swordsmanship to the village children, looked at me and shouted.

“I think Boss’ old colleagues are here.

I heard they’re at the entrance of the village, so I’m on my way to meet them.”

“Oh! Really Wait a minute! I’ll also come with you.”

When I said I was going to meet Kaneff’s former colleagues, Alfred was shocked and shouted that he would come with me to see them.

Reville and I waited, while Alfred spoke to the children who were with him.

“Guys, that’s it for today’s class! Everyone should practice every day with the wooden sword I taught you.

And never play with your friends with a wooden sword.”

“Yes Sir!”

“Yes Sir!”

“Yes Sir!”

When Alfred first came to Elden village, he was very awkward while dealing with children, and now it felt a little strange to see him become so skilled at treating children.

After saying goodbye to the children, Alfred joined, and we three moved busily toward the entrance to the village once again.

After a while, we could see the two strangers standing at the entrance of the village.

“Is that them”

“Yes,” replied Reville, nodding to my question.

The first person to catch my eye was a male Demon with blond hair and a slightly pompous appearance.

His face was full of irritation, and there was a characteristic grunt in his actions and gestures, reminiscent of a bully.

The other Demon had the largest size among the people I met in the Demon World.

He seemed to be about twice as big as Andras, who was the biggest among the farm members.

And I couldn’t see him properly because he wrapped himself completely in a coat.

When I looked closely, I could quickly notice that he wasn’t just a big person.

“Why is the leader in such a remote place Is he taking treatment or something”

I approached the grumpy blonde Demon and spoke to him.

“Excuse me…”


“Are you Bos… Mr.

Kaneff’s old colleagues”

“Old colleagues Hmm… Well, you could say that.

That’s right.”

“Nice to meet you.

I’m Lim Sihyeon, who’s working with Mr.


The Blonde Demon gave a weird look to my introduction, and then he started to scan me from head to toe.

As soon as I felt an unpleasant feeling from the blatant gaze, a large hand tapped the blonde demon’s shoulder.


“Oh, what”


As the blonde demon did not stop his rude behavior, this time a large hand gripped his shoulder strongly.


“Arghhhhhh! All right.

All right, get your hands off me!…….

Ugh… I thought my shoulders were falling off.”

The blonde Demon, who was screaming painfully, smoothed his shoulders and glared at the owner of the big hand.

The fierce gaze shook the large body.

The blonde Demon stopped glaring and turned to me again.

His face slightly frowned as if his shoulder was still hurting.

“You said you’re working with the leader now, right Nice to meet you.

My name is Locus, and the monster next to me is Kroc.”


I think it’s a name I’ve heard before…

I felt frustrated at the tickling feeling that I was almost reminded of something, but I decided to quickly forget about it because I couldn’t keep thinking about other things in front of the guests.

And he used the word monster to introduce the person next to him.

Looking at the large hand that grabbed the Demon Locus’ shoulder earlier, or the part that I could see at a glance, he didn’t seem like an ordinary Demon or a Beast-man.

“So Where’s the leader now”

“He’s staying on a farm not far from this village.”

“Farm He’s staying on a farm”


Locus and Kroc looked into each other’s eyes at the same time and showed a bewildered reaction.

The news that Kaneff was staying on the farm must have been quite shocking.

“You’re going to see Me  Kaneff, right Then, I’ll take you to the farm.”

“Oh… Yes, please.”

I gave Locus and Kroc a look and took the lead first.

We parted with Reville, who went to continue the village vigilante work, and Alfred and I went to the farm along with the guests.


Aren’t they part of the famous Black Hawk unit”


Andras said something like that.”

“Wow… I can’t believe I’m meeting the legendary Black Hawks in person like this!!”

Alfred glanced at Locus and Kroc, and his eyes twinkled as if he had become a child.

As if meeting a celebrity, he couldn’t hide his excitement, and laughter flowed out.

Come to think of it.

Didn’t Alfred say that he admired Kaneff and the group he was leading

What kind of great group was it …….

I’ve heard of a group called ‘Black Hawk unit’ many times, but there were a lot of things I didn’t know because I didn’t hear anything in detail.

I guess I should ask about it one day.

The upper part of the farm building came to view little by little.

The cry of baby griffins could be heard near the wooden fence.

– Biip!

– Biip!

Grify and Finny, who found me, came running.

The two, who were full of energy, tugged at the hem of my pants with their beaks and played with them.

Recently, their beaks have become so strong that they have been busily causing troubles here and there.

I quickly lowered my upper body and hugged them.

“These… Are they baby griffins”

“ …….”

Locus and Kroc widened their eyes as they looked at Grify and Finny in my arms.

“Don’t tell me you raise them here “


These children are raised here on the farm.”

“Do you have anything to do with the Barbatos family”


We have had some interactions recently, but other than that there’s nothing.”

“Mmm …….”

Locus stared at me as if he had doubts about my identity.

However, his eyes that looked at me were shaken again by the appearance of other children.

