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The news of Sheng Yangs promotion quickly spread throughout the entire research institute, and everyone was stunned.

Sheng Yang was a goddess to them.

Lanca was a place where those with the highest IQ ruled.

There was already a selection process in place, and the entry threshold for Lanca Research Institute was extremely high.

Not just anyone could enter.

Sheng Yang had just arrived, but she was promoted so quickly and so easily.

She was definitely in the top circle.

At this moment, Wen Rou ran over to congratulate Sheng Yang.

“Team Leader, congratulations.”

Sheng Yang looked up, still looking casual.

“Whats there to congratulate”

Wen Rou was used to it.

“Of course, its about your promotion to project director.”

At this moment, Wen Rou realized that there was a piece of paper on Sheng Yangs table.

It was addressed to Zhou Rusheng.

Wen Rou thought that Sheng Yang wanted to thank Dean Zhou because she was promoted so quickly.

Unexpectedly, the team leader, who seemed to be ignorant of the ways of the world, actually knew such etiquette.

She was happy for the team leader when Sheng Yang suddenly picked up the piece of paper.

When Wen Rou saw the words on it, she was shocked.


“Wait… Wait…” Wen Rou couldnt even speak properly.

Her eyes were wide.

“Am I seeing things Team Leader, are you holding a resignation letter”

“Yes.” Sheng Yang still played it down.

She even explained a little to Wen Rou, “I got promoted too quickly, and the projects arent difficult.

Its boring here…”


Ahem, she could almost hear Fang Duo scolding her for being a scumbag.

Before coming, she had imagined Lanca Research Institute to be a little impressive.

At the end, after coming, she felt that it was nothing much and was a little uninterested in developing here.

Wen Rou: “…”

This was the first time she had heard someone say that.

However, she finally found out that Dean Zhou had put in a lot of effort previously.

He kept making things difficult for Sheng Yang.

If not for him, Team Leader Sheng wouldnt have stayed for so long.

The two of them were really a perfect match.

Of course, they were a perfect match for each other in a boss and subordinate relationship.

But now, Wen Rou was panicking.

She hadnt forgotten that she was under Zhou Rushengs private management.

Her mission was to keep Sheng Yang!

If Sheng Yang left, how could she take over the research institute

Then wouldnt that old man, Zhou Rusheng, have no successor

“Uhh… Lanca Research Institute is already the most powerful place.

Where are you gonna go after leaving here” Wen Rou wiped her cold sweat.

Sheng Yangs departure would mean that her mission was over.

She had to keep her here no matter what.

A large number of people outside thought that Sheng Yang would take advantage of this promotion to be smug.

In the end, who would have thought that this influential figure would actually write a resignation letter If word got out, they would definitely be shocked.

“Well… I havent thought about it…” Sheng Yang touched her chin.

“Maybe Ill go home and get married.”

“…”God, let me be struck by lightning.

This big shot really did whatever she wanted!

“Team… Team Leader…” Wen Rou gulped and stretched out her hand in front of her.

“Think about it carefully.

Theres no correlation between staying in the research institute and getting married.”

“Yes, theres no correlation.” Sheng Yang then said awkwardly, “But my fiance plans to hand over the family assets to me, and there are too many.

Its very troublesome for me to manage all of them.”


Was this something that should be said aloud

Wen Rou suppressed her envy, jealousy, and hatred.

She still wanted to persuade Sheng Yang.

It seemed that she could only use her trump card now.

“Ill tell you directly, then.

Im someone arranged by Dean Zhou.

As long as you dont leave, you can talk to him about anything you want.”

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