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Su-Gyeom, who came out of the bumper car, had a lot of scratches on his pride.

It is said that being pushed into people is the beauty of bumper cars, but Su-Gyeom thought it was too much.

The fact that he was stuck in the corner all the way until the end of their time in the cars, except for the first moment, was quite disgraceful.

“I’ve been in the corner the whole time!”

Su-Gyeom cried, as if he were really upset.

At the sight, the members turned their heads for a moment and forced down their rising smile.

Even the production crew laughed dramatically.

Su-Gyeom felt betrayed by the piercing laughter and stared resentfully at the origin of the sound.

Then Tae-Won naturally tried to comfort Su-Gyeom and put his arms around his shoulders.

However, just before Tae-Won’s arm was put on his shoulder, Su-Gyeom quickly fell back.

Then naturally, Taewon’s arm stayed in the air.Of course, it didn’t happen because of Su-Gyeom’s will.

“Hyung, d o you want to eat that”

It was because Yoo-Chan grabbed Su-Gyeom’s hand.

Su-Gyeom was surprised at Yoo-Chan’s sudden action, but when he found what Yoo-Chan was pointing, he soon forgot to be surprised and his eyes glistened.

“I would love too!”

Su-Gyeom’s eyes saw the bead ice cream.

Bead ice cream was an irresistible temptation for Su-Gyeom, who likes cold and sweet food.

“Can we buy this and eat it”

Yoo-Chan politely asked the production team.

Then some of the production crew smiled happily and nodded their heads and sent their permission.

“I’ll give you some pocket money.”

The main PD held out a coin wallet in the shape of a penguin.

U-PITE opened his wallet in anticipation.

There were several 10,000 won bills and a card in the wallet.

“Wow! Awesome! Thank you!”

“Can we use it”

“I’ll have churros.”

“Me too, I’ll have churros!”

Han-sol and Tae-Won said in anticipation.

Lee-Gyeom and Su-Gyeom then added a word.

“But first of all, ice cream rather than churros!”

“Hyung, you’re going to eat chocolate, right”

“Of course!”

Among several flavors, Yoo-Chan knew Su-Gyeom’s favorite flavor well.

Su-Gyeom was pleased to think that Yoo-Chan, who seemed to have no interest in others, knew what he liked.

As if he read Su-Gyeom’s mind, Yoo-Chan asked the other members whether they would eat bead ice cream or what flavor they would eat.

It wasn’t long before a round, cute-looking bead ice cream came out.

Su-Gyeom approached the camera with ice cream.

“Everyone, Orbis! I’ll film A**R for you!”

Su-Gyeom, who had seen it somewhere, put the ice cream close to the camera, then scoop it up and put it in his mouth.

“Can you hear me”

“…Can you hear the eating ice cream being eaten”

“Oh… no”

“Ahahaha, then let I’ll try”

Enjoying such a short snack time, the members headed for a terrifying ride called Double Rock Spin.

Su-Gyeom’s face turned pale when he saw the people on board first spinning up and down and falling unpredictably.


“Su-Gyeom is going to faint.”

Tae-Won muttered as he looked at Su-Gyeom, who turned pale.

Then Su-Gyeom held Tae-Won’s arm and hung on with a sad expression.

“Hey, what should I do How can I ride that!”

“It’s all right, it’s all right.”

“You need to ride it all.

You have to do a broadcast, Su-Gyeom.”

Su-Gyeom murmured at Tae-Won’s words, which did not soothe him at all.

Tae-Won patted Su-Gyeom on the back.

Unfortunately, the wait was not long due to the pre-shooting agreement of the broadcasting station.

Therefore, Su-Gyeom climbed onto the ride as if he were being dragged before he could calm down his trembling heart.

With Su-Gyeom at the center, Lee-Gyeom sat on the right and Han-Sol on the left.

“Oh no, oh no, I think it’s starting.

Oh my gosh!”

“Hey, let go! Song Su-Gyeom, let go!”

“Hyung My leg…”

“Oh, it’s moving, it’s moving!”

It was literally a situation where both legs were crossed.

