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In their eyes, I am an outsider and a naive young child with no knowledge of The Vatican.

It must be shocking that I was well aware of the detailed rules and disciplinary methods, as well as the overall situation of their political confrontation.

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ is satisfied with the ‘Rookie Saint with career experience setting’.]

[‘The World-building God’ is proud.]

On the other hand, there was a person who was stabbed by the mention of tricks done by the Doctrine faction and showed an honest response.

I looked down at restless Helcion, who was exceptionally dripping in a cold sweat.

He can really stimulate sadistic desires.

“Come to think of it, Sir Helcion.”

“What Yes.”

“The idea that you have to serve for a month to be ordained is interesting.

The prickly advice you gave me that time was also impressive.”

“That was because, no, I made a mistake.”

“It’s all right.

Because I sympathize.”

“What Oh n-no, I see.”

I approached the confused man, who also worked hard to lower his posture.

“I will give advice as a healer myself.

I have great contempt for incompetent dealers.

Especially the ones that make a fuss about getting heals while showing off a puny aura that’s not even half the ability to back up that claim.”


My hand grabbed Helcion by the collar and his blue eyes were wide open.

The reason he was surprised was not just because of the sudden situation.

“Puny A-Aura……!”

I whispered as I lightly tugged at his collar with my white hand.

“How dare you ask for my heals, when you can’t even withstand the 8th level of divine power as a mere aura beginner, you son of a gun.”


I let go of the man who was gaping in vain and stood up.

But there was still something to be said.

“Sir Helcion won’t be able to follow my orders to keep things quiet today, will he I think he will rush to the executives in the Ministry of Doctrine and spill everything.”

“That’s not true….” 

“Ah, I just came up with a good idea.”


“Perform silence.”


I applied a debuff and sealed the snout of evil.

“I will release it on the day of the festival.

If you use a shallow trick like writing it down on paper, you might not have that fixed forever.”


“You seem to have a habit of accumulating karma with your mouth, but I hope you can fix it using this opportunity as chance.

Next time, you should use honorifics properly.”


I turned my head and looked at the Sister.

“Don’t worry about me.

I will obey your will!”

I thought she looked like she had many years of service and as expected she could read between the lines.

I nodded with satisfaction and moved on.

“What kind of Saint threatens……”

Clovis was stunned.

He seemed shocked that the Saint he had been searching for eight long years was very different from his stereotype.

“Now then, let’s ask a favor for the Commander of the knights of our temple.”

“What…is it”

As revealed in the honorific title of Your Grace, the status of a Saint is usually the same as that of a Cardinal.

A request is practically no better than an order. 

“I would like you to introduce me to everyone on the day of the Harvest Festival.”

It was not for nothing that Clovis Argent became the head of the search squad for the Saint.

He was a person who was excellent at responding to divine power and perceiving the essence.

Therefore, his acknowledgment in public was, above all else, a sure guarantee of identity.

“……All right.”

Realizing that I was not to be taken lightly, Clovis quietly bowed his head without making a fuss.


I had one more request.

“I’d like to pay a visit.”

Thesilid meditated in a small space blocked by bars and stone walls.

Except for the cleanliness usual to Paladins, it was a much worse place than a prisoner’s dungeon. 

For the past three days, his freedom had been severely restricted.

Except for the time he ate, slept, and was investigated, he had no activities allowed other than to meditate while looking at the wall. 

He recalled the fact-finding investigations that had continued incoherently to this day.

In the name of fairness, the investigative team was composed of people close to the Ministers of Doctrine.

The allegations of causing a Dungeon Burst were based solely on the claims of the Knights of The Pillar of Light, so there was virtually no credibility.

Nevertheless, the Pro-Doctrine factions persisted and launched an investigation team.

This decision was just made to legally harass Thesilid, who belonged to a hostile faction, and had no productive purpose.

And the Prosecution Faction complied with it.

It was because it was easier to just throw him as a scapegoat than to get in trouble by protecting Thesilid.

In common sense, it was an absurd treatment for a person who was raised as a Sacred Sheep, was the owner of the Holy Sword and was the favorite of God.

The problem was that there were many people with fanatical tendencies among the heads of the Ministry of Prosecution.

While they were serious about the judgment of heresy, they had subtle envy and a masochistic longing for being persecuted.

Therefore, there were many who said bull** like calling this ordeal a blessing in disguise to the owner of the Holy Sword.

Over the past few days, the investigation team has summoned Thesilid and asked only useless questions.

The recurring questions similar to a roundabout song was truly laughable.