Pow wo wooo

Po wo woiiiiii

Pow wow woooo

With a powerful cry, the baby Yakums came running toward me.

It was Tanduk, Kawaii, Akum, Aara, and Dora…

In an instant, I was surrounded by cute furry babies all around.

When I lowered my posture, everyone ran towards me, waving their little tails.

“What are you guys doing together Did you come here looking for Grify and Finny”

– Pow woooo

Pow wo woiiii

-Bow wo woooo

“Oh, my God, you guys.

Stop it.

You are killing me with your cuteness… Ahh… Don’t push”

My body staggered as everyone jumped onto me.

Even though my body was a little tired, the smile on my face did not disappear as I stroked the children.

While accepting the children’s cutesy for a long while, a startled voice of Locus was heard from the back.

“Hey, these are baby Yakums, isn’t it Are you also raising Yakums here No… How can you raise a Yakum in the first place”


Kroc scraped his head with his big hand in bewilderment at Locus’ loud cry.

But as if to answer his cry, a loud cry came from afar.

Bow Wo woooooooo!

A large horned Bighorn came up to the fence and was looking at this place.

“What the fu*k! It’s a real Yakum, isn’t it”


“Ah, it’s okay.

He’s just a little wary of strangers, so you just have to stay still.

He reacts more sensitively to aggressive behavior.”

I calmed them down and waved to the Bighorn.

As if he judged that there was no danger from my appearance, he immediately cleared his guard and turned back.


“Uh… yeah.”

The two stared blankly in the direction of the Bighorn.

Alfred and I laughed quietly as their reactions seemed funny.

Someone quickly approached the party, which stopped for a while.

“I heard the sound of Bighorn, so I was wondering who came with Sihyeon….”


After making eye contact with me, Lia approached the two who were standing beside me.


Locus, it’s been a while.

How have you been”


“Lianne Were you with the leader all this time”


I’ve been indebted to him.”

Locus, who was dazed by the appearance of Bighorn, came to his senses and greeted Lia.

Lia also seemed to have a connection with the members of the Black Hawk unit.

After a short greeting with the Locus, Lia approached Kroc.




“I missed you, Mr.


Lia clasped her hands with a delighted expression.

Kroc struggled for a moment in embarrassment, but soon calmed down and slowly stroked his head.

Locus watching the scene grumbled.


Isn’t the treatment too different”

Lia turned her head slightly and replied to his grumbling.

“Is Mr.

Kroc the same as Mr.


“Why What’s wrong with me”

“You still don’t know that You’re still the same old….

Oh, no, no, no, Let’s just forget about that!”

Locus put on an angry expression.

Lia quickly hid behind Kroc, who naturally protected her.

“Even after growing old, you haven’t gotten rid of your bad temper… Right, Mr.


Lia hid behind Kroc and stuck out her tongue obnoxiously, which made Locus’ quiver grow even more.

Looking at the way they quarreled with each other, their relationship seemed deeper than I thought.

Lia, who had a brief confrontation with Locus, stepped forward and said.

“Come on, Mr.

Kaneff is waiting for you.”

The eyes of Locus and Kroc glistened for a moment.

“Was it you guys”

It was Kaneff’s first words as soon as he met Locus and Kroc.

Hearing the unwelcome tone from Kaneff, Locus crumpled his expression and replied with a voice full of irritation.

“Is this what you got after calling someone so suddenly to such a remote place, Leader”

Kaneff continued the conversation in a way that was a little guilty.

“I didn’t know you were the ones who kept in touch with Ryan…”

“We didn’t do it.

He kept in touch with us.”

“Did you two stay together after we disbanded”

“Who else would take care of this idiot if it isn’t me”

“Isn’t it the other way around”

“Hmm… well, it’s mutual aid.”

When Kaneff questioned with a suspicious look with his eyes narrowed, Locus made an excuse with a low voice.

In response, Kaneff smirked with a look saying [I Knew it!]

“How are you, Kroc”

– Nod.

Kroc nodded quickly to Kaneff’s question.

It was an absurdly short greeting, however, a rare calm smile hung around Kaneff’s mouth.

It was a part that showed he was happy to see Kroc.

“Why did you wrap up like that”

– Swoosh.

Kroc spoke in sign language, moving his big hands around.

Alfred and I couldn’t understand the meaning, so we tilted our heads.

“It’s all right.

You don’t have to worry too much, everyone here is trustworthy.

It must have been frustrating to keep yourself so wrapped up, take it off quickly.”

Kroc stepped out for a moment and glanced toward Andras, and as if he had made up his mind, he slowly began to take off the coat that he had tightly wrapped around him.

Ugh… Ugh… Ugh…!

I tried to hide my surprise, looking at Kroc’s true form.

A thick long tail with thick scales embedded in it.

The shape of his legs and arms was reminiscent of reptiles.

As soon as I saw him a figure immediately popped into my head.

It was the dragon that appears in the legend!

He was like a dragon in the shape of a human being.

Alfred, who was next to me, murmured in a faint voice.

“Dragon descendant…”

“Dragon descendant”


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