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“Chapter 261: Distinction Between Right or Wrong 2”


The arrow (And Shiori) tore through the mountain and rose to the sky.


– Wow… (Takaya)


It was nothing like Feria’s Fairy Ballista.


Shiori didn’t have a chance.

These were the best adventurers in the world.


– Arueetel, Epitro, let’s go check.


– Roger.


I can’t believe she’d survive an attack like that, but the thundercloud crew wanted to make absolutely sure Shiori was gone for good.


As expected of such experienced adventurers.

They diminish any possible risk.


– Let’s go too.



– Roar, can you move (Dyke)


– Yeah.

I need to see that girl dead or else I won’t be able to sleep at night.


I understand how he feels.


With Roar riding on my back, we all started searching for Shiori’s body under the rocks.


– Anything yet (Takaya)


– Nope.

I can only find pieces of clothing.



If her clothes are in that state, doesn’t that mean she turned to dust


– By the way, this is yours.


Arueetel handed me a glowing green stone.


– It’s your master’s life nucleus.

I’d say it’s pointless to try, but I’m sure you can figure out how to return her to normal.


– I’ll check.

Thank you.


– Arueetel, we found her! (Selfia)


– ‘Kaay~


I put “Ever” in my pocket and followed Arueetel.


– …She looks dead.


– Give me a second.


Selfia examined Shiori’s body to check for a heartbeat, but it was obvious she was dead.


She had been crushed by an ice block.

Her eyes and mouth were half open.


– … (Selfia)


– It’s hard to accept someone that strong died just like that.



Shiori survived in this world by herself up until this point.


I wonder if she had any regrets.


Maybe in the end she was lamenting all the trouble she put her “friends” through.


If so, I’d never be able to hear her apology.


– What do we do with her corpse (Takaya)


– Leave it like that.

Let the magical beasts do their thing… Though we were in the same group at one point.

Maybe we should burn her remains.



– Oh~ I can take care of that.

But you’re gonna have to move all the rubble first.



– Have you heard from Ralph This sounds like a job for him.



– Nothing yet.

He’s taking his time, but there’s no way he lost.



– Alright.

Let’s rest until he comes back, then.



The thundercloud crew took their eyes off Shiori’s corpse for a second.


A cold chill ran down my spine.




– SELFIA, GET DOWN! (Takaya)


Shiori had vanished from below the rubble.

She was closing in on Selfia.


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