‘What did you do during the 15 days you traveled with an outsider woman…’

There were no direct insults, but metaphorical and indirect words used in questioning covered all kinds of situations.

It was a truly imaginative investigation team.

Still, this idiotic investigation had its merits.

At least it wasn’t boring because the subject was Ellet Rodellaine.

Even some of their imaginative interrogations intrigued him.

However, that investigation also ended today.

The investigation team seemed to have given up on the boring reaction of the noble and faithful paladin.

Or they were mobilized to scheme other things.

There are four days left until the trial.

The face of the handsome man who had to endure such a tedious time was drowsy.

His sea-blue eyes which were focused on an empty space in the middle air were empty.

At that time, a presence came close.

Thesilid, who intuitively knew who the owner of the steps was, regained the light in his eyes.


I was planning to surprise him, but I was caught right away.

Thesilid was sitting back looking at the wall, which was a strange sight.

While I was asking the same questions as Agnes, he got up and turned around.

Judging by the relaxed smile on his delicate features, he seemed convinced that the visitor was me.

“How did you know it was me”

“By feeling.

How did you come”

“By the blessings of power.”

“Did Cardinal Cattleya help”

“It was not.

But there are ways.”

We evaded each other’s questions amicably.

The Regressor and the Transmigrator each had their own puzzling corners.

After going through a silent agreement not to ask each other questions, it was Thesilid who changed the subject first.

“Did you do well on your Sacred Power test” 

Looking at the question, it seemed like he didn’t know what I did.

Figures, since this was a fantasy world, blockages for the three major power were normally built in as default in confinement facilities such as cells and prisons.

It was only natural that Thesilid did not feel at all that I had unlocked the Saint-Class Holy Power and used an ultimate skill.

I nodded.

“Of course.

I’ll be appointed as, I mean, I will be ordained soon.

On The Harvest Festival.” 

“That’s a relief.

I’ll be able to get out of here until the holiday.”

“Yes, The Harvest Festival is the day after the trial.”

“After being ordained”


“Are you leaving”

“You must be sad.

Would you like me to follow you and be your healer”

Thesilid’s eyes swelled slightly and then restored to their original state.

Losing expectations in a short time, he said.

“Sooner or later, I will be transferred to another Order of Knights that focuses on the subjugation of A-Class dungeons.

There is no chance to drag a newly ordained priest to the front.”

“Then Terry, how about you following me around”


His eyes widened again.

This is fun.

On the other hand, Thesilid’s expression became very serious.

His questioning voice was sincere.

“To go into the secular world”

“That would be one way.”

“The divine power I use is no different from something the church created.

The Vatican will never let me go.”

I guessed as much.

The stigma on his left arm is similar to a mark of a slave, there are actually some effects like that. 

Thesilid continued as he shook his head.

“They’d rather get rid of me than repatriate me.

If you don’t intend to turn the church into an enemy and be chased for the rest of your life, then you should give up.”

[‘The World-building God’ sighs as you listen to the sounds of a Pushover Free Pass.]

Even though he has strong power, he is not treated well and has no choice but to obey an unreasonable group with irrational orders.

Even his personality was conformist to his situation.

“Is the only answer to exile”

As I muttered, Thesilid laughed.

“If I look at the experiences of past lives, it might be difficult.

Both the Kingdom of Vinchester and the Republic of Ragneif were eager to kill me.”

The Principality of Hispenril was not even nominated.

My eyes filled with pity as I looked at him through the cage.

“It’s unfair to let others go just because they wanted to get married, have children and be faithful to their families.”

“It’s not to the point of being unfair.”

“You are very religious.

Even in such a stuffy church life, there is no bad-mouthing.”

“My religious beliefs aren’t particularly great.”

“So you were just born a Puritan Well, come to think of it, this makes more sense.”

I tried to connect his history of being a natural-born soloist for dozens of episodes in the original work with asceticism.

It seemed reasonable.


He looked like he had something to say, but he didn’t say anything for a long time.

The baton of the conversation came to me again.

I asked a detailed and important question. 

“Anyway, you don’t hate going around with me, do you”

“No way, it’s rather enjoyable.”


It was a question done without thinking much.

However, the answer that came back was heavy.

“You were fresh and new to me.

So I wanted to stay together.”


At this moment, he smiled in a way I had never seen before.

The curves of his mouth and eyes, which curved deeply and softly, were very enchanting.

His face, which had only seemed sincere and pious until now, looked a little different.


Why is the mood like this

I suppressed a little embarrassment and pretended nothing was wrong.

“Well, then see you at the festival.


“All right, bye.”

After a simple goodbye, I parted ways with Thesilid.


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