His right leg wrapped around Lee-Gyeom and his right wrapped around Han-Sol.

In the meantime, the ride circled back and forth, up and down, and moved

“Ugh…Ugh…Ahh!” As the ride heightened, Su-Gyeom’s fear grew, and in proportion, the scream gradually increased.

Naturally, the legs wrapped around Lee-Gyeom and Han-Sol’s legs were also strengthened.

” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! “

Su-Gyeom, who was out of his mind, could not get up from his seat quickly even after the safety device was lifted.

“Hey, are you okay”

“No… I’m not okay.”

When asked by Han-Sol, Su-Gyeom answered honestly.

Han-Sol then clicked his tongue as if he felt sorry for him, and grabbed Su-Gyeom’s hands and raised him up.

Su-Gyeom barely got up, leaning his limp body on Han-Sol.

Fortunately for Su-Gyeom, the filming afterwards was somewhat loose.

He ate simple Snacks and rode a round plate-shaped ride.

The plate caused a little motion sickness, but it was fortunate that it wasn’t scary.

He also ate lunch.

At first, he used up his energy from riding the rides, so he didn’t have much appetite, but when he ate the food, it reenergize him.

Su-Gyeom, who ate pasta and pizza as much as he could, even drank iced chocolate for dessert.

“Now you have to ride the Viking, and then you have to ride the merry-go-round and roller coaster.

If you have time in the middle, you can play games at the arcade.”

“Huh, I see.”

Su-Gyeom reluctantly replied.

It was because he thought both the roller coaster and the vikings are scary.

He was then dragged by the members to the next destination.


“Oh, I’m tired.

When Su-Gyeom arrived at the accommodation, he lay on the floor of the living room without thinking about entering the room.

Although he was bothered because of the scary rides, but it was also true that he was excited throughout thanks to the unique atmosphere given by the amusement park.

He couldn’t play properly because he was conscious of the camera, but he had a good time in his own way.

Su-Gyeom was half dazed, so he blankly pressed the handle of the rabbit headband that he was still using.

The chubby ears his moved from place to place.

It was when I was just staring at the ceiling while spending time blankly.

The bathroom door opened carefully, and Yoo-Chan walked out slowly.

Yoo-chan was wearing pants but took off his top.

The white skin his glistened with water.

Unlike his pretty face his, the frame itself was so big.

Su-Gyeom stared blankly at Yoo-Chan’s naked body with her with a sense of separation.

“Wow… Yoo-chan, you have a really good body.”


“Yes, I wish I had a good body like you.

No, it’s not.

I’m talking nonsense.

I still haven’t come to my senses.

Cancel, cancel.

I think I’m out of my mind for a second.

Please forget what you just heard.

Su-Gyeom quickly retracted his words, muttering.

As Yoo-Chan couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Su-Gyeom, he tilted his head.

At the same time, he blushed slightly as if he was ashamed of Su-Gyeom’s compliment.

Su-Gyeom, who had been muttering an unknown sound for a long time, looked at Yoo-Chan’s chest.The white chest was matched with a pink edge.It seemed to go well with Yoo-Chan’s pretty face.

At the same time, the prominent serratus anterior muscle attracted attention and had a Janus-like charm.

“What, what’s wrong”

“Huh Did I look like pervert I’m sorry.

I didn’t mean it.

Su-Gyeom, who was stabbed by Yoo-Chan’s question, made an excuse.

Then Yoo-Chan’s face became even redder.

Seeing that, Su-Gyeom literally had a perverted desire to make fun of Yu-chan.

“When did Yoo-Chan, who was only a small child, grow up to be an adult”

“…I think I was taller than hyung in the past…”

“Wow, are you really saying that.”


“Anyway, Yoo-Chan grew up so well, what should I do if I don’t want to give you to someone Do you want me to eat you up What do you think, Yoo-Chan Do you want hyung to eat you”

He meant to tease him, but he didn’t have any insidious thoughts.

He just copied it because he remembered the fans saying, “I’m going to eat our Su-Gyeom.” However, for some reason, Yoo-Chan’s face turned red as if it would explode right away.


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